If you have ever wondered how extra features on a website such as the booking form, weather display or calendar work, the answer is simple. Copying code and pasting it through digital marketing plugins is the key. Taking advantage of such tools engages visitors, offers fresh insights and makes every site more functional. Embeddable applications in the website body are plugins and these come in various forms, such as clocks, video players, currency converters, contact forms, search fields and slideshows. A plugin adds functionality to the site by outsourcing app development to coders.

#1 MailChimp: Email Marketing Plugin

MailChimp is the world’s leading email marketing platform. It automates marketing and promotional emails. Using the MailChimp plugin on your site is extremely beneficial for expanding customer research. In fact, it also boosts brand awareness besides increasing conversions and sales. MailChimp offers contact management, automation, templates and analytics that can boost the digital marketing prowess of any site.

MailChimp is the most used email marketing service across the globe. The plugin integrates with your website to get absolute control over subscription forms, email lists and submissions and this can be achieved right from the dashboard. The plugin offers various forms and allows customisation of forms with images, animation, customised text and custom fields added for PayPal payments, tools, file uploads, check boxes, surveys and more. This plugin is extremely user-friendly and saves a lot of time.

#2 BookingBug: Booking and Calendar Plugin

Thanks to BookingBug, the calendar can be placed right on the site and visitors can book appointments with a person instantly. If you need to share the calendar on your site and require something with more functionality to show availability, BookingBug is the key. With industry-specific options like health, beauty, sports and events on offer, BookingBug is the perfect solution. The dynamic plugin can be integrated into any site and has extensive booking features tailored to specific industry requirements and needs.

#3 Eclincher: Search and Analytics Widget

The eClincher makes tracking website analytics and social media simple with intuitive, customisable dashboards. Real-time website traffic can be tracked, social impact can be analysed and social media accounts managed through the same dashboard. Advanced indexing, custom results and autocomplete features are what search and analytics widgets like Swiftype showcase.

#4 PhotoSnack: Slideshows Plugin

PhotoSnack is one of the best plugins to add different types of slideshows to the site and display as well as show off products, the portfolio, and travel photos or more. PhotoSnack is an easy way to add slideshows to sites, whether you want simple or complex ones. This unique and useful digital marketing plugin also provides a quick and simple way to showcase mobile-friendly slideshows on sites. It also uploads photos from Flickr, Facebook, and Instagram accounts besides showcasing profiles.

#5 AddThis: Social Media Button Plugin

Distinctive, eye-catching social media buttons can raise the amount of content shared. This is available for free from AddThis, a useful dynamic plugin. Floating social media buttons are an important way to encourage community sharing. A lot of Pathwwway Ltd services offer numerous designs but AddThis is the best option. Just simply copying and pasting the code offers a floating social media button or sidebar on every website page.

#6 SnapEngage: Customer Service Plugin

SnapEngage along with other popular options such as Olark and Userlike are wonderful options for adding customer service or sales channels to sites. For those owning a small business, hiring call centre reps can be tough. Live chat is a wonderful way to support customer care reps and business operations, and these kind of plugins support this.

#7 POWr.io: Widget Editor Plugins

POWr.io is a great, one-stop shop for different kinds of widgets that can be customised for the site. This is a catalogue of plugins and widgets for different website builders, and it provides you with plugin options that can be used directly on the site. Along with this, it provides a plugin editor on top of the site editor so seamless integration with the website building platform takes place.

#8 JetPack: Lead Generation Plugin

This is an excellent digital marketing plugin for WordPress developers as it has a lot to offer. Jetpack is a powerful and useful tool that can make the website safer besides helping with lead generation, traffic and visitor engagement, social sharing, SEO, advertising, functionality and more. In fact, this awesome plugin provides more than thirty different services and provides amazing visual solutions for content. It even comes with a support service.

#9 Google XML Sitemaps: Location Plugin

Every business knows how important it is to position the brand in search engine results. With this plugin, you ensure that search engines get a better understanding of your site. This plugin works to create an XML sitemap for the website which is used for better blog or site indexing. It makes the process of information retrieval from the site easier for search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo. It also notifies search engines when new items are posted on the page. This plugin helps sites to reach the top of the ladder of search engine results.

#10 Yoast WordPress: SEO Plugin

This WordPress SEO plugin can help a lot when it comes to Search Engine Optimisation. In fact, WordPress web developers credit this plugin with helping them write better content, relevant titles, and using proper keywords, snippets and meta description. It also helps with image tags and has its own content analysis tool that makes content look awesome and contains the perfect images and links. A preview feature is an added value for online marketing specialists who want to see how the post can be perceived by viewers.


Plugins can be really helpful. With sets of analytic tools, some awesome digital marketing plugins like SFDC lead generation also provide detailed insights into data and traffic generated by users. The plugins save time and money by simplifying and automating the digital marketer’s requirements. Plugins can also help with lead generation by creating high converting, fully responsive pop-ups as well as opt-in forms like sidebar forms, floating bars and much more. Fully customising the forms maximises the conversion. Another unique feature of these plugins is behaviour personalisation and advanced page level targeting. Even split testing and conversion analytics are in place for most plugins to actually optimise the online customer’s retail experience.

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