With the transformative effect created by internet technology, businesses have expanded their scale and market share tremendously. Customer retention is a necessity for survival. Instead of the manual execution of loyalty programmes, software packages enable you manage these campaigns end-to-end. All the packages discussed here come with essential features of innovation, cost-effectiveness, control and analytics.

  • QR Loyalty Cards

Designed to meet the pressing challenges of retaining the small business customers, QR Loyalty Cards software is an result-orientated loyalty card software. It is a cloud based customer retention package, equipped with automatic card tracking mechanisms. Customers can tracks their cards status, rewards and redemption details using the helpful  mobile app. It comes with an in-built designing tool, using which creative cards can be designed. In addition to points and rewards, the software enables you to implement multiple loyalty programmes like incentivising customers for social media shares, referrals and frequent visits.  These code based cards and apps enable you to cultivate customer retention.

  • Zoho CRM

The house of ZOHO is a pioneer in customer relationship management. The prime driver in building customer relations consistently is data. Only systematically organized and validated data helps in re-approaching your existing customer assertively. The software enables you store the complete personal data of your customers like occupation, contact numbers, source of referral, important dates and many more. You can save, sort, filter and create selective based on any field you like. Easy import and export facilities allow you to integrate your excel sheets with the CRM. It can be used for mail marketing as well as sending both mass and selective mails with attachments.

  • iVend Loyalty

This is one of the best software packages available for retail enterprises to engage their existing customers. The customer retention solutions offered by iVend help you connect better with your customers and build more traffic to your business. By keeping track of customer shopping histories and preferences, this flexible points and rewards management application software is available in both physical and digital versions. You can excite customers by sending them personalized incentives for their loyalty. For the retailers, the software offers features like suggestive selling, user polls, product optimization based on market acceptance and easy integration with other applications.

  • Social Annex (Annex Cloud)

Social Annex is a full-fledged customer loyalty and advocate marketing software.  Rebranded as Annex cloud, it helps you champion referral marketing. It is an excellent tool in the hands of Ecommerce merchants to increase their social reach. Reward programmes are gamified, following the latest trends, with perks and badges. Peer referrals are encouraged in a subtle manner. Over 20 social tools are deployed to boost the loyalty quotient of your existing customers. Points-based loyalty programmes increase repeat rates and referral revenue. It helps you become brand advocates in your industry. It uses the power of user generated content, visual commerce and Omnichannel loyalty plans to make the most of social sharing and referrals.

  • Vouchercart

The software calls itself a voucher engine for growth. It helps you handle with ease, the cumbersome process of issuing, processing and controlling loyalty vouchers for your repeat customers. Vouchers, gift cards and loyalty tickets can be given away to customers via emails, social media and websites. Personalized vouchers can be created in minutes that reflect your business culture. Automated promotion of vouchers is the speciality of this software. A user friendly dashboard helps you stay on top of loyalty marketing activities from anywhere. You can calendar-schedule your promotional efforts so that even dormant customers are reached out on time.

  • Solanteq

It is an extensive online retention software that can be easily integrated with your business. It fits in seamlessly with your card or mobile payment infrastructure. It can handle your cash backs, bonuses, gifts and miles in a truly automated manner without any hiccups. It offers solid transaction data support and ensures that your business tracks all important data pertaining to existing customers. It helps you boost your rules-based loyalty programmes by managing configuration of rules, points earning and spending. Discounts and promotions can be frequently given away to customers on a selective and personalized basis, without huge investments in time and money.

  • Loyverse

It is a holistic software to boost sales, customer retention and engagement in your retail small business. It is an end-to-end POS (Point of Sale) and inventory management system as well. You can install the Loyverse software for free on your smart device and track customer association right from your mobile. Loyalty marketing at multiple stores can be integrated and managed from a single point of control. It helps you turn your once-in-a-while shoppers to regular loyalists at your store. It is the best retention software for use in a variety of businesses such as coffee shops, beauty salons, restaurants and small stores. Any business can easily integrate its existing manual loyalty programme with Loyverse and witness its revenue being multiplied.

After its integration with Loyalty Lion, Yotpo brings business the best way to enhance expansion of existing client base. It is the smartest solution to improve loyalty organically. Yotpo specialises in the creation of user generated content for your business, by leveraging the rating and review process. It can become a complete solution for all your content marketing needs. It can showcase customer photos in handmade galleries on your website, thereby enhancing visual content. By utilizing the questions and answer section, the AI-powered software makes the best use of customer generated content. It partners with social media platforms like Google, Facebook and Instagram. Control and analytical tools are used to get real-time insights of customer journey.

With the some of the industry’s best software packages to assist you in every step of loyalty marketing, customer lifetime value can be enhanced. Customer  retention has become the new acquisition. Businesses need to equip themselves with the latest trends in customer retention software that can help make the best of their remarketing campaigns.

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