The journey from start-up to brand establishment is rendered challenging by mounting costs and uncontrollable budgets. Operational defences, working capital crunches, dead inventory and high level of customer churn are some of the parasitic tendencies in the initial years to which businesses succumb. Pathwwway Ltd adopts a full-spectrum approach in helping not only start-ups and SMEs, but also big and established businesses running on loss, to bounce back and grow profitably.

  • Monetize Customer Data At No Extra Cost

Customer data is largely under-utilized by many businesses. Data is power is the tagline in modern marketing. Pathwwway Ltd. enables companies to collate and process data from fragments sources and makes way for integrated and insight-driven decision making. AI and machine learning have enabled better control over big data. Analytics explain the effectiveness of various online activities, throwing light on what customers like and why, while controlling costs on less profitable initiatives. Metadata is effectively monetized and companies enjoy enhances website rankings in an admirably short time frame.

  • Product Optimization To Save Production And Marketing Costs

Hitting the market with new products? It is a high-risk episode in the product life cycle. Product management professionals use the right testing  tools and help you save precious money by controlling the product life cycle. Discover more economic methods of production, identify lapses and errors in products before they go live and get a picture of market response to your products before you spend funds on mass production. Accomplish all these and more with path-breaking product testing and optimization strategies.

  • Effective Customer Retention Brings Down Costs Of Acquisition

It is common knowledge that it costs more to bring in a fresh client than reselling. Existing customers are more liberal, more accommodating and bring in with them more lifetime value. Optimize your loyalty marketing campaigns by providing timely discounts, great offers and tiered rewards for your loyal customers. Celebrate their loyalty and save on costs of bringing fresh leads and also on the cost of churn. Customers who desert your brand not only cause revenue loss but also switch their loyalties to your competitor. Provide unforgettable customer experiences and transform their buying experiences by partnering with Pathwwway.

  • Identifying Incremental Sources Of Revenue

With no tangible additional to the investment outlay, find your cash-box filling with those additional dollars. Affiliate marketing is an excellent performance based method of enjoying incremental revenue. Have professionals curate lucrative affiliate marketing campaigns, managed end-to-end right from recruitment of affiliate to relationship building and analytics. Training, developing and incentivizing your customer care crew, or rather, outsourcing tech-support to professionals will bring in more revenue by getting into good books of customers. When selling online, embed strategic options to cross-sell and up-sell to customers and earn incremental income.

  • Gearing Web Designs To Generate More Leads

Brilliant and bespoke web designs that are high on both aesthetic and functionality are proposed by Pathwwway. As a core competency, the organization excels in the development, hosting, management and marketing of world-class websites. Custom-made web designs, crafted to perfection with high quality and data-driven web content, amazing and creative layouts, secure a high level of user engagement. These web layouts offer a seamless and unified online experience when accessed from any corner of the world, with multilingual content, market-relevant keywords and responsive web designs. You need not pay piecemeal for web design, content development, on-page and off-page SEO, digital PR and so on. Save money by enjoying all these and more under a single umbrella.

  • Safeguarding Businesses Against Financial Frauds

Digital transformation has put an immense pressure on even brick and mortar companies to open themselves to acceptance of electronic payments. Every company that does not have a cyber-fraud protection mechanism in place is prone to a number of data breach issues. Save money on expensive legal costs and loss of business due to website insecurities. By manning the multi-stage KYC documentation process, Pathwwway Ltd. is equipped to protect both your company and your processing partners from payment related frauds. Card not present nightmare of e-commerce retailers are now controlled by adopting various safeguards, like 2 factor authentication, firewalls and PCI compliant ecommerce stores.

  • Tailored Solutions In Tune With Your Business Mission

From the first day of associating with the specialist team, businesses find a difference between the idealistic approach of other marketing agencies to a more refined and realistic approach. In the tough and competitive marketing landscape of today, businesses that are confident of their mission will fail. Savings begin from the matching of marketing and digital services to your business mission. For example if your business offers a super-luxury, custom-made product and sold to a few high profile clients against advanced booking, a mass SMS campaign is a waste of time and money. Every marketing campaign is thus tailored to factor the specific needs of your company.

  • Right Partnerships With Right Platforms For A Well-Curated Marketing Plan

Pathwwway rightly bonds with professional and highly capable service providers to get you the best of all trending customer-centric marketing strategies. The award-winning excellence that emanates from this diverse portfolio results in tangible cost savings. Instead of paying hefty charges to an analytics provider, email marketer, chat service vendor or an email marketing specialist, Pathwwway has got it all under one big banner. Enjoy the expertise of industry’s best and handpicked players like Live Chat, Mobivate, Optimove and Inspectlet who stop at nothing to make your brand globally accessible and credible. Build a CX based business model and monitor every aspect of customer journey with unmatched analytics and result-oriented marketing campaigns.

The biggest advantage of Pathwwway Ltd. is that, once a client is on board, the team of marketing professionals start working on a turn-key basis. All areas where cash can be saved are identified by way of extensive audit of current situations. From day one, mutual accord is achieved and the usual client-agent relationship is replaced with that of a win-win partnership. All monetary and non-monetary resources are put to fullest use and no effort is spared to optimize and shrink budgets.

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