Once upon a time, it was enough to be a popular brand. Now, things have changed. A brand must be trusted in order to be saleable. Modern consumers place a high premium on brand authenticity and credibility  because the internet marketplace has heralded an age of transparency. Now, all customers need to do is conduct online research on a brand before making a purchase and they will get the latest details, reviews and ratings of your business.

Statistics suggest 61 percent of consumers read reviews before actually contemplating a purchase. It is clear that they look for reasons to trust the brand before investing their hard-earned cash in the service or product. Companies need to excel at online reputation management, because the internet offers consumers a chance to amplify their feedback and impact the brand narrative. Here’s how Pathwwway Ltd. focuses on building trust online and helping its B2B client companies excel at establishing solid online credentials for their brands:

#1 Providing Valuable Content

While content is king, marketing experts opine that this is the age of the customer. So, to meet the needs of the customer, quality content could be an important route to take. Whether it is your website, social media presence or blog, setting up an authoritative brand narrative and establishing both thought and market leadership is all about tapping the flawless content marketing strategies Pathwwway Limited has to offer.

Pathwwway’s team of content marketing strategists know how to craft compelling marketing messages, that benefit your brand, carry on research to enable you to determine how your offerings stack up against competitors and make content engaging and detailed. While content curation is also a key to connecting with audiences, providing insightful and reliable content can help in nurturing a sense of trust in the brand.

#2 Bank on Two-Way Communication for One-To-One Connection

Joining the conversation was never easier, thanks to the team at Pathwwway. In the modern age, customers are more likely to be oriented towards experiential marketing and building a relationship with brands. At the very root of modern businesses is the currency of trust. Social media is one of the many ways modern companies can personally respond to individual clients and by succeeding in this, win over their customers.

For engaging with customers successfully, it is critical for brands to interact with customers on a regular basis. With an active presence on social media and online forums, this is easily attainable.

#3 Keep Marketing Messages Consistent

There’s nothing quite like going off-key in designing your marketing messages when it comes to denting the brand image. From the brand colours to the logo, tone of marketing messages and brand persona, you have to maintain consistency in the way you act and work. A brand play-book can help to maintain the right voice. Brand management tools can help content and documents to look consistent all the time, regardless of how many individuals are on the marketing team. Consistency is the key to building brand awareness and boosting instant recognition. This is why Pathwwway Ltd. relies on unique brand building and brand authenticity through consistent marketing messages.

#4 Build on User-Generated Content

The Millennial customer is a true digital native. As a result, social media has become a powerful platform to discuss the brands liked and this can be an important way for individuals to build trust. In one specific survey, over 76 per cent of Millennial buyers said content shared by average consumers is more trustworthy than ads by brands. In another research, over 92 percent of the people said they trust the recommendations of other individuals over branded content.

User-generated content is a wonderful way for brands to show how people are enjoying products. It is also a great way to earn serious brand trust. This is why Pathwwway Ltd. focuses on building a brand that offers social proof through influencer endorsements, testimonials and reviews. Beyond everyday customers, social media marketing strategies at Pathwwway also encompass trusted sources who advocate the brand. This includes influencers relevant to the industry or media coverage from reputable businesses to build trust.

#5 Share Reliable Links  

Links are an important asset for businesses connecting the brand with the online world. Links shared in content and social media posts should be vetted for accuracy. Pathwwway’s content marketing solutions are geared towards fact-driven sources for your blogs and curated content as well as branded links on social media. Branded links associate the buyer with the business and the product. This increased trust boosts click-through rates by over 39 percent, research shows.

#6 Encourage User Reviews

Customers need to provide reviews of products or services online, as this can boost brand authenticity and demonstrate the responsiveness of your business to customer concerns and feedback. Through the encouragement of reviews, brands communicate that they care about what customers think and are confident in terms of quality of what is being sold. Further, the company’s ratings on sites like Google, Yelp, Foursquare or Facebook can be important clues to building a sense of trust in the brand.

#7 Ensuring Your Brand is Socially Responsible

According to Forbes, Millennials feel strongly about being a force for positive change. Expecting companies to be socially responsible is part of this. If your brand takes image management and online reputation building seriously, it needs to be socially responsible. Pathwwway Limited works hand-in-hand with your brand to build a positive image and foster instant brand recognition, in this context.

#8 Don’t Pitch Strong Ads

Conversions are now about being authentic in your interaction with consumers. The age of aggressive advertising is over. Profit-seeking intentions of companies have come under scrutiny. As a result, your digital marketing campaign needs to be geared towards building a real image for your brand. Corporate brands need to be trustworthy and brands need to be aware of how they can meet customer expectations with respect to this. Customers in the modern age are facing a cognitive overload and limited attention span, thanks to the constant feeling of being sold to and bombarded with ads. Instead, sincere attempts are appreciated and realism is at the core of building trust online.

#9 Building a Positive Image

Now, people distrust big brand names.  But they tend to respond increasingly well to humanised brands that have a face and a distinct personality. Pathwwway Ltd. works with your company to complement your in-house team’s image management efforts to attain this.

#10 Be Transparent

Transparency is exactly what brands need to rely on if they want to encourage clients to trust them online. Expressing honest insights, opening up channels of communication and responding to each and every review, query and concern will stand your brand in good stead. Pathwwway Ltd. encourages brands to focus on authenticity and understanding the concerns of their customers.

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