A custom made real estate website not only acts as a marketing tool but also as a mechanism for promoting public relations, boosting customer confidence and most importantly, as a networking tool. It helps real estate agents make the right business connections in the right professional and social circles which is the essence of real estate marketing. A responsive and customer-friendly web-based solution from Pathwwway website production helps bring the buyer and seller together.

  • High-Quality Imagery – The Secret To Build Engagement

A high-resolution gallery, for a realtor, is no more a luxury; it is the barest of necessities. Whether you are looking to buy, sell, rent or let-out, customers will remain hooked to your website only if your gallery represents a well-stocked collection of picture-perfect images. It is better to spend a little more money and get your listings photographed by a professional real-estate photographer. This is the age of video-based content and taking  customers for a virtual tour of your portfolio can guarantee best results. Pictures of your team help in humanizing the brand which is very crucial for real-estate business. The website of Ormsby Realty is a visual feast for its visitors, neatly presenting an array of sliding images shot using state-of-art digital photography.

  • Use Map Interfaces To Target Your Online Visitors

Real estate is to do with real and physical properties. Location is life for realtors, since people are most interested in finding properties or the takers for their properties that are in the neighbourhood. An interactive mapping interface is a worthwhile recommendation from the Pathwwway website production team, to land your real estate customers in the hot properties in the locations they love. Many realtors provide free real estate mapping platforms so that their customers can locate and search properties. Map builder tools are being used by web developers that can provide fitting solutions to customers. Irvine based realtors, Hannu Reddy Realty offer advanced search options with map search features that allow customers to locate their dream condo or the prime commercial location they want, in a matter of seconds.

  • SEO For Realtors: The Basics

Real estate SEO is different from SEO for other businesses. Though the basic purpose is that searching best search engine rankings, the needs of real estate queries are challenging. For agents and brokers to respond well to such queries using their websites, is to conduct a proper SEO audit of the existing web design. Mobile-friendliness, responsiveness, appropriateness of content, using industry-specific keywords , website and page structure must be thoroughly analysed. Statistics reveal  that over 70% of real estate customers like to choose their relators based on articles and blogs in preference to advertising.  Blogging, guest blogging, embedding social media links and performing keyword research are some of the ways to improve your presence in the search engine result pages.

  • Listing And Searching Functions

Indexing your lists of properties will help customers in filtering and locating their best choices  within seconds. This results in enhanced website UX and leads to customer satisfaction. Since real estate caters to a powerful local market, the properties must be searchable with location as a prime filter, followed by budget, time and other specifications. The call to action button for listing and searching must be placed prominently. Allowing users to use tags for toggling searches in the quick search bar will increase usability of the web design. Using thumbnails for portraying featured properties that are a best-fit for customer searches ,will make searches easier. Custom categories will enable the faster finding of results. The Village Real Estate Services uses the search box feature, right on the home page, with useful filters and scales for budget, transaction type, parking preferences and number of rooms required.

  • Publish Customer Testimonials And Experiences

There is no other tool to convey your brand credibility to the customers like user generated content. Be transparent in posting the reviews that customers may have, for their experiences with you. Instead of posting mere emotional statements which are all too common, probe a little further and get high quality reviews from customers. In addition to customer testimonials, be sure to include awards, accolades and recognitions from relevant bodies that confer such honours on your brand for unmatched service to the industry. Showcase your awards and certifications, along with your contributions to social causes, if any. Citing the success stories of clients can help you retain existing ones as well as acquire fresh ones.

  • Include Social Proof On Customer Satisfaction

Social media marketing is not only about opening a Facebook page or conversing with customers over Twitter. It is about showcasing the social proof of customer satisfaction in your brand. When you help match customer need and the solution aptly, be sure to capture it over social media. A viral effect ensues which is also great for increasing your website rankings. Placing links to relevant pages on your website will accelerate website traffic.

  • Developing The Real-Estate Blog

Provide useful information in your blog section. The real estate industry is evolving and an educative blog is the best way to empower customers with knowledge on recent trends. News on recent property laws, agency commission rules, land and property taxes, leasing and joint venture legal compliances , etc will be digested thankfully by readers, who can very well become your leads. Blogs with innovative, well-researched and relevant formation will receive an instant increase in organic shares over social media. Mayfair International Realty immerses readers through effective storytelling of dweller’s experiences in their new-found commercial and residential properties in an objective manner.

As a lead generating measure, Pathwwway website production team recommends the use of effective mechanisms for lead-capture. Placing forms in the way of subtle pop-ups, using realistic lead magnets like access to reports and newsletters, will help in making the web designs interactive and also in building high levels of customer satisfaction.  The web design must be highly compatible with mobile screens and a responsive web design can help in capturing all those property hunters on the go.


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