The Never Ending Debate: Is Outsourcing to China profitable?

Asian countries like India and China have become major hubs of offshore web development, mainly due to the cost-effectiveness of labour and the advantages of operating in a different time zone. China has been the favourite destination for western countries in outsourcing their web development projects. According to a press conference released by the People’s Republic of China, the Chinese share in global offshore services outsourcing market has witnessed a dramatic increase from a mere 1% to 33%. While the Chinese talent pool is affordable and hard-working, the main issue is that of language and culture. Lack of understanding will create stumbling blocks when the developers deliver a web design, not only for your business, but for your target market belonging to a completely different culture and geography. With Pathwwway Ltd, the developers work as an extension of your team and cultural issues will never get in the way. Outsourcing to foreign developers may create legal tangles regarding data and information transfer. Finally, as in any other outsourcing project, there may be a drop in quality due to mass production and lack of advanced programming skills.

  • What’s In A Pathwwway Custom Web Design?

Web development at Pathwwway deploys a holistic approach, not piecemeal. Every bit of developing a website is done in a meticulous fashion. First and foremost, most developers only rely on the data provided by clients. Going the extra-mile would mean reading between the miles and identify lapses and shortcomings in the information so provided. Lengthy one-on-one meetings are preferred, so that both the developer and the client are on the same page, right from identification of the target market to locating the strategic fit. Whether the client is B2B or B2C, the focus is not on satisfying the client alone, but to help them use the web design as a marketing instrument.

  • Cases Where A Custom Web Design Can Be Profitable

Outsourcing to Asian countries can be profitable when your line of business is common or you have already established a consistent market share. Here the customers may not be looking for anything new and the website development is a routine marketing activity. You can expect on the dot delivery of your website, at even lesser costs than you expected. However, such web designs cannot get across your product USP to the website visitors. Only a custom web design can satisfy the ranking criteria of search engines better and can get you the coveted SEO advantage. The expert team of IT professionals use agile methodology that rules out repetitive processes and expects developers to brainstorm and find the optimized solution for all your IT needs. In fact, it is not only your website that it created, delivered and managed, but your entire online reputation.

  • The Pathwwway Intervention Takes IP protection seriously

For brands that need to cash in on target markets and cultivate brand loyalty, only a custom design can become a positive intervention. Unless the operations and development team work together, during the website and app development, the marketing communication to people cannot be consistent. When outsourced to service providers like China, IP (intellectual property) risks can cause a potential strain. Software piracy is something that all clients must be aware of. Many clients are now worried about unscrupulous web developers in Asian countries who may even sell the codes to close competitors, causing disrepute to the brand. With lack of facilities to monitor the development environment, the entire outsourcing protect may end in a fiasco. Though it cannot be said that China is not successful as an offshore service provider, one cannot help noticing these red flags in the process.

  • Scope Of Services Offered In Development And Management Of Web Designs

Website development is multi-faceted. As a calling card for leads, any client expects website to start generating traffic, the moment it is up and live. The website is thoroughly audited for its technical and SEO capabilities. Both technical and behavioural concepts are used in predicting user engagement possibilities. Most importantly, realizing the demands of the Gen Z, all designs are progressively responsive, meaning that the website UX remains the same, whether people get to your homepage, either from desktop, tablet or the smartphone. Round the clock support for the client is assured and updates if any are carried out at the shortest possible time. Moreover, regular meetings with the client through the development stage ensures that what is expected is delivered.

  • Personalized Content Is A Far Cry For Outsourced Web Templates

Of strategic importance in your website, is what you write in it. Developers working remote may have a huge communication barrier and may not be able to replicate your mission in terms of words, images and graphics. Some developers try to make it easy by simply borrowing one of those templates that try to impress visitors with stereotypical themes. While the model is great if you are hard-pressed for time and want  to get your site up and running at the soonest, it cannot substitute the efforts behind a website crafted to perfection, exclusively for your business. Web content is what the demanding customer relies on to determine your leadership in the market, both price related and product related. Pathwwway uses the minimalist approach in keeping content simple, jargon-free and understandable.

When uniqueness is your cup of tea, then your Chinese-made website may not be able to bring in a difference to the way you pitch to your target market. When you outsource web design to a remote and offshore developer, no amount of video-conferences and monitoring will help get you a brand-new website, tailored to your growth goals. A custom web design needs hours of dedicated research and most importantly, an alignment of mission, by the developer to the strategic management.

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