When the time to build your website arrives, there are a lot of options to choose from. One of these choices centres around hiring a web developer or choosing software such as website builders to craft appealing and functional sites for your brand. Success lies in choosing professional web developers who can meet your budget, requirements and timeline.

Why Website Builders Cannot Match Up

Website builders use drag and drop or WYSIWYG/What You See is What You get tools to for formatting and editing web pages. With website builders like Pathwwway limited, templates are fixed, limited and restricted. Further, when getting  a website as fast as possible may work in the short term, it does not mean results will be quickly seen. Moreover, there is more to web design than just pasting text and uploading a few pictures into the template. After weeks of work on a website building software, business owners find out the hard way that generic websites simply do not work. Here’s why this is so:

#1 Missing out on SEO

Monitoring and fixing user and mobile experience issues matters. So does creating lead generation strategies. Keyword research and targeting, title optimisation, image optimisation, local schema, meta description optimisation, tag manager integration and Google analytics, sitemap creation and submitting the website to leading search engines are some other domains web developers specialise in. When hiring a professional web developer, the search engine optimisation of your website will be infinitely advanced.

#2 Generic Sites

A top website design and development professional will take the time to understand the business, and not just the niche you are in. Offering deeper insights into what is unique about your website is entirely reliant on the proficiency of your web development professional. A skilled web designer and developer also makes the effort to understand what is different about your brand and how to craft a website that is designed, built and customised as per your requirements.

This is different from creating a genetic website that is predetermined and pre-designed to fit a template and lacks the originality and distinctiveness characterising your brand. Professional web development teams can make your business site look unique, while being user-friendly and functional.

A leading web developer can gain a deep insight regarding your business and customers. The web professional can then create bespoke sites with the perfect design and structure to facilitate conversions and generate additional sales. A top web professional also assures your design is unique, interesting and distinctive from competitors.

#3 A Question of Cost Efficiency

If website builders and software are affordable, what makes web developers a better option? Well, it will cost your business much more if your brand lacks a professionally designed and developed site. When it comes to investing, it is important to consider the opportunity cost. When you consider ROI for a certain transaction, you don’t need to consider what’s cheap alone. You also need to focus on value for money.

Consider that website builders also cost time, money and effort and result in far less effective outcomes for your web design project. So, if you are choosing a cheap option at the cost of your business, you are actually leaving money on the table by not designing your website through a professional. Whether you are a solopreneur or a high transaction value business, your professionally developed website generates additional revenue otherwise not achieved.

#4 Not Professionally Designed

While website builder software templates do a fair job of covering the essentials, you need a web developer to make the transition from basic to great websites. Skilled developers also understand marketing and visitor conversions to optimise the design of your site accordingly. A lot of businesses jump on the website builder bandwagon, without looking before they leap. Good design from a professional beats software that builds websites because it offers effective keyword research and website optimisation.

With web developers on board, you access professionals with specialised domain expertise. The web development professional understands design best practices, and how to utilise balance, harmony, white space, colours and font-work alike. They also have a clarity about user interface, information architecture and the way design impacts visitor flow.

Most templates are not optimised for visitor conversion. This is because they appeal to broad user types and cannot be designed to create clear conversion paths. When hiring a good web designer and developer, your business can benefit from a design for optimising conversions, generating qualified leads and more sales. A top website design and development professional ensures your site is tagged and structured to be optimised for keywords.

Regardless of whether you’re a startup or an established enterprise, investing in a professional website is the only way out. You need to ensure your website works well, is easy to navigate and designed to meet needs of ecommerce shoppers and generate revenue opportunities. While the web partner designs the site,  web developers are also adept at planning digital marketing initiatives for a successful launch.

For companies that need higher degree of expertise, support and customisation, hiring a professional for the job is the best business decision you will ever make. Your website needs to drive your business goals and support your brand. Professional web developers understand the business and the website goals and even have the expertise to make strategic recommendations based on functions and features of your site. Their goal is to deliver the best possible experience for your potential customer.

If your business values growth, website building software cannot meet your needs. For businesses that seek to generate revenue, a talented developer can assist with a wide range of competencies such as lead generation, site optimisation, and building a solid sales pipeline. Their knowledge of SEO and strategic website design and development is unparalleled.

In this contest between man and machine, website building software cannot hope to match up to specialised professionals with a wealth of experience and know-how regarding how to code and present your site for traffic and revenue generation. For any business, profits and progress remain the twin objectives of website design and development. With respect to this, a developer can meet all your branding and site creation goals with the precision and creativity no software can measure up to.



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