Ecommerce web development remains one of the most critical requirements of a growing business. This is because carrying out business nowadays is about providing audiences with immersive user experiences on your site. Emerging trends influence the functionality, web design, development and sustainability of ecommerce businesses. These trends point to what the future holds for ecommerce web development. While AI, creative layouts and conversational interfaces define ecommerce web development in the present digital era, a new sophistication of technology is on the cards for the next five years.

  • AI and The Rise of Chatbots

AI and chatbots were the emerging trends last year and will continue to be in spotlight in the times to come. AI is set to be in action with conversational interfaces and voice assistants like Google Home and Apple Siri. Technology incorporates these smart elements to provide a seamless digital experience. With the advancement and rise of AI and machine learning, chatbots are smarter, efficient and intelligent. This technology has created a bot building technology, bringing in important value for the industry.

  • Bolder Hues are Here to Stay

Bold colour schemes have been used across digital platforms globally for a while now. Designers opt for bright and vibrant hues, creating interesting effects and combinations. Colours are the new medium for expressing emotions and influencing the consumer purchase decision journey.

  • The Power of a Picture

Illustrations and graphics are set to take on a critical role in ecommerce web development. This is because graphics serve as a powerful tool to breathe life into abstract concepts. Graphics are set to permit marketers to build digital products catering to diverse audiences and is something worth looking out for. Most designs are dominated by user interface. But now, there is an emphasis on bold colours, minimalist shapes, dramatic shapes and lines.

  • FontWork and Your Websites

For your ecommerce web development, typography is a critical tool for engaging with the audience. Designers are moving ahead of old fashioned sans serif fonts and exploring a wide range of typefaces. There is even synchronisation between fonts providing for a dynamic user experience.

  • Evolving Websites, Multiple Interfaces

The next 5 years will see multiple input channels prevail simultaneously and function in absolute harmony with one another. Forward-thinking businesses are leaving aside traditional homepages and exploring other dynamic access points. Websites are now evolving with an amalgamation of social media profiles, mobile apps and conversational interfaces. Development offers voice and touch functionalities. More websites now offer seamless information, without complex navigation.

  • Motion User Interface

The Motion UI library allows experimentation and plays around with animations. Motion UI helps ecommerce web developers to use animations the way they want. There are many transitional effects to make a choice from, including  CSS and image hover effects. The shift will be towards interactive websites. Motion UI helps to tweak and transform every element on the site. Choosing among numerous parameters creates animations and special effects, boosting a 2-way communication between the customer and the business.

  • Progressive Web Apps

Progressive web apps are taking the m-commerce businesses to a whole new level. These apps have a user experience akin to mobile apps and gives users a similar experience to those of mobile apps. These run on browsers and don’t need instalment on the device. Smart features on these apps translate into higher customer engagement, better conversion rates, enhanced reliability and improved safety. User-friendly and dependable apps are set to redefine the way online web development is taking shape.

  • The Rise of the Blockchain

Blockchains permit digital data to be distributed or shared, but prohibited from being copied. Technologies were devised for bitcoin, a virtual currency, but this distributed ledger technology is now shaping ecommerce web development. It simply works this way. Blockchains ensure all parties are in the loop, enabling supply chain auditing, failure free decentralised storage for files and smart contracts. It also paves the way for crowdfunding and P2P ecommerce.

  • Greater Security

Secure socket layer allows websites to establish encrypted connections between the browser and the server. SSL certificates will be on the rise as these protect sensitive data, eliminate risks of cyber attacks, phishing and provide excellent search engine ranking.

  • The Power of Visual Storytelling

An excellent photo is worth so much. Priceless in terms of attractive, appealing content, graphics and videos grab user attention faster and make the storytelling process easier. The next years will mark the rise of audio visual content that is authentic and conveys a story of value to customers. Videos offer advantages as these can be incorporated seamlessly into the design.

Therefore, design and production teams have realised that storytelling matters. Building a story makes your product more human and realistic than pixels and codes. Treat the product or service as a hero in the brand narrative. This leads to a rise in designers using animation as a means of storytelling.

  • Improved Navigability

Conversion-focused ecommerce websites focus on fixing navigating menus, offering a simple, effective website to audiences. Designers now focus on taking fixed menus to the next level by making the navigation bar distinct from other design elements.

Final Word

Ultimately, it pays to note how web development strategies can boost ecommerce growth. See what your business requires and invest time, money and effort into it accordingly. In today’s fast changing world, predicting where e commerce businesses will be in the next 5 years necessitates understanding the importance of cutting-edge technologies and how these will continue to shape web design and development in the times to come. Across the bold hues, bright gradients and integrated animations, the next 5 years promise to be eventful for ecommerce web design and development on the creative or aesthetic front as well. Designers and developers are set to push the limits, when it comes to establishing a virtual store-front, an internet marketing tool and a 24/7 sales store all through an ecommerce website. This is what shapes the future of web development and makes each exciting new trend and idea a step into a future where all business will need to be online, not just e-commerce companies.

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