Pathwwway partners can drive growth and boost profit margins for businesses across industries and verticals. As a marketing management and digital solutions company, Pathwwway provides an entire spectrum of services that add value to a business on an upward growth trajectory. The best part about choosing Pathwwway is the strategic partnerships it has with data analytics and leading marketing software providers. Here’s why each of Pathwwway’s partners can drive your business.

  • Mobivate

Bulk SMS marketing specialist company Mobivate is one of the Pathwwway Ltd partners no growing business can do without. It offers world-class software that permits clients to send text messages to individual or groups of consumers of any size, worldwide. Additionally, no software is present for installation or downloading. This powerful, robust user-friendly system has a wide range of payment options and mass text messages can be sent right away. Your business can send text messages instantly or right on schedule at any time zone selected.

Using the mapping tool, all messages are personalised to ensure recipients receive customised alerts and notifications. Users can even select their delivery routes. Mobivate offers text messaging services for companies to communicate well with not only customers but also staff and suppliers more efficiently. SMS marketing has the highest conversion rate advertising offers. In fact, 98 per cent of SMSes are opened, as against 22 percent of emails, on an average. Higher conversion rates mean more sales for business and more cost-efficient marketing strategies. Additionally, bulk SMS messages make it easy for your business to interact with customers.

  • Silverpop

Silverpop is an Atlanta-based cloud marketing automation player. It is also one of the most enterprising partnerships Pathwwway has embarked on. Silverpop has a wide customer base across B2B and B2C markets. Technology plays a critical role in how the marketing discipline works. Silverpop, consequently, serves as a catalyst for business growth in the following areas: email marketing, B2B marketing and tools such as those for lead scoring and nurturing.

Whether it’s customer engagement or dialogue building, the beauty of Silverpop is that it is not limited to B2C markets alone. It boosts effectiveness for customers across different types of companies in the B2B industries, as well. Silverpop has 8,000 customers in over 50 nations worldwide. With an easy-to-use interface, it has capabilities for companies targeting marketing automation.

  • LiveChat

To meet customer queries on time every time, live chat remains the most popular option. For example, has found 63% of customers return to sites that offer the facility of live chat. LiveChat Inc heads the best help-desk software solutions for businesses. LiveChat is a customised customer care service, which utilises the latest technologies to give your business the winning edge. LiveChat even provides chatting services that can be implemented directly in the website.

Whether it’s generating leads or understanding customer needs, Live Chat is a solution that offers immense scope for businesses on the cusp of growth. Creating a single loyal customer is tough, but deeper client association and improved customer service quality can easily be attained through Live Chat. Some of the benefits are the ability of a business to chat from any device, including Android, Window, and iOS besides conversion tracking, event tracking and customisation capabilities.

  • New Relic

For proactive monitoring of customer interactions, New Relic is another one of the Pathwwway partners that can boost your business and create new opportunities for growth. The IT ecosystem becomes predictable as a result of leveraging advanced tools such as these to monitor and diagnose system performance against expected outcomes. New Relic’s customers benefit from a decrease in reported service degradation effects once they make the switch to this proactive IT management model. Ubiquitous instrumentation and monitoring are the components of the shift.

New Relic can help customers discern the problem’s point of origin and diagnose problems faster and accurately. New Relic impacts total ownership cost, infrastructure efficiencies, e-commerce or subscription revenues, advertising revenues and mobile app adoption. New Relic also offers a 30 to 40 per cent decrease in system-related customer contacts. New Relic also helps e-commerce businesses to identify, locate and address issues before customers are impacted. New Relic is built to address performance and reliability issues.

  • Mixpanel

For exceptional analytics for a growing business, Mixpanel is the right choice. Mixpanel emerges from the Y Combinator accelerator and is responsible for leading brands like Stripe, Dropbox and Reddit. Tracking user behaviour is easy, thanks to Mixpanel. Mixpanel is an event-centric platform and it is a powerful analytics tool which can be used to track events, see trends and create sales funnels. Mixpanel is even more targeted than Google Analytics. Mixpanel also offers real-time data and gives flexibility in testing out tools. It also offers funnel visualisation and makes it clear where paying customers are coming from. The power of Mixpanel lies in the actionable insights it provides. Mixpanel offers insights on who your users are and analyses lifetime value as well.

  • Optimove

Optimove software helps B2C companies run retention campaigns, manage outreach across multiple marketing channels and predicts customer behaviour. NY company Optimove competes with cloud-based marketing solutions like Adobe and Oracle. It counts Zynga, and eBags among its clients. Optimove is a premier web-based software used by retention experts and customer marketers to grow online businesses through existing customers. This software combines marketing technologies with data science to maximise customer engagement and lifetime value by automating personalised and effective retention marketing.

  • Inspectlet

Inspectlet is a powerful tracking tool that lets you observe people using the website. This software works really well for those who want to understand the target audience behaviour better across a range of OS platforms and devices. Inspectlet is used to assess and contract user experiences across different OS via mobile or desktop computers. Inspectlet is an excellent tool for e-commerce and performance websites as well as news, media and social site owners. This is among the Pathwwway partners that offers benefits for website owners, marketers, UI and UX experts as well as developers. Inspectlet also offers features that make tasks simpler and offers accurate data otherwise not achieved.

Thus, Pathwwway partners offer new and interesting avenues for growth through their comprehensive analytics and tracking capabilities. Benefit from these strategic partnerships and give your business a chance to grow in the right direction.

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