Digital marketing solutions are in demand, as the web marketing industry emerges as the most rapidly growing sector in the entire industry. Some of the reasons this online marketing industry has taken off have to do with more options, bigger budgets and immense potential for boosting business productivity by enhancing web presence. Professionals are looking forward to excelling in this industry. In the present scenario, the world is going digital.

By 2020, nearly all the leading brands in the world will have an online presence. As per the research conducted recently, the digital marketing economy is growing at 10x times the pace of the traditional economy. Companies involved in online ecommerce are also more likely to create jobs. There are a variety of options such as traditional marketing strategies are no longer valuable. The internet is more reliable and perfect for widening the reach of the brands. The internet is not just a financially feasible, but also an effective and comprehensive marketing medium for reaching a wider audience

  • Rising Number of Internet Shoppers

There are many reasons why the web marketing industry is rapidly growing. As per the latest statistics, people are more attached to the internet, with the number of smartphone users even overtaking desktop users since 2015. Due to the internet, things are simpler and carrying forward online transactions for more profits is way easier. Online platforms offer wider audience reach and help brands to connect with millions of individuals in one shot. There are many differences in terms of audience, profitability, scalability, growth rate and consequences for brand building, when traditional marketing is compared to digital marketing.

Online marketing allows your business to reach more than one customer at a time and easily fulfil demands without meeting efforts. You need to make the online presence effective and strong, to influence users and serve them well.

  • Decrease in Cost of Online Marketing

The best part about web marketing is that it is cost-effective as well as affordable. One needs to read the intention of target users and analytics form an important part of this. Getting on the right track with the best results was never easier. Digital marketing also enables the campaign results to be measured effectively besides boosting the engagement rate for ads.

As per the reports, the demand for online marketing is set to shoot up and reach heights. The demand for this is easily predicted, given that ecommerce consumers are on the rise. Additionally, digital marketing helps your brand to reach customers well in time with specific intentions and goals such as education, professional details, and other specific personal learning. These are the reasons why the digital marketing industry is taking off.

  • The Emergence of the Internet Marketplace

Businesses need to thrive if they want to sustain their growth momentum. We now live in a time where the internet has the power to provide solutions to any and every problem. Websites are now appearing across multiple devices and this ensures your brand has maximal reach through the internet.

Consider that there was a thirty per cent increase in internet access through tablets from 2013 to 2015 and internet access using smartphones increased by almost 80 per cent around the same time. Your business stands a good chance of being productive when it is online. In fact, massive SERP rankings are associated with direct increase in click through rates. The first three results account for 50 per cent of the traffic and it builds an organic reach.

  • Increasing Role of Video and Animation

Given the evolution of digital marketing or web marketing methodologies and mediums, staying ahead of the changes is vital. The use of videos, for example, has seen a massive growth in the past two years and it is not slowing down. This is why the company needs to turn to marketing services and providing information to customers through videos on sites. Animation is also finding a growing number of takers. For example, a Taco Bell ad on YouTube garnered 1.1 million views. Businesses are now looking to hop on to the online marketing bandwagon.

  • The Advancement of Technologies

Moving forward, digital marketing is set to make use of AI. Around 80 per cent of marketers in one study feel AI will revolutionise the field further. Given that Cyber Monday sales in 2017 generated USD 6.59 billion in the US alone, the online marketing industry is set to thrive.

Digital marketing has become the staple in any business model and it is essential to those hoping to reach a wider and more targeted audience, whether it is through social media, website and digital ads. Working with a digital marketing agency enhances the visibility of any business and helps companies connect with customers more easily. Digital marketing also provides businesses with resources and tools they need for internal development and research.

The web marketing industry is ever-evolving and requires a dedicated team of professionals and is up to date with the latest algorithms, updates as well as industry news. Most businesses do not have the time or resources to build an effective online marketing plan alone. This is why working with an online marketing agency can boost business prospects. With the evolution of website design and development as well as online marketing agencies, businesses are able to access focused individuals who understand every aspect of your industry and help you to maximise online success.

  • Creating a Level Playing Field

Digital marketing is crucial for small and medium sized businesses that do everything to keep up with major corporations. Even brick-and-mortar businesses across the world are realising the needs to either change the business model to the online one or bolster existing digital marketing efforts. The ability to access online sales and marketing for even startups and businesses starting out serve to attract traffic to even the smallest of businesses.

Online marketing is more cost-effective than traditional marketing and is a wonderful avenue for small businesses with less resources. Part of any business’s goals when they go online is to convert traffic to their site to sales, subscribers and leads. Search engine optimisation, social media marketing and email marketing are all proven for creating massive conversion rates for businesses.


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