Responsive Web Design is a fluid and cost-saving approach that makes web content consistently functional despite variations in devices and screen sizes.  Let’s delve deeper into how these companies have met success with the concept.

#1 Food Sense

Food sense is a trending digital resource that caters to the end-user audience of plant food lovers. Statistics reveal that the platform gets substantial viewership from mobile users. As such, the web design has been made extremely mobile-friendly. Food Sense has successfully used responsive technology by shrinking its menu and placing the call-to-action buttons in a differential manner for different screen sizes and using hamburger menus. These factors account for a user-friendly interface for PC, smart phone and even smart watch users. Since Food sense is a hub of recipes and tips for the palate-freaks, its contents are very likely to be shared through smart phones, and RWD has helped in securing good website rankings.

#2 Treehouse

Treehouse is a digital venture whose mission is to transform and democratize technical education. It removes both economical and intellectual barriers in education. The website is a perfect example of responsive design. The company caters to end-user market of students and technology-lovers, who aspire to make it big in web technology. The layout adapts itself in a responsive manner to different sources of access, namely, desktops, laptops, mobile phones and so on. The long-form content makes it easy for a seamless web to mobile transition. The extensive four-item menu is reserved for desktops and laptops, whereas when accessed through tablets, end-users find a two-item menu with a hamburger icon and smartphone users are welcomed with a single-item menu with icon.

#3 American Express Serve

The web design has proudly bagged the Webby Awards that recognizes innovativeness and best practices across six criteria namely, content, structure, navigation, visual design, interactivity, functionality, and overall experience. The Amex Serve is a prepaid debit account that also comes with a mobile app and ranks as a self-serve portal for all your needs with American Express, such as linking bank account to debit card, paying bills or loading cash. From the PC to the smart watch, the web content ideally adapts without causing any wrinkle on the website UX and UI.

#4 Writer Bay

It is an online academic writing service that delivers high quality research papers, thesis, doctoral articles, dissertations and argumentative essays to the student end-users. The website is constructed in an amazingly responsive manner. The desktop and laptop layout is feature-rich, with self-guiding menus, writer profiles, testimonials from customers, sample write-ups and so on. The same layout customizes itself to the settings of a smart phone by limiting options and highlighting only the most frequented ones. By an intelligent use of media queries, fluid grids and flexible visuals, the web design aligns itself seamlessly to different screen sizes

#5 Gateway Bank of Mesa, Arizona

There is a widespread myth that the financial sector is difficult to digitize, due to the complexity of legacy systems. An example to refute this is the retail banking major, Royal Bank of Scotland which is a pioneering user of AI technology to power its customer service chat bots. Similarly RWD has been applied professionally by the Gateway Bank of Mesa, Arizona. It uses smart technology to showcase the most relevant content elements when viewed through different screen sizes. The bank relies on research-backed information to identify the most sought-after features of the web content by smartphone users, like ATM finder.

#6 Florida Hospitals

The leading healthcare providers in Orlando, Florida Hospitals have excelled in the implementation of responsive web design. The web design shrinks organically to the confines of a smart screen. The mobile design dispenses with the elaborate backdrop visuals on the landing page. Key features for mobile users such as pay your bill, locations, services and physicians are flashed conspicuously on hand-held devices. The speed of mobile site is impressive and the different menu options load in seconds. It is basically the task of end-users finding the hospitals through their mobile phones. By using a single URL for multiple screen sizes, the hospital makes itself more findable online.

#7 Cathay Pacific Airways

With IT chartbusters like online booking and web-check in doing their rounds in the industry, airline majors have been looking at RWD not as a digital overhead but as a cost-saving and also a lead generating tool. Cathay Pacific has been a embracer of RWD technology with the sole intention of improving customer experience. Typically the new responsive web design is a part of its rebranding exercise. The mobile site has now streamlined the search and reservation process. Features like choosing seating options and dates have been tailored to the demands of different screen sizes.

#8 Etsy

Etsy is a trending Ecommerce portal that caters both to online businesses and the general public. Vintage and handmade fashion items are their speciality and no wonder, the site gets a substantial amount of traffic from smartphones. The large search button that welcomes mobile users makes it easy to find what visitors come looking for, in a single shot. The different shopping categories are flashed conveniently, leading to an accelerated shopping experience. The thumbnail images of popular recommendations for shopping enable users to get the details by tapping on these large images with their finger on the touch-screens.

In a responsive web design, the website content is uniquely tailored to match the varying needs of different users.  The developers must understand the fact that any usability issue will put off of the impulsive mobile users, who might not bother to come back. In order to prevent the loss of such valuable engagement opportunities, the multi-functional layout must predict the preferences of such users. A responsive web design from Pathwwway Limited helps you economize on costs, since you can use a single layout instead of constructing dedicated layouts for use on PCs, laptops and tablets. Customers are bound to take notice of the fact that your business has not simply reproduced the website on the smart phones, but has invested the time and effort in making the websites usable.

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