With Pathwwway partners are set to offer tools to help content providers maximise business returns and make each user’s experience unique. Your company can cut down on multiple and varied integration fees, monthly minimum expenses or high revenue-sharing charges levied by many providers. Let’s take a look at how Pathwwway partners can raise your business profits, add enormous value and boost growth.

#1 LiveChat: Help Desk Software and Analytics for Seamless Customer Experiences

An online client services and customer care software, LiveChat is known for enhancing user experience. This help-desk software offers live support as well as software and web analytic capabilities. It’s current client list has 19,000 customers spanning 140 nations. LiveChat contributes to increases in the average order value. With the onset of e-commerce, the process of shopping and making purchases is easier through this software. If your e-commerce customers need to reach out, this help-desk software is invaluable.

Using live chat technology, your business can also reach out to a wider audience with these Pathwwway partners facilitating engagement in the process. By prompting customers to engage with the brand, your business can resolve issues in record time and provide assistance on time every time. Offering customer support and service increases the level of trust visitors place in your firm. This leads to an increase in orders and better brand building among different customer segments.

#2 Mixpanel: Business Analytics Service and User Interaction Tool

A business analytics service and company, Mixpanel tracks user interactions with mobile and web apps. It provides targeted communication to users. Understanding the customer purchase decision journey is important. Mixpanel is one of the Pathwwway partners which provides businesses tools for actionable user analytics. Acquiring, engaging and retaining users is important for any growing business, from a small startup to an established enterprise. Analysing each interaction across the complete customer journey through external and internal data improves the engagement and lifetime value by enabling users to become motivated based on actions taken.

The features which increase engagement, retention and conversion drive loyalty. If the goal of your business is to learn what these are, Mixpanel can help in testing ways to improve and adapt based on what works (and what does not!). Data-driven decisions at all levels are valuable for everyone, from the CEO and management to the end user. For impacting KPI and measuring them in real time, data needs to be strategically managed. A foundation for foresight and scaling the business is made easier. Complex behavioural analysis ensures answers in seconds with enterprise security, machine learning and 99.99% uptime. User analytics further help individuals to engage with experiences, campaigns and products better.

#3 Inspectlet: Don’t Play the Guessing Game With Customers Any More

Inspectlet records videos of visitors as they use the site, permitting people to see everything they do. Seeing every mouse movement, click, scroll and keypress on your website enables your business to get market insights otherwise not possible. Don’t play the guessing game with your visitors. Google Analytics may give you clues, but Pathwwway partners  Inspectlet lets you know the reasons why. Inspectlet caters to over 75,000 happy customers every day. It records visitor videos as they are used on the site, permitting your business to see everything users do. Get invaluable information from this priceless tool that lets you understand the buyers mindset and increase conversion rates. Discover what confuses visitors and what gets their attention. Screening transactions for possible frauds is another strong point of this tool.

#4 New Relic: Detailed Performance Metrics

New Relic is a US-based software analytics firm. The New Relic APM provides detailed, real-time performance metrics for every environment. Monitoring used can be a simple matter. Most companies have fixed number of apps to be monitored. But with a complex, varied environment and changes in technologies and environment, Pathwwway partners New Relic provides innovative solutions that keep up. Mobile and web apps in cloud, or within microservices need to be monitored differently.

New Relic Digital Intelligence Platforms provide a deeper view of monitoring dashboards of the apps under supervision and monitor how customers interact with them. How the users are managing the app forms the core of New Relic’s platform. A new concept called variable tagging enables the infrastructure to be tagged as it is created to track it. This permits the company to see a performance issue stemming from a microservice too.

#5 Silverpop: Complete Digital Marketing Platform

Silverpop is a complete digital marketing platform, uniting email, mobile, social and marketing automation. It is trusted by as many as five thousand brands worldwide. Whether it’s automation, lead scoring or email, all marketing activities can be effectively handled. Fuelling the platform by using data-driven marketing ensures you are not falling behind.

Create dynamic campaigns that can be leveraged and relevant data points from other applications, providing marketing teams the fuel needed to power marketing experiences for your customers. In sourcing the data, marketing teams need to be integrated into the marketing platform. Increase the agility of your business with this disruptive marketing tool. Future-proof your business and spur growth.

#6 Optimove: Personalised Customer Retention Marketing

A privately firm, Optimove is a Pathwwway partner known for developing and marketing of SaaS software products. Optimove’s platform has been used by companies like Glossier, Zynga and StitchFix. This company also provides customer retention tools for the financial services market. A recent research found that 8 in 10 millennials switch banks for better rewards. Knowing what appeals to clients can make all the difference to retention. Optimove’s advanced AI capacities micro-segment customers as per predicted customer value and behaviour. Creating intelligence based loyalty-building relationships with customers involves anticipating wants and needs through predictive analytics and machine learning. This maximises customer spend, retention, lifetime value and engagement. More than 250 client-centric brands trust Optimove.

#7 Mobivate: Mobile Messaging Company With Bulk Emails

This is a leading mobile messaging company specialising in premium and bulk SMS. Since its inception in 2004, the company now averages 50 million messages per month. Mobile messaging has been something Mobivate has excelled at for over a decade now. Pathwwway partners Mobivate has leading corporate brands as its clients. Using the SPRINT methodology to send SMS messages to single or numerous recipients, and selecting the right recipients or scheduling messages for later, Mobivate offers an easy user interface.

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