With thousands and thousands of app-based businesses out there, it can be quite a challenge to achieve  success. Competition is rife, markets are busy and your app needs to be special to stand out. So how do you see to it that your app-based business is ranked high enough in the market to make record profits?

Additionally, you also need to work towards ensuring that the app is achieving significant download rates to be valuable to your app-linked business. Your app also needs to be downloaded by target audiences with good usage ratio. The latest Pathwwway services can help your app-based business to stand out among the competitors. Stiff and intense brand rivalry, high marketing costs and the ever-evolving app market requires strategic long-term plans in place. It is the skilled professionals like Pathwwway who can help your app-based business to have a solid online reputation and boost web presence.

  • Capturing the Value of Your App

With solid website production and marketing strategies in place, Pathwwway solutions can pave the way for increasing brand awareness and capturing the  value of your brand. Websites designed by the Pathwwway team can serve as a powerful communication tool for app users and developers. Being able to communicate with users is essential for ensuring your app races ahead of its competitors. Websites can drive usage ratios higher and maintaining loyal users is easier with a vibrant and dynamic online presence.

App-based businesses also need to be able to leverage digital marketing and Pathwwway partners like Silverpop can really help in this context. SMS or text marketing firms like Mobivate are also partnering Pathwwway to give the app-based businesses a boost. To start marketing the app, you need to be able to define the target audience. To understand your audience and retain your customers, Pathwwway partners and services like business intelligence can cull out important details like psychographics, demographics, lifestyles and habits of customers.

Even understanding competitors, improving processes and navigating challenges in the market is now easier. Whether your app based business seeks a clear call to action or more visibility in app stores, the process of optimising mobile apps to rank higher in app store search results is based on data driven research. Business intelligence and app testing solutions from Pathwwway can help to make everything from the title to the description and icon exceptional.

  • Effective App Development

Pathwwway services like product testing can help in regular analyses of mobile app key performance indicators. So, your app based online business can assess how well it is doing. All app companies know testing is important. Rushing the app to the market will not work. Quick launches can set the stage for equally rapid failures. Your app can be put through proper testing to ensure it is the best version possible, when customers interact with it.

Testing in app development is crucial. A certain level of testing, in fact, is even necessary at certain times in the product cycle and it is important to get this right. Throughout the entire testing cycle, being mindful of other stakeholder perspectives are essential. Building a viable app-based business means beta testing newer versions of your app and upgrading it to meet the needs and demands of customers.

Polishing the app without asking for experts to oversee the process can even be counterproductive.

Apps require testing for a wide range of different scenarios and are trickier than websites for testing. Variations on cell phones or web browsers apart, good testing teams need to consider every aspect of real human interaction with the app on multiple devices and operating system versions using real devices and virtual emulators.

Application programming interface needs to be tested with security scanners and unit tests. So, every aspect of app testing can be meticulously carried out by the Pathwwway team.

  • The Power of Big Data

Pathwwway services also encompass the latest business intelligence insights. With over 4.77 billion mobile phone users at present count, mobile app development is the place to invest in. Each brand turns towards mobile apps to reach wider audiences, meet customer needs and secure high ROI. There are so many mobile apps in the market, so it becomes essential to be updated with rapidly changing market trends, customer actions and other factors. One also needs to gather and manage surplus data.

This is where Big Data comes into play. For game changing tools and technologies for gathering, organising and analysing large, diverse data sets, look to Pathwwway services. The Pathwwway team helps to discover market trends, uncover customer preferences, hidden patterns, correlations between different insights and more effective marketing strategies. Predictive analysis can pave for app-based businesses that understand and meet customer preferences thereby focusing on customer loyalty.

Many app-based businesses use Big Data tools for a lot of different purposes. For example, Uber analyses real time traffic conditions, time estimation for journey etc. and implements the concept of surge pricing. Starbucks used Big Data to determine the probability of success in different locations based on different factors such as customer behaviour, demographics and traffic.

An app needs to be easy to use and quick for gaining higher traction in the app market. Additionally, it must fulfil user needs and become their first choice. To serve users with exceptional services, it is essential to understand their needs. Through business intelligence tools, it is easy to group the data under specific categories and forecast the next step through the data.

This increases success rate in global markets. Business intelligence tools can help consumers from different countries to relate and react to mobile apps. Thanks to BI technologies from Pathwwway, developers can track how much traffic their app is generating, engagement from a particular page or feature and easily enhance app performance, preventing high abandonment rates.

Businesses now have to remain connected and in tune with changing trends. App-based online companies form part of this group, too. Big Data and BI solutions from Pathwwway limited offer real time data, which marketers can then use to adjust to changes in the market. With a pool of data about user behaviour, likes, needs, preferences, expectations, location etc., you can even assess the type of push notification that will result in conversion or greater rates of user engagement.

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