Pathwwway partners make a real difference to your business’s customer outreach and communication with clients. The value of relying on Pathwwway partnerships for a growing business cannot be stressed enough. Pathwwway partners add value, bring down costs and generate stable revenue for growing your business. Here’s how Pathwwway partners can target growth and make your business lucrative and profitable.

#1 Mobivate: Your Strategic SMS Marketer

Know the difference between reaching out tactfully and being obtuse by hiring Mobivate, your strategic SMS marketing Pathwwway LTD partners. Learn how to send text messages to customers without creating a hurdle for them. Once they sign up for your products or services, know what your customer expects by keeping the channels of communication open through SMS. With Mobivate, it’s easy to get customers to sign up for your SMS campaigns.

Put your customer base at ease by placing them in a loop whenever they sign up. Text marketing builds your brand credibility and lets you reach out to customers effectively. Near instant delivery of messages to customers is yet another advantage. Beyond mails, billboards, TV ads or print commercials, text marketing from Mobivate builds a solid audience for your products and services.

Further, the customers can also be incentivised for their time and effort. Companies can offer coupons or discount codes easily via SMS. SMS marketing is response-driven and you can easily determine which customers choose to stay on board. Text marketing engages audiences and keeps clients informed on order updates, too. Specific information like the date and time of appointment offer additional clarity. Customise your messages as much as possible, with Mobivate’s SMS service that can be customised to suit your client’s needs.

At Mobivate, mobile messaging or SMS specialists can take your business to the next level. The benefit of entering into a strategic alliance with such Pathwwway partners cannot be emphasised enough. Additionally, Mobivate specialises in innovative marketing with a worldwide customer base. They also offer best pricing and affordable rates as a guarantee to save precious resources such as money and time. There’s even a special trial where 10 free SMS messages can be received for free. So, get started with Mobivate and see how SMS marketing can transform your business.

#2 Silverpop: From Lead Generation to Effective Segmentation

Silverpop is perfect for large enterprises as well as small and mid-sized businesses. It offers sophisticated segmentation and there is a clear demand for their support services. Their products can easily be integrated with most other software. Their services include predictive analytics, personalised web content, SMS marketing, web activity tracking, lead scoring and lead segmentation.

Silverpop offers a wide range of services including bi-directional CRM syncing, event management, invoice generation, handling quotes, split testing, creation of membership sites and bulk social media posting. Silverpop also generates sales reports, sales alerts in real time, social CRM, mobile applications and more.

The software can be integrated with Gmail, Outlook, SAP, Oracle, Salesforce, Netsuite, Sugar CRM, Microsoft Dynamics and Zapier.  Silverpop is a cloud-based email marketing and lead management solutions provider. By providing deep customer insights, Silverpop services to put together the ultimate engagement engine for boosting customer retention and acquisition.

#3 LiveChat: Premium Online Chat Software

Quality online chat and help-desk software LiveChat allows customer service agents to contact customers directly on the site, via social media, or mobile, web or messaging apps. LiveChat is an awesome chat software which is easy to execute, customise and rebrand. It is seen as a simple chat window that sits on a site. It’s also a powerful customer service software fulfilling all the communication needs modern companies face.

LiveChat is suited for web browsers, dedicated Mac, Windows apps, mobile devices running Android and iOS. It is designed specially for the top level customer care units of established enterprises as well as strategic startups. Furthermore, LiveChat integrates over 100 SaaS solutions. It is used by businesses numbering 24 thousand in over 150 nations. LiveChat further integrates millions of chat sessions in a single year. A long time Pathwwway partner, LiveChat is a top provider of customer or client services solutions.

#4 Mixpanel: Advanced Analytics for Web and Mobile

Mixpanel is your Pathwwway LTD partner for creating better products with advanced analytics software for web and mobile users. With close to 20 thousand customers across the globe and serving 14 percent of the top Fortune 500 companies, Mixpanel thrives on creating a unique customer experience and amazing insightful approaches towards analytics. The team is dynamic, and works in a collaborative atmosphere to find creative solutions for new challenges with design, customer service, scaling, and reliability.

Additionally, Mixpanel has a team which is growing across offices in London, Salt Lake City, NY, Seattle and San Francisco. Specialities of this reputed corporate brand include data mining and visualisation, data analytics, mobile analytics, A/B testing, productive analytics, user analytics, AI, machine learning and predictive analytics. Mixpanel is currently driving the multi-billion dollar analytics industry and it can help your business to thrive.

#5 Inspectlet: Understanding Your Customer

Inspectlet is an invaluable partner for understanding what customers think by observing actions naturally. Inspectlet is a reputed player in the field of heatmap generation, sessions playback recordings, and analytics among others. Using integration, you can test your marketing strategies and how these are impacting customer actions on your website courtesy the heatmaps from Inspectlet. Understand surface insights about behavioural changes and benefit from Inspectlet’s robust sessions recordings. Inspectlet also lets you experiment with new marketing strategies and come up with customer insights that facilitate product development.

#6 New Relic: Real Time Performance Insights

New Relic is known for providing performance insights in real time for different aspects of your business such as software, infrastructure, and customer experience. This ensures that software driven businesses innovate faster. Further, New Relic cuts through the risk and complexity associated with digital transformation, permitting acceleration of cloud adoption, and helping your business to reap the benefits of rich digital insights.

#7 Optimove: Relationship Marketing Hub

Optimove is one of the Pathwwway LTD partners grounded in science and among the leading relationship marketing hubs, used by businesses to drive customer engagement and build a stable clientele. Optimove combines marketing with data to generate actionable insights, empowering highly effective personalised CRM campaigns across a wide range of channels. Unique full spectrum services and technologies from Optimove can help your business to cash in on every pound of ad spend, and boost customer retention, acquisition, engagement and lifetime value.


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