With comprehensive online marketing plans across multiple channels, from TV to social media, ruling the day, start-ups can make a difference with their budget-friendly plans too. All you need is the right approach. It does not have to cost you thousands of dollars. In fact, one can launch the successful online marketing campaign for just $1000. The key to cost-efficient marketing involves a big impact on high-return activities.

Should money be spent marketing the business online? Should one promote the business on every social platform? To get the most out of each dollar spend, the reach needs to be optimised and the company needs to be promoted to get to where the best prospects can be found. Online marketing works best when it comes from the heart.

  • Right Research: Priceless

Research actually, does not have to cost a dime. It is important that any part of the marketing campaign can make a difference. If one does not have to do complete research first, one can never know where to focus marketing investments. Lack of focus is like pulling the trigger without taking aim first. So, make sure you have the perfect recipe for targeting your audience, whether you are investing USD 1000 or 100,000.

To start with, talk as well as listen to your target audience, analyse and understand past efforts, study the nature of the competitors, survey present customers and determine the kind of social media platforms are working are most effective. Pay good attention to what prospects read, where they spend most of their time, and the type of media preferred. This research serves as a foundation of the campaign and costs nothing. All you need is the right focus and the precision to take aim and hit the mark.

  • Right Email Marketing: USD 300

In the age of flashy tools and methods, it surprises one to hear the plain old email marketing to maintain a position as one of the highest ROI marketing efforts. Emails are direct forms of communication, and offer a wider range of personalization and customization. The inbox is a peaceful oasis among the confusing chaos of social media channels. You can connect one-to-one without competing stimuli to act as noise. Your email list is a wonderful option for those who centre the campaign around it. So you need to spend every bit of your USD 300 wisely.

Right now, it’s the average cost of a two month subscription to MailChimp. Based on the size of the list and needs, one can pay more (or less). But for those who believe the best things in life are free, MailChimp offers a free option for lists with less than 2,000 subscribers and no more than 12,000 emails per month. There is no access to fun features such as automation rules and auto responders. It is important to test your email efforts to see what successes should be duplicated and which ones to ditch, while formulating your online marketing campaign.

  • Right Video Marketing: USD 500

Around 44 percent of persons indicate watching a video is the best way to learn about new products or services. Taking the advantage of the trend, it’s important to get started today. There are many ways to share videos online. YouTube is the perfect channel. Corporate videos or campaign ones don’t have be to the tune of thousands of dollars.

Basic tools and inexpensive editing software is all that is needed to get going. Spending USD 500 gets you video editing software, besides customised brand building, screen recordings, voice-overs, advanced editing features and more for exceptional editing outcomes. This is an ideal option for those without in-house video teams. You don’t need USD 10,000 or professional actors for a brand video that grabs mindshare. Build rapport and trust with your viewers by using videos they can relate to, not slick cinematography pieces.

  • Right Social Media Promotion: USD 200

Research should point you in the right direction regarding which social media platform to focus on, and which content creation promotion efforts work best. One should not miss out on posting or interacting on other channels, just because one is working out well for you. But if you want to focus on budget-friendly social media promotion, you need to nail it down to a couple of channels that work best.

Once the channels are identified, there is need to promote the best content with paid ads. Run with a business page on Facebook or promote content from any account on LinkedIn or Twitter. Twitter cards can give a new impetus to your email list and give your brand a boost. LinkedIn offers boosted posts, and detailed analytics that ensure the posts reach the desired marketing. The USD 200 budget is a less costly way to get the message in front of new eyes.

  • The Right Strategies: USD 1000

Ultimately, the strategies to choose to invest in may be different. This is because every target audience and business is different. What works for a single group of followers may not work with others. That is why research and ongoing testing is critical. But what one wants to walk away knowing is that marketing does not have to break the bank to be effective, and yet garner a valuable audience.

Simple efforts can yield critical results. Sincere efforts can work even better. Before cashing in on USD 1000, have a plan in place. Having some direction for the marketing campaign and prioritizing needs and goals is needed. If one has to launch a campaign that works, the brand needs to be promoted with a purpose in mind.

Without direction, the USD 1000 will disappear. Instead of throwing the much needed cash around, focus on where it works best for you and promote your business. A lot of free services are available that can benefit the businesses. So, spending money when you don’t have to makes no sense. By putting a game plan into place, narrow the search for the tools needed. If one wants to understand the impact of the website, use the analytics to help you get in place. HubSpot and Google have a lot of free resources and marketing tools.

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