Ranking the second largest among search engines, next only to Google, the thing that digital marketers find with YouTube is its viral nature, its dynamic outreach and its popularity with video keywords. Understanding and tweaking your video content as per the requirements of YouTube algorithms is not overwhelming and can be mastered by any internet marketing company, even with limited resources. Videos are posted by the second on various other online platforms as well, such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, but YouTube still reigns supreme when it comes to video based content.

  • What’s YouTube SEO all about?

Optimizing content shared via YouTube videos and ranking better in the Search Engine Result Pages is the aim of YouTube SEO. By creating powerful videos, that can maximize user impact and retentive value, digital marketers use a number of tips and tools. In addition to addressing basic requirements like using a catchy background, captivating animations and quality format such as MPEG4 with high-density picture resolution, there are many technical ways to optimize your YouTube content. Smart editing and composition will also help make even the most boring subject eye catching and interesting.

  • The power of how-to YouTube videos

How-to videos are one of the most popular formats on YouTube. It is a great way for an internet marketing company to build brand awareness as well as draw more traffic to the YouTube presence of businesses. Care must be taken to appeal to the aesthetic sense of viewers by presenting something new and not to reiterate what is already known. How-to videos are created for many purposes including product demonstration, assembly or start-up instructions, trouble shooting, repairs, cost-saving and to familiarize new uses or product attributes.

  • Research your keywords well

Engage in keyword research before planting them arbitrarily in your YouTube videos. The Keywords must be adequately SEO-optimized. Understanding the type of search terms you wish your business to rank for, is crucial in the choice of relevant keywords. YouTube specific ideas for generating keywords can be adopted by using various tools like Google Search Console, Google Keyword Planner, SEMrush and Mozpro. Ensure that you create playlists that highlight the strategic keywords that your target market will love to hear and watch.

  • Use closed captions

Closed caption is an important ranking factor for your YouTube videos and maximizes the visibility of your videos. The automatic translation of the voice of the speaker in the original language of the video is what is achieved with closed captioning. Besides aiding the hearing-impaired to enjoy your video, it increases the size of your audience considerably. An internet marketing company can use this opportunity to expand viewership and watch-time.

  • Give access to YouTube videos from your website

This will help build high quality backlinks which are another important ranking factor for YouTube SEO. Placing appropriate call to action buttons for sharing and subscribing will also help. For those customers who are not YouTube fanatics, directing their interests to your YouTube videos is achieved by this gesture. Back links are also built by promoting the YouTube videos outside of YouTube, such as on Facebook and Instagram as well.

  • Optimize Metadata 

Metadata must be carefully built and optimized so that they become a representative summary of your online content for the search engines. Using the right keywords and including them in titles and descriptions are very important towards creating comprehensive on-page metadata that will boost your YouTube presence. It’s important to use only white hat practises that promote your content in an organic way.

  • Create compelling and engaging videos

YouTube has many built-in features like YouTube Autosuggest, YouTube Filters etc, that aid in making unique videos that do not contain as much repetitive content as those of your competitors. Increasing inbound links, channel authority and user engagement are all dependant on the way your video delivers its intended content. Use informational and high density keywords and your creativity to make most engaging videos.

  • Select an appealing thumbnail

Thumbnails are like appetizers that build up intent for a good watch time of your YouTube videos. The thumbnail is a strategic representation of your core content of YouTube videos. These video stills are a great way to enjoy an instant increase in click-through rates.

  • Using YouTube tools and YouTube Cards

YouTube tools can be used for multiple purposes such as content generation, keyword research, video creation and YouTube SEO. An internet marketing company can make use of tools like TubeBuddy, Canva, Drumup, vidIQ.  YouTube cards leverage the call-to-action features in the medium such as Poll Cards, Playlist Cards and Donation Cards.

  • Make best use of YouTube Analytics

Understand and number-crunch the data presented by the analytics page of YouTube. Number and quality of comments, the duration of video-watches, the addition to watch-later lists, number of social shares, likes, dislikes, favourites added, to mention a few, are some of the key performance indicators of your video pulse online. They are success indicators of your online audience.

  • File naming, descriptions, page titling and using meta tags

Unlike written content like blogs where content quality is ascertained by the search engines when they crawl the web pages, here it is the description that is taken into account for ranking. Descriptions must embrace sensible keywords and must be crisp and to-the-point. Tags are very important to categorize your video content and make them figure in related searches. Single-word tags, long tail tags and broad-term tags can be used with reference to context.  Equally important is the process of naming your video files in a representative manner. Pasting unambiguous transcriptions is an added advantage.

YouTube marketing is all-pervasive. In order not to be left behind and lose out to competition, an internet marketing company can adopt any or all of the above tips to reach a vantage position in YouTube SEO. Topping the charts in the organic SERPs of YouTube can be a launch pad to building lasting brand awareness. YouTube SEO is result-driven, customer-centric and fast paced, and most importantly, it’s an avenue that optimizes your business development budget judiciously.

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