The onset of online marketing and process automation have redefined the work culture of almost every type of business. The recruitment industry is no exception to this trend. In fact, Pathwwway services can benefit these industries the best, wherein the services offered are all about enriching human capital in the world of business. With diversified services like website production, data analytics, customer retention and the building of online presence, the recruitment industry stands to benefit in multiple ways.

  • Attacking Attrition – The Bane Of The Recruitment Industry

The role of recruitment firms has evolved. It’s much more than scheduling interviews, combing job portals and placing candidates. Quality of talent placed is the top priority to make sustained profits as a recruiting firm. Matching the hiring expectations and plugging the gaps in talent with the right blends of knowledge, skills and attitude is essential.  Ensuring 100% fitment between the role and the resource is the key priority. Pathwwway deploys technological and behavioural approaches in understanding the hiring psychology of the clients. They help in finding the right set of resources who take up jobs with excitement and commitment and will remain part of the human assets base of clients in the long run.

  • Robust Web Designs To Make The Search Process Easier

As in any business, the website is the connecting bridge between the recruiters and the resources. The Web design of recruitment firms must showcase, above all, trust and integrity, in the eyes of both the employee and the employer. Pathwwway services ensure that testimonials from happily placed employees are published in a proper manner to accelerate traffic. From the point of view of clients, a firm that has sourced and placed high-profile openings with the relevant resources. Pathwwway Limited specializes in tech-based web designs for both professional recruitment firms and companies who wish to refurbish their hiring, recruitment and placement processes.

  • Pathwwway Services For Building Employer Brand Value

By minimizing turnover rate and by adopting transparency and honest communication in the hiring process, Pathwwway services help clients to build their employer brand value. The younger generation of human resources believe in non-bossy employer-employee relationships that can create a winning combination. Technologies like resume parsing and keyword capture save time and improves the talent search process. Sifting through hundreds of eligible candidate profiles and filtering out the most relevant has now become easier and swifter. Keeping candidates informed throughout the hiring cycle and familiarizing them with the recruitment process are the core focus areas of Pathwwway’s solutions. For example, many firms create novel Youtube videos that portray their recruitment processes and work culture. In doing so, clients are able to build their image as smart and unbiased employers and become much sought after in the talent market.

  • Harnessing Social Media For The Talent Hunt

At Pathwwway LTD, building a great and assertive online presence has always been achieved by moving closer to the end-user’s social hangouts. Recruitment firms use social media as a powerful platform to connect with vast talent pools in the community. The resource analysts at Pathwwway recognize the need to use social platforms like Facebook and Twitter to connect with potential candidates. Even during the hiring process, the social  media behaviour of recruits can help gain insights into their social psychology. Social media is closely connected with content marketing. Publishing of sensible and high-quality blogs and articles on generic topics like worker compensation and benefits, career mapping of employees and  strategic orientation of human resources and making them shareable over social media are all conscious efforts in brand building.

  • Post Placement Follow-Up

To develop a highly motivated workforce, the recruitment process does not end with hiring. An employee who on-boards with confidence starts contributing to productivity in a faster manner. Pathwwway strategies specialize in assisting recruitment firms to add value to the placement process. Induction and on-boarding are important functions of placement that make the new employee feel at home and bond together with the client’s business as a family. When a recruitment firm is confident of its hiring abilities, it can promise a minimum tenure of new recruits with the client, failing which free replacements will be made. Due to highly optimized digital solutions from Pathwwway Limited, recruitment firms can go ahead in making such committed claims to their clients.

  • Enriching Skills-Based Hiring With Technology

Every client at Pathwwway is considered special and specific. Hiring strategies are planned meticulously, with due analysis of the work culture and the growth goals of the organization. For example, undue thrust on the ATS (application tracking system) might pose the risk of ruling out of potentially good candidates, for failure to meet up with automated parameters. Included in the comprehensive solutions are also ways to nurture the quality of recruiters. The hiring eye and brain need special ability to look beyond the traditional requirements of educational qualification. Body language analysis, stress interviews, group discussion, role playing and psychometric tests are some helpful techniques, thanks to technology, that help in a skills-based hire.

  • Using AI Concepts, Machine Learning and NLP

Recruitment has become a highly demanding vertical. The quality of resources hired can have far-reaching consequences on the sustainability of businesses, since consumerism is at its peak. Pathwwway services use concepts from the realm of artificial intelligence and machine learning. The hiring process then is free of all conventional biases in CV evaluation like gender, race and language. The modern day automated recruitment assistants deploy Natural Language Processing that speeds up the recruitment process. Sophisticated data analytics systems enable firms to not only generate big data, but make productive use of them in fast-tracking the recruitment process.

  • How Technology Helps In Relocation, On-Boarding, Training And Development

As a connecting force between job seekers and the pay masters, recruitment firms adopt the feature-rich Pathwwway services for catering every demand of their clients in a timely manner. They help in the development of a strong and satisfied workforce in the business sectors. They go a long way into minimizing employee attrition and improving employee-employer relationships.

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