There are many important considerations that guide businesses in choosing between a custom web design and a readymade template. A custom design is unique and every inch of it is developed only for you – exclusively. On the other hand, a template is one that is pre-designed. All you need to do is buy one and customize it. When working with the former option, your business enjoys the following advantages:


  • Uniqueness

Custom web design is an apt solution for brand positioning. Unless you are an established brand, you can create brand awareness only when your website is unique. A custom made site can make your business stand out from the crowd and encourage people to stop by and take notice. A website built from the scratch can carry brand personality and image to the market.

  • Whatever You Want It To Be

A pre-made template allows customization to a lesser extent. You do not have the freedom to alter anything you wish to. A custom design, on the other hand, allows you to design your website the way you wish. The entire designing process is controlled by you, working with the developer on a dedicated basis.

  • Multi-Browser Compatibility

When you have built your own website, it is assured that the site has been tested for efficient performance on all commonly used browsers like the Google Chrome, Firefox or Internet Explorer. Templates may not work well on all browsers. You risk customer dissatisfaction and even loss of precious conversion possibilities when people find you inaccessible on the browser of their choice.

  • SEO Friendly

Though the pre-designed templates do have SEO features, a dedicated and professional web developer takes serious efforts to ensure that the developed custom web design is search engine friendly. You are free to choose the right mix of on-page SEO strategies. Search engines love unique websites that convey brand utilities to people easily. Custom designs rank higher on the Google SERPs.

  • Ownership Of Design Layouts

All design layouts are owned by you in the case of custom design. The web theme has not been borrowed from an open market. It’s all yours and you enjoy absolute title to the web content, graphics, themes and layouts. With a template, the disadvantage is that somebody else’s website might also look like yours, and there is lack of originality.

  • Enhanced Web Security

A website developed using templates becomes the hacker’s favourite as they only need to hack one source code, to get unauthorized access to thousands of websites built using the same code.

  • Control Over UX

Your business, being ultimate owners of the website, can have a say over user experience. Advanced web analytics put you in charge of measuring and sharpening user experience. The web design is developed accurately to your specifications. Nothing needs to be compromised and you can decide how your users will feel, once on board the custom made website.

  • Dedicated Support

Whether your in-house team is in charge of developing the custom site or you hire a professional web artist for the project, you are assured of awesome backend support. Exclusive access to support, will mean that any technical issues and usability hiccups can be solved to your satisfaction. You can easily get backend and check what has gone wrong and analyse what needs to be done to get it going.

  • Scalability

Your custom made website adapts itself to the business lifecycle. As your business grows, your website scales up as well. Thanks to advanced CMS (content management system), you can update your website with changes and improvements from anywhere. Custom designs result in responsive websites that are geared to provide an uniform experience irrespective of screen size and device type.



Custom designs get you uniqueness and unlimited functionality and UX, but at a cost. Getting a professional web developer and have him architect every aspect of your web pages, will cost you dearly. If you are working on a limited budget, then going in for a custom design will not bring all the above mentioned advantages. If you wish to build a unique website that no one else has previously sighted, you need to be prepared for a big budget.

  • Time Consuming

The product is not pre-made. Everything needs to be done from the scratch. Custom web design might not be the best option for you in case you are time-strapped and require your website  up and running in a very few days. Right from initial discussions, design layout, content development, to coding, copywriting, multimedia and testing, everything might take weeks to get done.

  • Custom Web Design Is Not WYSIWYG

What You See Is What You Get – This is the greatest promise in web templates. The custom web design might not shape up as per your requirements. There might be a gap in what you expect and what your developer delivers. There might be miscommunications and misinterpretations that will hamper the delivery of the final output, in differing from you had visualized it to be.

  • Making Changes Is Not Easy

In a custom design, you are at liberty to make changes. But unfortunately, not at the pace you want them to take effect. Changes and updates will take time to materialize. Developments will not happen overnight and even a simple change might take days to reflect to the outside world.

  • Demands Advanced Web Development Skills

Templates are plug and play. You need not be a coding expert or a whiz kid of animation graphics. However, developing a custom site requires a set of elite and advanced design skills, which only a professional agency can offer.

Factors like industry type, stage of business (new or established), resources at disposal and most importantly, the target market demographics etc., need to be considered before you go in for a custom web design. If you wish to carve a unique place for yourself in the online marketplace, then templates will not work.  Time consuming and expensive as it may be, a custom made design, nevertheless, is worth the investment in setting your business apart from the crowd.

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