Pathwwway Limited is a leading digital services and marketing solutions provider for a reason. Pathwwway partners have brought about a transformation for businesses that seek growth. Pathwwway partners are world-class vendors for providing operations, client communication, marketing and infrastructure platforms. The ultimate result? Pathwwway partners and the team at this premier marketing and digital services firm are set to change the way business is done.

Staying ahead of the game is easy with the unique tools and services provided by Pathwwway partners. Here’s a line-up of the amazing solutions their partners offer your business, without issues like monthly minimum cost, varied integration fees, or targets for revenue sharing set by multiple providers.

#1 LiveChat

An online customer service software, LiveChat offers help with web analytics and live support. It is also known for its help-desk software. LiveChat is used by customers from over 140 countries. Offered as a SaaS business model by LiveChat software, it serves as a single point of connection to manage software ranging from customer service to online sales activities. These are provided using channels such as social media, chat and email as well as other tools.

LiveChat has close thousands of paid customers. A proprietary software built using multiple technologies, LiveChat is created using cutting-edge technology. Apart from website chats, other features include agent efficiency analysis, inbuilt ticketing systems, real-time website traffic monitoring and prospect mining. Analytics also enable businesses to calculate conversions from chat invitation to chat sessions and sales.

Available in over 41 languages, LiveChat offers custom integrations over REST-linked API. It also offers a total of more than 50 integrations with other SaaS and service vendors for creating an ecosystem of applications. Apart from attracting positive reviews from G2Crowd and Gartner owned GetApp, LiveChat has proved to be an invaluable support for a wide number of Pathwwway Limited’s clients.

#2 Mixpanel

A business-analytics service provider, Mixpanel tracks user interaction and engagement with mobile and web apps. It also offers targeted communication tools. It is an advanced analytics solution deployed for both web and mobile platforms. While many analytics platforms gauge performance through page views, Mixpanel measures and analyses actions taken by customers entering an app or system. Actions can range across sharing posts, streaming videos or even uploading images.

Mixpanel is one of the leading Pathwwway partners which helps businesses to monitor and analyse user behaviour. Mixpanel has made it possible to handle customer tracking with ease. Consider that it evaluates over 67 billion actions in a single month, providing accurate customer behaviour analytics for web and mobile apps in a clear manner. Now businesses can measure actions and not just page views.

With Mixpanel, businesses can access an interface allowing them to drill down and discover user analytics and improve their products and services. An event centric platform, Mixpanel helps businesses to spot trends, track events and make sales funnels. Point and click analytics, versatile data analysis, predictions of trends and iOS as well as Android compatibility are some of the other benefits of Mixpanel.

#3 Inspectlet

This handy service provider lets businesses record videos of visitors as they use your professional website and see every action they take. Now you can study every mouse movement, click, scroll, and key strike on your site. Inspectlet lets your business discover how to attract and engage users and what the stumbling blocks to making a sale are. Understand a customers mindset and increase your conversion rate using this amazing Pathwwway service.

For specialised web and user experience analytics, look no further than Inspectlet. Learning important information is easy by observing potential customers. Access heat maps and easy-to-digest web analytics data. Additionally, Inspectlet offers a dashboard interface that is robust and tailor made. The screen records everything and screen capture works on even the most complicated sites.

The app also features a funnel analysis tool that permits businesses to see how user interactions occurred, such as steps leading to cart abandonment. Inspectlet is a top website heat-map and analytics platform. It offers enterprise grade support, mobile tracking and recording as well as deep integration with other analytics services.

#4 New Relic

A CA based American software analytics company based out of San Francisco, New Relic gives detailed performance metrics for every aspect of the business environment in real time. This Application Performance Monitoring/APM services provider was founded in 2008 and has grown as more customers rely on insights about software performance. While New Relic is known for APM services, it offers an entire set of tools including Synthetics, Mobile, Browser, Insights and Infrastructure. Plug ins are also available for popular technologies like MySQL.

This product is tailored to help mobile developers analyse and improve performance times. It is the most well known APM solutions provider on the market. It offers everything from synthetic monitoring to APM. This APM services provider supports 7 programming languages to automatically pick up transactions and measure response times. It also switches to offer more granular views of metrics. The Service maps feature allows visualisation of how components fit together in an architecture.

Synthetic monitoring enables businesses to receive data about page load times, locations with the slowest results and more. Along with pre-generated dashboards, New Relic has a product known as Insights where you can create custom dashboards with the exact visualisations and metrics you want. New Relic also offers alerts, a critical aspect of any monitoring tool.

#5 Silverpop

This is a complete digital marketing platform trusted by over 5 thousand leading brands worldwide. It unifies marketing automation, mobile, email and social, making it the on-demand platform for businesses seeking growth. Real time analytics that boost sales and marketing campaigns are its USP.

B2C companies in need of inbound marketing solutions that break records should choose Silverpop. In collaboration with Pathwwway Limited, this 100 % web based system is hosted in a secure data centre with daily backups. It uses SSL to secure the transmission of client information over the internet as well.

Pathwwway is a catalyst for growth. Its partners offer their collective synergies to take companies on the path to boundless growth and real profits. Explore the value of aligning your business goals with Pathwwway Limited and open the door to a world full of potential and a journey replete with successful milestones.

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