With the emergence of the internet as a marketplace, fine jewellery has made the transition to the ecommerce model. Pathwwway partners like Mobivate, Optimove, Silverpop, Inspectlet, Mixpanel, Live Chat and New Relic help not just brick and mortar jewellery retailers, but their ecommerce avatars as well. An analysis by McKinsey reveals jewellery shopping has become more competitive with a total of 12 percent of total sales processed through online channels by the year 2020 marking an increase of 200 percent from 6 percent in 2014.

The key to succeeding in the jewellery business focuses on understanding that even if customers don’t make online purchases, a vast majority of jewellery customers spend hours researching jewellery purchases before stepping into a store, offline or online. So, to understand your customers, you need the digital marketing solutions Pathwwway’s partners like Silverpop offers. Earning trust is the currency jewellery businesses deal in, as customers have to make large financial commitments.

  • Understanding What Customers Want

For understanding trends based on existing customer data, tracking software from Inspectlet can help. Pathwwway ltd partners like Optimove can lay the foundation for a relationship based CRM system, enabling the jewellery business to reach out to previous customers for optimal results. A strong follow-up from jewellery brands can also yield rich dividends. Most jewellers need to follow up on a consistent basis with leads.

  • Building Social Engagement

Turnkey digital marketing solutions are not the only way to boost your jewellery business. Mobivate, a bulk SMS messaging solutions provider is essential for sending repeated notifications and messages offers incredible benefits. While it is important that your marketing efforts effectively capture and push newly generated leads down the sales funnel, you will aim for conversion eventually. So, text marketing from Mobivate can help your business to share deals and discounts and get a phenomenal sales volume for boosting revenue generation.

  • An Interactive, Immersive Experience for Shoppers

Statistics have estimated 91 percent of surveyed shoppers demand an interactive, immersive experience from retailers. This plays a massive role in the jewellery business. Statistics also showed that 81 percent of shoppers conduct product research before making in-store purchases. So, digital marketing and email marketing solutions from Pathwwway partners like Silverpop can be used to one’s advantage. Humanising marketing efforts in the context of ecommerce or brick and mortar jewellery stores deepens an emotional connect with clients. Optimise your sales funnel through effective digital marketing and your jewellery business will simply thrive.

The right timing is also essential, as individuals buy jewellery at specific times of the year, namely Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day and Christmas holidays. But aiming for strong sales during these special times involves focusing on marketing 365 days of the year.

Use time-tested marketing tools to generate solid returns on investment. Direct emails remain the perfect marketing tool in the present digital age. Discounts, secret sales announcements and giveaways can benefit your jewellery brand, too. For understanding the different ways to boost customer service, opt for robust helpdesk software Live Chat  from another one of the Pathwwway’s leading partners, namely Live Chat Inc.

  • Harnessing Web Presence

Your jewellery brand’s website is not just a place for prospects to visit you online. It is, in fact, a major part of overall jewellery marketing strategies. Consider that 95 percent of prospects will visit your website before making the decision as to whether to buy from you or not. Websites should therefore, be monitored through Pathwwway partners like Inspectlet which let you record user behaviour such as scrolls, clicks and interactions online users have with your site. Eye gaze detecting heatmaps can even record where your customers are looking and which product or marketing message is literally grabbing the eyeballs.

According to Kissmetrics, 96 percent of online visitors to retail stores are not sure they will make a purchase. To get the most leads and sales from your jewellery marketing strategies, you need to capture the identity of interested prospects and follow up on them. Special offers can pave the way for lead generation and capturing prospects.

Another key factor in effectively marketing your jewellery business is to respond quickly to phone calls, inquiries and emails coming in from your website. Customers today want instant response, quick communication and constant interaction. This is why Pathwwway’s partners like Mobivate and Silverpop can help.

  • Promote Offers

Whether you want to share access online catalogues or have customers learn about deals and discounts, online sales, bespoke or high-end jewellery, the SMS messages announcing these need to be in place. Mobivate can also boost SMS marketing when customers place the order at your retail outlet or even your online store. SMSes are an ideal way to confirm an order and ensure customers get the updates.

Sending order confirmations by SMS is not the only way such Pathwwway partnerships can help you. SMS opens the way to a whole new channel of communication and helps you to build a strong relationship. It leads to exceptional customer experience and helps in marketing later down the line at different stages of the customer lifecycle from order completion to preparation for dispatch, scheduled delivery date or time and arrival in stores.

Marketing your jewellery brand is all about building brand awareness and engagement, fostering trust, and establishing yourself as a knowledge leader. SMS marketing is the perfect way to reach out and let users learn more about your posts, news, launches and much more. SMS messages have even higher open rates than emails and boast an exceptional CTR/click through rate. Link shorteners can be used easily in text messages for a professional look.

When it comes to higher end jewellers and manufacturers, special events can also be an important and central part of the business, whether it’s previews, premiers for new collections, special events like celeb shows etc. Mobivate’s affordable SMS marketing packages can be used to send invites and ensure you have a full-house when it matters the most. For generating a sense of exclusivity and building a strong customer base, such Pathwwway partners can help you to build a bright future for your jewellery business and certainly outshine your competitors and rival brands!



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