Building, developing and deploying turn-key mobile apps can create a dramatic difference in traffic volumes and conversions. Without a highly trained and motivated web developer, even the best app development software cannot bring the desired results. Building a strong mobile back-end is a foundation for delivering great apps. Thus mobile UI is the starting point of target -oriented app development.

  • Redefining The Skill Sets For The Smart Age App Developer

Technical skills include UI/UX design skills, knowledge of all trending programming languages, knowledge of framework, APIs, Agile methodologies and so on. Apart from these technical skills, the web designer must be able to zero in on the customer pain point. What the target market will expect out of your app is the key to successful app discovery. A person who reaches the app discovery stage with minimum time and cost, gives you value for your money invested in app development. In iOS app development, the developer must be adept in technologies like Apple Human Interface and the Swift 3.0 programming language. While one develops Android apps, he or she must have an inside-out knowledge of Android SDK and Studio, Java programming language and syntaxes. On the whole, the web development professional must be an expert in understanding the intricate design requirements of an application.

  • Best Practises For Creating Hot-Selling Apps

Analyse the prospective users of your app and for what purpose will they be used the most. This market research will help you validate your app idea and also fish for the right web developer. Develop a MVP (Minimum Viable Product) to get an idea of how the user base is going to react to your app. A typical web developer tests the app and proceeds as per a logical app flowchart. He gives top priority to app UI which determines the quality of your user’s first-hand impression with the app. The app must give one-tap access to your web pages. While feature-rich apps may be highly functional, Pathwwway Limited know that people prefer lite apps that go easy on memory and do  not demand the possession of a high-priced Smartphone.

  • The Ideal Developer Plays With The Market’s Best App Building Toolkit

An app builder’s favourite are those tools that are founded on cutting edge technology. There are many simple DIY tools like Appy pie which is a cloud-based mobile app creation tool. In case you are building an app for employees as intranet, then The App Builder provides a window of app suites that can be customized to your need. Some of the hassle-free open source app development tools include Framework 7, BuildFire.js and the Ionic that are very cost-effective for SMEs. If you are a cross-platform app builder, then try out tools like Xamarin, appcelerator and PhoneGap that can integrate with various libraries and support multiple mobile platforms. The right app developer can transform your MVP to a full-blown, multi-functional app in no time with these amazing hi-tech tools and frameworks.

  • Cross Platform App Development And Its Advantages

The problem with native apps is that they are not compatible with other Smartphone operating software and you end up developing multiple code bases. The best web programmer also excels in developing cross-platform apps that function seamlessly on iOS, Android or Windows. Tools like KonyMobile, Native Script and Rhomobile are some of the popular tools that build cross-platform apps. It is estimated that around 50-80% of development efforts are reduced when a single source code is usable across multiple platforms.

  • Up-level the app building experience

You have a killer idea for an app in place. True enough, app building for the smartphones are now rendered lightning fast by employing professional  developers. However, any fundamental mistake committed by amateur app developers in implementing your app idea will prove counterproductive and render the whole process a waste of cost and time. When you entrust the app building cum marketing process to the veterans, that is, dedicated digital marketing specialists, your app idea gets a face-lift. They understand your target markets, the USP of your product or service and also do a test marketing of the app before its launch. Making the app heavy with too many unnecessary features will diminish its utility.

  • How To Measure App Kpis?

Another acid test on whether you have found the right web developer for your app idea is the way he defines performance KPIs for them. The number of downloads alone cannot be a benchmark for app performance. Average session duration, changes in lifetime value and rates of retention of mobile customers post app-usage, rates of un-installations of apps, session intervals and churn rates are the metrics to be watched out for, measured and evaluated. How is your app faring in SERPs and in the social media is also an indicator of your brand awareness in the market. DAU (Daily Active Users), MAU (monthly Active Users) and incremental growth of your app subscriber database are more quantitative metrics on app engagement. The organic conversion rates and rate of shares on social media throw light on app popularity and user-friendly.

  • Formulating A Relevant App-Marketing Strategy

App development does not stop with creating and building it. To promote your app and ensure that mobile conversions increase, you need to have a concrete app strategist in place. In many cases, the app building specialist is also an app marketer. Mobile app SEO is a trending way of increasing your app visibility in the SERPs. Creating visibility in the app store is also helpful. Social networks are great places to promote your apps by deploying viral textual and video content.

Whether you are building an app for android or the iPhone operating system, building and marketing relevant apps will not be a success if the right tools are not deployed. An app developer is devoted to creating and implementing of source codes, and ensures that a highly performing SDK is in use. Double check on the profile and testimonials of the app development professionals who go a long way into optimizing your web development budget.

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