Providing the most relevant information to visitors and getting them converted are the major considerations for any business. Websites have become tools that can attract, engage, convert and retain customers. This is the reason why more and more businesses stay away from generic and off-the-shelf templates and go in for a custom web design.

  • Conveying Your USP To The Market

Website is the only biggest online channel used by businesses to convey their value proposition to the market. If this is not done in a unique manner, then the business becomes just another brick on the wall. Using a custom design you can ensure that your carefully thought-out web content impacts people in the desired manner.

While templates might offer you an array of colourful and awe-inspiring themes, it is impossible for them to step into your shoes and understand your business mission. When you build your own website, you can design the website the way you need it. Your website will not resemble any of those in the market.

  • Customization Of Website According To Business Needs

Website development is not a one-time process. As a business grows and expands, so must its online marketing. Templates are suitable for publishing static web content, since they are extremely limited in terms of further customization. With a custom web design, layout alteration, addition of pages or revamping of content, can be executed at will. The website is adaptive to the changing needs of the business. Every business is a dynamic entity and is bound to get affected by various internal and external forces. Your dedicated web development artist can translate those changes into web communication and prepare your market to understand those changes.

  • Reliable Back-Up

In the uncertain digital scenario, data backup is the need of the hour. A business spends quality time and resources in transforming a blank white page into panoramic web pages. Templates can promise back-up. But in the absence of a dedicated CMS (content management system) that comes in-built in a custom design, it is not possible to guarantee the reliability of data backup. When you build your website from the scratch, its multiple versions are carefully saved. On a similar note, your custom site is effectively safeguarded from cyber attacked conducted by unethical hackers. This is the problem with open-source web designs that can be hacked easily.

  • Responsive Web Design

It is an established fact that all online activities of users, that are relevant to a business, like online shopping or social media sharing, occur mostly through smart devices. Users look for seamless functionality of the websites when accessed through small screens like mobiles and tablets. When your own website is in the make, responsive web design becomes a basic feature. Flexible images and layout with a web content-centric design enables you to prioritize visitor needs and expectations. Templates can be mobile responsive, but  not to the extent that a custom design can deliver.

  • Better Search Engine Rankings

Custom designs are search engine friendly. Userexperience, responsiveness and uniqueness are some of the ranking criteria that are meeting adequately by a custom design. This leads to enhanced search engine rankings. By hiring skillful SEO strategists, it is possible to power your website with organic an don-page SEO techniques that can boost search engine rankings. You can ensure that your website SEO is in tune with your offline SEO strategies, since your website is built exactly as per your specifications. For every business that is focused on transformative online growth, it is crucial that its name turns up in the few listings of the SERPs.

  • Ease Of CMS Access

With a custom design, you can carry out changes to your website, literally from any part of the world, without any delay. The exclusive CMS that is built into the website make sit possible for you to access it backend, from anywhere and carry out required changes. Due to this factor of ownership and control, any business that wants its website to be dynamic, will not use a generic template. Change is the basis for surviving cut-throat competition in digital businesses. There is no smart way to manage changes, than by means of a custom design. Due to limited functionality, this process is not easy with templates.

  • Brand Positioning

For a business that wishes to expand its market share by positioning its brand firmly in the market, online presence must be powerful. The website is the first-hand impression that a geographically vast market can gain about the business. Building a website from the scratch can help in differentiatedmarketing efforts. According to the demographic composition of the market, you can ensure that web-content is personalizedaccording to buyer demographics. This will help them engage better with the business. A business interested in maximizing conversion through lead generation, acquisition and retention will not think twice to invest in a uniquely developed website. Website can help in development and implementation of your branding strategy.

  • Flexibility And Scalability

Scalability is the lifeblood of growing businesses. When a business grows prolifically, the website must be able to keep pace with the growth. It is not possible to build multiple sites for multiple stages of growth. Building a flexible and accommodating website is the solution. Building a website from the scratch involves a close relationship with the developer who can understand the growth-related impacts in your business. Such personal touch can help your website to scale up productively. This absence of personal communication between the business needs and the web design, leads to failure of templates to befriend the business during scale-up.

Building a custom web design can serve your business in multiple ways. The services come at a cost and may also be time consuming for the benefits to start paying off. But businesses are in for the long-haul. Borrowing a pre-built template may look attractive initially, but such solutions will not withstand the long-term challenges. To a business that is serious, building a custom web design is like building its brand.

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