A perfectly tailored landing page, customized even to the most vague demographic of visitors; intuitive navigation features that minimizes time spent before closure; warm and humanized chat hosts – all these and more are offered by classy, hand-crafted websites that are customized to your target audiences. These web designs make the buying journey a bliss and cater intelligently to every need of the website visitors. However, the question that remains to be answered is that, are web engineers doing  enough justice to these designs in terms of scalability of the custom web design.

  • Challenges Involved In Developing A Custom Web Design

A dedicated and customized web design focuses more on your business, its customers and the product USP rather than on technical aspects. The biggest challenge is the intervention by clients, especially those who try to become control freaks. The issue can be easily overcome by candid and lengthy one-on-discussions with the client and ensuring that both the client and the developer are on the same page. Requirement must be defined unambiguously. In cases of major web design failures, it is incomplete articulation of expectations that becomes the black sheep. It might be a smooth sail when the business size is static, but as your business starts growing, the web design becomes redundant and too difficult to manage. Onsite security is another grey area that can spoil your brand repute when your web design opens up for the global audiences. Entrusting web design development to amateurs or inexperienced agencies can tarnish brand image.

  • Building Scalable Web Applications

The ultimate mission for any business is to enhance revenues and market shares. In other words this is called a scalable business model. These entrepreneurs require the online marketing collaterals to scale-up in a similar fashion. Thus originates the demand for custom web designs to accommodate scalability and grow up to the rising demands of the target market. Your illustrious website must be capable of handling traffic peaks, without compromising on functionality. Consider the custom made web design of Alfa Romeo, the Italy based luxury car makers. The design is minimalistic with clear calls to action buttons, sliders and clickable icons. The site is powered for maximum uptime and quick recovery from system failures. Any web design without scalability finds itself unable to handle the crisis of becoming big and crashes succumbing to traffic overload.

  • Web Designs To Suit Different Screen Sizes

Responsive web design is the new buzzword in web development. As your audience grows, people are bound to access your business from multiple devices. And each device has its own variations in terms of screen size. Developing dedicated layouts for each such device may hold good only for some time, before it becomes too big an issue to manage. The Pathwwway solution is the construction of responsive web layouts wherein a single layout adapts itself to different devices and screen formats. As one visits thrivesolo.com, the ultimate project management suite for freelancers, there is a seamless and friction-free transition from web to mobile. The site works perfectly fine both on PCs and smartphones. The fluid layout with subtly compressed fonts and pictures in addition to long-from content makes the web design highly functional even for big and global audiences.

  • Overstuffing Websites With Every Possible Bit Of Information Is A Blunder

The problem of big, also referred to as the crisis of plenty, surfaces when web designs are overloaded with animations, widgets and icons. This leads to an attention crash and valuable leads are lost due to dilution and distraction of attention. Heaviness of design architecture also leads to slow-speed problems and the blank white page stares indefinitely at users before your site loads finally. In addition to design overload, many custom designs are faced with another trending issue called information overload. It is also referred to as infoxication, infobesity and content shock. When you shoehorn web content with repetitive keywords and borrowed content, information density becomes too big. As a result there is an oversupply of information, much more than what can be consumed. A custom design that goes in for useful, concise and high quality content will never find it overwhelming to cater to any size of business or their target markets.

  • For An Optimized Web Design, Nothing Is Too Big To Handle

Most online businesses cater to international audiences. This means different nationalities of customers, diverse cultures that influence buying habits, different value perceptions, different income and education levels. Multiple products, style variants and payment processing in different currencies are some of the demands of the global market. Business intelligence tools when used in the right capacities can be a blessing to your custom-made design. They track the online behaviour of website visitors and makes your business more appealing to them for making impulsive and instant purchases. Web designs with optimized web content, product pages, categories and  payment options, bring about the wow factor easily.

  • The Golden Rule Of Thumb For Custom Web Design: Form Follows Function

Users do not care whether your website is custom made or is an improvement of a borrowed template. All it matters to them is that web content must be useful, impactful and digestible. True enough, the aesthetics are important, but the limelight is on functionality. When your custom design expert deploys research-driven content as well as makes the website highly functional, its success in traffic generation is a given.  A functional custom web design is fully equipped and tested to handle big volumes of traffic and engage different personas of visitors.

As a business scales up in size and scope, so does a responsive web design, in terms of highlighting the transition stages and making the website more user-friendly. For a meticulously constructed custom web design, there is no challenge inn scale that is cannot accommodate. Truly inspiring designs do not complicate the UI for the target audiences, but instead put everything forward in a simple and minimalistic fashion. Custom-made designs are super-performing marketing solutions, for big, small and medium businesses alike.

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