Pinterest is not just a visual and fun filled social media channel. It is a powerful marketing tool, for any internet marketing company that wants to build a powerful brand. There are over 75 billion ideas out there on this social media platform. If the business needs to show potential customers how products and services can help in accomplishing ideas, Pinterest is the perfect marketing tool. When customers are searching for solutions or inspirations, organisations can help them to achieve what is needed. While Pinterest is new in the world of social media, it is by no means lesser than the other social media platforms, for any internet marketing company that wants to build a powerful brand.

  • Your Audience is On Pinterest

Pinterest makes up 175 million users at the latest count. If your target audience falls into these segments, Pinterest is the right channel for your internet marketing company. As per the latest data from Pinterest as well as other sources, you can target female Millennial users using this platform. Ultimately, Pinterest is an effective tool for your social media team to invest in. Pinterest marketing strategies should meet your business objectives and complement your brand building efforts.

  • Attaining Business Objectives

There are different steps to this process of using Pinterest by an internet marketing company to build a brand. If a business wants to engage with customers and enhance brand recognition and recall, Pinterest is the way to go.

Using your account is easy; all you have to is add some boards. Boards are like groups that hold pin categories. Each of these boards has a title that needs to grab the attention of the audience and ensure they are followed. Content core should focus on what the audience cares about and combining it with what one wants to say. This enables your brand to be able to grow and appeal to a wider audience. Pinterest also allows you to create eye catching, content-specific and keyword-rich words that are extremely beneficial.

  • Pinterest Posting Rules

Close to 80% of content shared on Pinterest are repins or saves. Pinterest needs to be explored for content that the audience will enjoy. While pinning for brand building, abide by the 80-20 rule. This means 20% of your own content and 80 percent of other people’s content can be shared. Pinterest enables your internet marketing company to make connections with other pinners by following, liking, saving and commenting on their pins. Content foundation needs to be built with curated content to locate the audience and build a massive following. Be clear about the niche so you can share more of it.

Writing pin descriptions that catch and sustain user interest are important. Aim for more than 300 characters. If your image is not attractive or useful, even then robust Pinterest descriptions can get you more saves and higher click-through rates.

Include the link back to the site. Adding a link back to the site makes the complete description a clickable link. Write an awesome call to action and your pins will convert, inspiring pinners to click through and act on the purchase part.

Pins also enable the online marketing company to be able to use keywords that will attract the audience. You need to know the keywords your audience is searching for, to include in descriptions. While sharing other’s content, mention these individuals as a thank you. This also helps you to make friends along the way.

  • A Picture Stands Out

For Pinterest to be an effective marketing tool, you need to have a high-quality imagery to get noticed. This means one does not have to be an artist or designer. Visual guidelines need to be taken into account, when Pinterest is used for marketing.

Stock photos will be ineffective, compared to custom imagery. According to Pinterest, Pins should inspire actions, and help users. So getting creative and using graphic designing tools is the easy way out to leverage the marketing potential of Pinterest.

Another element to add to the imagery is an overlay. Text overlays are wonderful for giving a message orientation to your pin, so it has a broader context. Overlays can be handy when used in embedded pins too.

Pinterest also allows optimal visual imagery in terms of size and appeal. This makes it the perfect way to market products and services online. You can choose your Pin to be any pixel length and width of 735 pixels to get the best results.

While images are no doubt a powerful impact creation tool, it is essential to make images look fantastic. Understanding the content and message behind a particular Pin is important. Use Pins and their versatility to stay true to your brand image.

  • A Pin For Every Marketing Purpose

There are different types of Pins available on Pinterest additionally. These include Normal Pins, Repins, Rich Pins, Buyable and Promoted Pins. Rich pins can offer additional context, while advertising a product. The open graph meta tags can be defined, when Pins automatically populate in the Pinterest searches and categories. This helps in finding content quicker and more easily. This can help in making a difference for internet marketing professional for selling products, especially considering that over 2 million users save Rich Pins to their boards each day.

You can even sell your products on Pinterest using buyable pins. These pins have blue buttons near the Pin It button. This helps in making the purchase without leaving the Pinterest app. This ensures that Pinterest does not get the cut from your sales, and your business or brand being promoted handles customer service or shipping the way they always have. Any business can also benefit from using Promoted Pins to increase engagement rates by two to five percent. Pinterest has worked to make Promoted Pins work even better.

Embed single pins or boards into your content to prove your point and make it easier to share. Provide fresh content by regularly saving and sharing Pins. User interest, engagement and even analytics are facilitated when the content is embedded using Pins. So, don’t stay away from this image sharing site, for it is a compelling marketing tool that can yield instant results.

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