Loyalty management is a multi-faceted process and involves the optimum use of analytical and technical skills. Not all customer retention management programs can suit the target market segments. The remarketing program and its collaterals must be chosen after a careful analysis of customer expectations and preferences.

SMS marketing has proved successful in building a lasting relationship with clients. There are multiple advantages in using SMS for customer retention management. Being crisp and concise, they attract the immediate attention of customers and prompt them to action. They are very effective in getting responses and feedbacks, since customers can send SMS with least effort. The greatest advantage is that an SMS can be accessed without a steady and reliable internet connection. It is very useful in post-purchase communications like thanking, congratulating and reminding customers of future offers and loyalty discounts.

  • Textwik SMS software

The software enables you to send bulk SMS to your global customers and retarget them for repeat business. Textwik is a specialist in the provision of software solutions for SMS, MMS, Voice and Integrated Email marketing. Two-way SMS messaging and auto responders promote consistent communication with customers. Bulk SMS can be scheduled in a time-efficient manner when your target market is most receptive. Customer retention management is at its best when picture messaging is used by way of MMS.  To engage and reward customers, SMS contests can be held. The software provides objective and actionable analytics that can evaluate the cost invested in SMS marketing. Message templates help you save precious time by auto-populating frequently sent messages.

  • Clickatell SMS Software

Reaching a wide global audience is easy with SMS services from Clickatell. International two way messaging is rendered convenient with API integration. The software platform has proudly won the Africa Regional operator of the year award for 2018. It is possible to transact with 85% of global population real-time with this software solution. Unique and individualised messages can be sent to customers in as many as 224 countries across more than 1000 carriers. Tools like notifications, personalized short codes and long numbers are available. The SMS gateway  can be completely scaled and customised. Even owners of multiple businesses can use the system with a single account interface. Thousands of messages are delivered per second with more crisp and richer content.

  • Textedly SMS Software

Textedly messages can serve as budget-conscious conversation platforms that can invoke instant engagement with clients. SMS is the only channel with a open rate of 98%. Mass and bulk texting can appeal to customers for their sustained patronage and brand loyalty. Anywhere between 10 to 100000 mobile text messages can be sent. Mass text message blasting is very effective with this software. Many freelancers, small businesses and enterprises have successfully managed their customer retention plans with Textedly. Free trial is available and the software is extended as a subscription based model. Both phone and online support are awesome. Data driven decisions are made possible with error-free analytics. Easy set-up, customization and competitive pricing are the other advantages associated with the texting service.

Apart from SMS, there are many other ways to engage Smartphone users with your brand. Mobile based software help you to send mass and selective mails as well as build the best loyalty apps. Furthermore the younger generation reaches out to social media more frequently only through their mobiles, rather than desktops and PCs. Loyalty campaigns fetch faster responses through mobile based software.

  • The Kangaroo Mobile App

It is a very competitive and user friendly mobile app to manage your rewards and loyalty programs. It is time to switch to mile based loyalty cards that saves customers the cumbersome process of carrying them all the time. The Kangaroo mobile app is compatible with many smart phones. The My Rewards option allows customers to view their aggregated rewards over a period of time. Since the app makes store-finding easy, it is very popular among customers who hold loyalty cards from multiple shops. When you register your business with Kangaroo, customer satisfaction is guaranteed. SMS, Emails and Push campaigns over Kangaroo can be kick-started to retain your existing customers. The traffic-booster, geo-locator, social media referral tool and customized dashboard are facilitators of customer retention management.

  • Pirq Mobile Loyalty App

Mobile technology is harnessed by businesses in multiple sectors to engage with their clients when they are on the go. The pirq mobile loyalty app gets customers to spend more on a frequent basis. Special offers and messages can be sent via messages directly to the mobile phones of your customers. The text messaging club ensures that brand engagement is happens on a timely basis. Social media integration, analytics and customer demographic analysis are all provided at fingertips. Weekly mail campaigns can be conducted so that customers can be contacted by email with lengthier and meatier content.

  • Mass Mobile Loyalty Solutions

This is a popular mobile app platform that provides turn-key solutions to loyalty management. The apps created are easy-to-use and are result driven. They extend the advantage of mobile technology in building brand loyalty. The custom loyalty apps are built not only by IT professionals but by experts who can understand customer behaviour. The store locator feature enables customers to find you wherever they are. Push notifications on events, new products and offers can be sent instantly. Make the most of referral marketing by allowing your customers to refer friends. Image based push messages invoke visual appeal. Custom home screens and integrated website links are additional features.

This is the age of wearable technology. Marketing by SMS, mails, calls, apps and mobile ads are all effective in building brand repute. However, care and caution must be exercised to prevent a wrong choice of these channels. The time frame and cost available, spread of the target market and characteristics of products and services etc are all useful determinants that can act as a guide in choosing the right software.

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