When it comes to value-for-money web developer teams, many companies are now looking to Malta. A small European Island in the EU, this English speaking country has some of the best technologies and web developer professionals on offer. The internet speeds are an explosive 256 MGB here. There’s also a huge gaming and startup industry. It has a western work ethic and its pro-business environment focus on knowledge and value added industries has only spurred the web developer professionals to move to Malta. Malta also has a thriving ICT sector. Additionally, it stands as a bastion for entrepreneurs and a level playing field for startups. It is one of the best-performing Eurozone economies. Low unemployment, healthy economic growth and a business environment that is growing and advancing set Maltese firms apart from others in the industry.

  • Innovation is the Buzzword

Malta remains a hub for EU web developer teams, and is prized for its flexibility, innovation and competitive web development and design rates. Malta’s central location serves as a gateway for Europe, MENA and Asian countries. Capital city Valletta is a growing business centre. There’s a lot of policy support and the right regulatory and legislative framework for ICT companies to grow and prosper. With strong market fundamentals and ease of recovering investments, Malta has an accommodative fiscal stance when it comes to services like website design and web developer teams. Services now account for 75 percent of Malta’s GDP. Service-focused businesses in fields like ICT have paved the way for a bright future.

  • Asia Versus EU

A study by StackOverFlow found that among professional developers, 11.3 percent acquired their first coding job within a year of learning how to program. Further 36.9 percent learned to program between 1 to 4 years  before starting their careers as developers. While South Asian developers have the lowest average of prior coding experience when commencing their careers, continental and EU developers had the highest. The difference in employment types among web developers in different parts of the world is not considerable. US had the lowest proportion of independent contractor developers. Germany, on the other hand, had the highest number of part time web developers. Differences in salaries were noted in EU and the US. There’s a difference in top paying technologies too. Ruby ranked second in the UK, but was nowhere in the top 5 for France and Germany!

  • HackerRank’s Take

Post an analysis of 1.5 million web developers, Hacker Rank found where top web developers lived and breakdowns by competencies like security, AI, algorithms and data structures. The top 5 positions were ranked by China, Russia, Poland, followed by Switzerland and Hungary. The US came in 28th and emerging tech mecca Ukraine came in 11th. Some of the world’s most popular outsourcing destinations like Pakistan (50th rank), India (31st rank) and Vietnam (23rd rank) were also a surprise. China was the first when it came to skills, but individual criteria told a different story. Ukraine topped the list for best cyber security knowledge! Grammarly, Jooble and PetCube are all Ukrainian firms. The country also has more engineering grads than nations like Switzerland, Japan and Belgium.

With smaller countries like Malta increasingly acquiring prominence in the web development industry, it’s not surprising that some of the world’s biggest brands trust Malta based Pathwwway for its impeccable website production services.

  • The Pathwwway Advantage

Pathwwway’s strategic location in Malta offers many business benefits. Island economies like Malta have seen a strategic transformation in business sectors within recent years. Maltese business is thriving, lucrative and extensive. There’s strong connectivity and excellent technology infrastructure. Additionally, there is corporate, financial and technical assistance for new businesses and startups, helping investors through the right channels. One source of assistance is from Malta Enterprise, a government agency which helps youthful businesses to make their mark. Additionally, companies have been attracted to the extremely high level of IT competence among local experts.

Locals with IT and foreign language competencies are not the only web development professionals here; international web developers have also relocated to this island haven to find employment in the ICT sector. Further, Malta offers attractive tax benefits for hiring skilled workers. Malta’s position as an EU member state is also another reason it is so popular for web design and development businesses like Pathwwway. Additionally, Maltese firms offer double tax treaty agreements with seventy states.

The workforce of Malta is talented, educated and dedicated. Highly qualified professionals from the web development sector get tax benefits, too. Malta is also a great place to do business. Essentially, it has the lowest effective EU corporate taxes. Corporate taxes in Malta are 35% flat rate but can be reduced to 5-7 percent by distributing profits for holding companies. Income tax rates are well balanced. Minimum wages in Malta are also healthy, while share capital requirement is nominal compared to other EU nations. Less physical money is required to set up business here. Additionally, even the language barrier is non existent, with 90 percent of Maltese speaking fluent English. The excellent business environment Malta offers attracted web developers from all over the world.


For your website design and development needs, Malta based companies offer incredible advantages and continue to thrive as a destination for talented web developers from all over the world. As Pathwwway shapes the future ICT and website production industry, it brings an amazing value for money for every dollar of your ad spend. Businesses that seek to grow, without limitations and restrictions would do well to rely on web development solutions from this reputed site. Malta, China, Ukraine – these are the future destinations for top talent in the field of web design and development.

So come, experience the innovative website design and development solutions offered by Pathwwway. This client centric firm is exceptional in terms of understanding what clients need and how to deliver it. Web developers from Pathwwway are experienced specialists with serious skills and excellent qualifications, too. Website design and development leaders like Pathwwway will continue to shape the future of the web development industry.

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