The website of a construction company is its calling card to reach out and get business even in geographically remote areas. It is a powerful marketing instrument in the local market as well. Pathwwway website production uses cutting edge technology to construct, design, host and manage bespoke websites. They undertake a thorough marketing audit that throws light on the various strengths and weaknesses of the business that are to be addressed by a non-compromising web presence.

Getting More Business Is The First Priority

Every developer must understand that visitors do not access a construction website for leisure or fun. They mean pure business. When you surf the web pages looking to make a sizeable investment for constructing your office or buy to a home, the website has to offer precise and accurate information. The website must use all opportunities to convert every visitor into a loyal customer. What people want must be presented to them in the least possible time. Instead of presenting layers of menus with services hidden away, the Pathwwway website production team believes in building straightforward websites with minimalistic designs, where the core purpose is getting more business.

  • The Essentials Of A Construction Company Web Design

Most construction companies commit the mistake of underutilizing the capacity of website marketing. It is a popular misconception that in the construction domain the majority of deals happen across the table and website marketing holds little relevance. The changing trends of the high-value industry shows a preference for online transactions as a precursor to business deals negotiated offline. Following are the essential ingredients built into every Pathwwway LTD business websites for construction companies:

  • Using high quality and high definition images that convey past accomplishments with clarity.
  • A helpful chat service like Live chat, to attend to customer queries in an interactive manner.
  • Search Engine Optimization. Optimized web pages are the only way to kill competition.
  • Website analytics. Tracking customer behaviour 24 x 7 on the website provides useful insights into what customers are looking for and whether they are getting expected results in a decent time frame, on the website.
  • Project Portfolios Are Showcased Attractively

This is the most important area of the web design of a construction company. Since every business contract negotiated is of potential value, customers will be very choosy regarding choice of their preferred brand. An unbiased way to promise customers delivery of substance and quality, is by showcasing accomplishments in the past. Instead of making your web pages look like mere galleries, Pathwwway Limited exerts the most, from such images by using sensible content to convey brand USP. The web site of LG Development Group in Chicago features a rich gallery of completed projects with a wood textured background and animated filter effect.  A choice of images that represent projects done in a variety of fields, scopes and geographies will be ideal. How the customer pain points were addressed on time and in a cost-effective manner must all be conveyed in the client portfolio pages.

  • Providing Client Testimonials On Landing Pages

There is nothing that can create trust and confidence among new customers like the words of appreciation from satisfied customers. The experts at Pathwwway Limited are trained in the psychology of customers in the construction domain. Instead of getting customers answer the regular questions, probing a little deeper, will get quality information where end-to-end managements of their construction projects was rendered flawlessly by your business. Publishing the testimonials in a manner that catches the attention and patronage of customers is essential. The unfortunate thing that is happening with many construction companies is the lack of a digital mechanism to capture valuable feedback as well as resolution of feedback.

  • Lead Capture Forms

The power of on-page conversion is effective only when the companies have required personal details to follow-up every query of their visitors. The time spent by users on websites is less and it is important for websites to gather as much information as possible. The website of Gem Construction, UK is quite user-friendly and uses a simple lead capture form, right on the landing page. Without being too pushy, the form beginning with a simple “Can We Help You On Your Project” and asks for further details. There is also a subtle prompt to subscribe for the newsletter. The “call us today to discuss regarding your projects” is a no-frills approach and saves  customer time and also optimizes conversion rates for construction companies.

  • Using Specialized Content For Downloadable Brochures

Not everything about the scope of services and the commercials can be included on the web site. Doing so will render the web pages crowded and cluttered. It is a trending practise to present e-brochures with the relevant details for the relevant sector of clients. Pathwwway LTD recognizes the need to segment and profile customers so that access to focussed information is given to them without wasting their time. Though there are hundreds of off-the -shelf products available to for designing a construction company brochure, it is better to custom-make one, and make it easily shareable and printable.

  • Cutting Down On Animations And Graphics And Focussing On Core

Effective brand storytelling in the construction sector happens only when the thrust is more on information conveyed. This does not mean that one cannot get creative in presenting information. The website of Jacobs Constructions, USA opens with a grand welcome page that blends graphics and large text in an appealing manner. Using large home page sliders is an added advantage. Many construction firms seem to run out of content for the web pages. In such cases, it is essential to put oneself in the shoes of a prospective client and put out questions to oneself. Answering the questions will result in natural content development.

Award-winning construction website ideas have been delivered by the Pathwwway website production team. Outsourcing web development to professional experts will result in huge advantages to construction companies given the demanding nature of their core priorities, which do not give them the kind of bandwidth required to build and manage, influential websites.

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