The Whys and the Why-not’s of web marketing are to be analysed carefully or else the enthusiastic web marketer is going to get carried away in the maze of tools that are available. The outlay, the target market, the product attributes, the market-effectiveness of the brand, and of course, the resources available at disposal should all be considered. Embracing the latest trends is very important, since buyers are the prime focus in marketing activities. All these considerations are precursors to choosing some of the tools presented here.

  • Kissmetrics (Analytical Tool)

A customer engagement automation platform, Kissmetrics helps you analyze customer behaviour and the online response to your brand. Behavioural analytics is important since online advertising campaigns are evaluated based on commercial and social ROI. By timing and scheduling customer engagement measures at the right time, it is possible to enable lead conversion and loyalty cultivation. Actionable and data-driven insights are available on customer behaviour.

  • Canva (Content Designing Tool)

Canva is a powerful tool for presenting good content in a catchy and engaging manner. A range of awe-inspiring templates with both free and paid options to drag and drop appropriate infographics are available. Canva is the best software for creating posters, banner ads, flyers and other promotional literature for your online sales campaigns. Hundreds of customizable and themed templates are available. The developed design can be freely transferred or shared immediately.

  • Aweber (Email Marketing Tool)

This is a free-to-use mail marketing tool  that offers additional features such as subscription management, auto responders and drag & drop editors. Excellent 24 x 7 live support mechanisms, educational webinars  and self-help tools are available, meaning your entire email marketing campaign can be automated. By targeting recipients on a personalized basis, Aweber is best known for its time-saving features. Email campaigns can be designed and launched in minutes.

  • Buffer (Social Media Marketing Tool)

This is a pro-active and easy-to-use social media management tool that has a positive influence on the performance of social media ad campaigns. Using the buffer app, you can schedule and share social media posts in a meaningful manner so that impressive social media results are generated. Multiple accounts on social media like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter are managed smartly by scheduling posts in a time-efficient manner. Social media content and its performance can then be tracked more effectively.

  • Hootsuite (Social Media Monitoring and Management Tool)

As a holistic platform towards management of online social presence, web marketing experts rely on Hootsuite to extract more out of your social media dashboard. Managing multiple profiles is child’s play with hootsuite. Curating and scheduling social media content is very effective. The tool provides excellent analytics as to how well your brand is performing in social media circles.

  • Moz-Pro (SEO Tool)

Moz is a powerful tool that enables businesses to get their SEO checked in a timely manner as well as boosting and leveraging search engine visibility. It helps your brand take control of all SEO metrics. The Moz Pro tools help you retain Search Engine rankings even if there are multiple products. It generates high quality data that can help command a good presence on popular search engines. Inbound marketing, link building and content marketing are leading web marketing initiatives all strengthened using this tool.

  • Feedly (News Reader Tool)

Feedly is a cloud-based tool that enables news aggregation when using different web browsers, iOS and Android devices. Users can prioritize and prioritize their reading preferences and can also share relevant information with the online community. It is a much sought-after tool used by businesses and individuals to follow blogs, magazines and other online news content. It is important for businesses to deploy Feedly so that they can remain ahead of competitors to embrace key trends in their industry.

  • Peerindex (Social Media Analytics Provider)

Peerindex coupled with Brandwatch is an effective social media analytics provider. By shadowing online footprints of your brand, it enables you to profile and segment your audiences based on both demographics like age, gender, profession and also on personas. It enables you to understand the kind of audience your business should be catering to. Online content is pruned for its ability to drive customer engagement, their passion, and buying trends. Real-time insights are offered instead of just numbers on social media performance.

  • Google Trends (Keywords Analytical Tool)

This tool can help you gain insight into the performance of your keywords in web marketing. It is important for businesses to master the use of this tool to gain absolute dominance through SEO strategies. It is a public web facility that gives important information on the mileage generated by different keywords and phrases that have been searched on Google. The relative search indices with respect to total search results are relevant when deciding the SEO of your online content.

  • SEMrush (PPC Tool)

From PPC (pay-per-click) to SEO, from social media to content marketing, the Semrush suite has it all under one roof. It aids prudent keyword research and facilitates  by comparing different domains. It also improves organic research and back link building and helps carry out an audit to determine the health of the entire website. Instant insights are offered on website traffic. It is a search analytics software that helps build the effectiveness of all your online and social media web marketing efforts. Competitor rankings can also be effectively checked.

There are number of tools like Spyfu, InfusionSoft, Yoast, Bing ads and Google Analytics that provide an edge over competitors and lead to a well-researched web marketing plan. These tools are freely available and are easily adaptable and customizable to the highly volatile marketing conditions of today. Technical expertise and resourcefulness will identify the most relevant ones for your product. While some entrepreneurs are control freaks and go in for a do-it-yourself exercise, digital marketing experts can help you craft a perfect web marketing roadmap that can launch your business into the mainstream.

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