Statistics reveal that the telecommunications industry will face a transformative change by 2020 when 5G enablement will be complete. The next few years are very crucial to work on customer loyalty. With Artificial Intelligence and reality apps doubling worldwide telecommunications spending, businesses are going all out to launch some of the hottest customer retention strategies to keep them coming back.

  • First-Contact Resolution In Customer Service

The telecom industry’s range of offers is wide, including mobile, landline internet connections, video calling and virtual private networks. Customer service is crucial for these service providers. To provide a meaningful experience to customers, the option to escalate calls must be used rarely. Pathwwway customer retention strategies include adequate training for customer care representatives in handling queries. Customer service is then a blend of interpersonal communication and technical skills. The less time the customer is made to wait, the higher the customer satisfaction. Using advanced digital technologies it is possible to create a database of customer query resolution tactics, for solving every dispute at the first contact level.

  • Upholding Product And Service Integrity

Reliability is the first thing that customers expect in the telecom sector. It is the best tool to prevent customer churn. Unreliable network is the top reason provided by customers when they switch from one service provider to another. Many customers leave when they find that promised services are not extended. Deviation from promised and actual services can result in the attrition of loyal customers. Being frank and honest with customers leads to building brand credibility. Investment in target market analysis to understand what customers need and what they expect is worthwhile. When customers wants are met and the standard of service is consistent, customer retention increases automatically.

  • Courteous And Accommodative Customer Service

The customer service crew must be given ample opportunities for growth that is interlinked with the amicable solution of customer grievances. Every complaint must be treated as a learning opportunity by the team. Soft skills training for the customer service team like listening, logical and critical thinking, frankness and presence of mind must be incorporated into the training and development process. Customers will remain with a telecom product or service when they find their queries attended to in a courteous manner. The employees must be trained to treat every customer as an asset. Showing empathy is a must when they call for service and support.

  • Study The Behavioural Patterns Of Customers

This follows from the previous discussion that customer behaviour is a pool of information that can be banked on for building loyalty. Every aspect of customer journey must be shadowed to get those precious behavioural insights. Technologies that can augment Business Intelligence are available for telecom firms to understand customer repurchase inclinations. These insights also act as warning bells when a customer is dissatisfied and is likely to fall prey to competition. Studying behavioural patterns can help Pathwwway customer retention retarget a group of dormant customers. Accordingly, their lifetime value can be increased by prompting them to the latest deals and offers that are available. For example, a customer opting to terminate a telephone connection citing relocation as a reason may be offered options for a temporary locking of services on a non-rental basis or to have the connection transferred to a friend or relative.

  • Keep Customers Updated

The customers level of engagement increases when the service provider takes conscious efforts to keep the customer updated. It is important to bring them up to speed both on generic industry level topics and information with regards to the specific product or service. One of the Pathwwway customer retention techniques is to tell and retell the brand story in a manner that retentive value is enhanced. Advanced intimation of temporary service disruption for maintenance or about the introduction of new offers and closure of any existing offers are excellent ways to secure customer engagement. Ignorance of products and service attributes by customers puts the business in a weak position that invites competition to come in and grab the attention of its existing customers. Telecom businesses must keep demonstrating that they are providing apt solutions to address every pain point in a cost-effective manner.

  • Remember Customers On Special Occasions

As in any industry, frequent communications is a winning strategy when it comes to customer retention. The telecom industry is at an advantage to use its own channels to reach out to their customers by way of calls, messages and mails, on special occasions like birthdays and anniversaries. Celebrating customer tenure with the business is a tactful way of reinforcing customer faith. Congratulating customers on festivals and special occasions will result in retaining high-value customers. Using personalized and engaging content in these communications will further customer commitment to the product or service. Providing special offers or building additional attributes to products will enable the bringing back of lost sheep in the case of dormant customers.

  • Resourceful Usage Of Switching Barriers

We live in the era of MNP (Mobile Number Portability) that gives ultimate freedom to customers of mobile networks to port out at will. In other words, customers can retain the same mobile number even when they switch service providers. This is a direct challenge to customer retention. Each business implements ways of building switching barriers. This is a customer retention strategy that must be used carefully, since an overdose will backfire, leading to customer dissatisfaction. The switching intentions of customers must be studied and analysed to develop appropriate switching barriers in a positive manner. For example, the flexible accommodation of customer requests will make customers think twice before switching.

Customer support is an important area that can win permanent customers in the telecom sector. With bright prospects in the next five to ten years for the telecom industry, it is important to appreciate and augment the power of reselling to existing customers.


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