Each company, regardless of its size or location, needs to have a web presence. The plain reason is that customers use the web to find products and services.

  • Website – the starting point

As a business owner you may assume that a website is all you need to have a web presence. You can get a website designed and deployed by a web developer. However, as most website owners know, a website is not easily found in web searches. Even if it is found, without proper web support and marketing, it will not feature in the first two to three pages of search results, which is what matters. This is because people who search the internet do not have patience to go deep into the search results.

The website needs to be pushed to the top through appropriate web strategies such as search engine optimization. This is where a web agency can help. Choose the right web agency and you not only get your website developed and launched but you also get the benefit of search engine optimization. As you can see, it gets better when you have one agency providing both services.

  • Social media

It is possible for you to get business and become known purely by leveraging social media. You may have a Facebook presence that you can use to showcase your products and services. Facebook is not the only social media channel and simply using it to showcase products is not enough. There are various other social media channels, each with its particular advantage and niche.

For instance, LinkedIn has a professional atmosphere to it. Instagram is about photo and video sharing. Each works in a different way and you need to spend time and develop a strategy to get the best out of social media. Web agencies also handle social media activities and the many channels on social media. Leaving it all to web social media experts gives you more free time and the benefit of their expertise, all in one place.

  • Local searches

People living in a city may wish to find a shop or a restaurant that offers something they like. In such cases they are likely to use avenues like Google Maps or local directory services like yelp. People driving into one city are likely to do the same. If your business is mainly local, then it is important to be found in local searches. This does require some expertise to help you be found when people use search engines or other means. Again, you will find that a web agency has the required expertise and experience to help you be found and thus increase footfalls to your establishment.

  • Marketing collaterals

Your business will need marketing collaterals. This includes a host of services. It covers graphic design, logo design, business stationery, brochures, catalogues, flyers, hoardings, posters and even digital design for digital banners on the web. You need photo and video services, especially video since video has proved to be a very effective marketing tool.

You need both print materials and digital media to help you and to attract customers. This is a broad range. You may have to engage a graphic design artist for your logo and catalogues. You may hire a photographer for photography of your products and establishments. You will need a video expert to put together presentations or other video materials.

  • Mobile

Virtually everyone has a smartphone and uses it to surf the internet and to make online purchases. Reach out to the mobile audience and your prospects improve. However, it does involve effort in creating SMS or MMS or mobile responsive websites and mobile apps. Mobile apps are a great way to push notifications and advertisements. It is possible to incorporate technologies to track user behavior and locations and get data that will help you to refine marketing strategies or reach out in a personalized way. SMS, for instance, is usually read and, if it appeals, people respond immediately.

  • Tying it all together

Each of the above is a separate channel. You have the option of engaging separate companies to handle web design, social media, graphic design, print, photography, video and mobile SMS. In this case you will be spending a lot of time trying to coordinate activities and this can lead to major issues. This is where a web agency helps. Typically modern web agencies offer the entire suite of services under one roof. This has several advantages for you and you get excellent value for money.

  • Coordination: You coordinate matters with a single person from the agency. You do not have to deal with web designers, developers, social media experts, photographers, videographers and graphic design professionals. You save time and effort.
  • Reduced cost: Since all such services are available from a single source you can expect an all inclusive charge or a reasonable charge for the component services.
  • Accounting: There is single point billing. Accounting becomes easier and so does payment.
  • Harmony: Perhaps the greatest benefit that cannot be ignored is that there is harmony. There is harmony from the people interaction view since you interact with one person or a group that knows everything about your business and your expectations. There is harmony among the various strategies so they become more powerful and have better impact. Design harmonizes and your company comes across as professional. Imagine a situation in which one person provides design and another print service and a third photography and a fourth provides web services. There will not be harmony of design or colors of themes. This becomes obvious when a prospective customer views a printed letterhead and then a brochure and then a website catalogue.
  • Timely action: This is also quite important. If you have different people you cannot expect them to synchronize or coordinate activities.
  • Strategic implementation: A single web agency can handle all the above activities and develop a strategy that it can implement at a low cost and in timed sequences to achieve maximum impact and best ROIs.

As can be seen, a multi-dimensional web agency can be your best partner to assure success in a competitive environment.


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