Product failures have become very common now and even big brands often end up earning the wrath of their loyal customers. Products need to be optimized for multiple perspectives such as production methods, adherence to technical specifications, performance standards, their outreach and relevance to customer pain points. Pathwwway Ltd. product testing comes as a fitting solution to meet the versatile demands of customers.

  • Product Testing Helps In Overtaking Entry Barriers In New Products

For new products that are yet to gain brand awareness among customers, the early buyers are sceptical  in choosing them. The issue becomes all the more challenging in case of online businesses where buyers do not have the opportunity to feel and touch products. Product testing comes to the rescue of such businesses struggling to build their brands. They help in the production and delivery of highly relevant products and services that meet the necessities of the markets. Often, it is quite difficult for new and small businesses to enter into new markets, where customers are fiercely loyal to big and established players. In such cases, product testing plays a vital role for new businesses to assess demand for their products in an effective manner.

  • A Positive Approach To Building User-Generated Content

In the present informed ages, when customers as well as third party review websites shun down on strongly self-promotional content, product testing helps you leverage brand repute with frank feedback from satisfied customers. When your scientifically tested product hits the market after going through techniques like split and A/B testing, it matches and even exceeds the expectations of the customers. Once their pain points are assuaged, they are liberal in extending compliments. This leads to kick-starting the referral marketing machinery, right from social media pages to Instagram shares and casual conversations with peers at the cafe. Product testing makes your brand live up to its claimed promises, not only in terms of product specifications and performance, but also in packaging standards and delivery schedules.

  • Deploy Product Analytics To Enhance The Testing Process

For product testing to bring the desired results, Pathwwway product testing relies on nothing but data and its systematic processing and synthesis. Past data of customer buying process and other statistical concepts are used to with the help of business intelligence tools to enhance data-driven decision making in product testing. Analytics help in arriving at research-backed and timely decisions that optimize the production process. Another biggest advantage of testing is that businesses can now plan their new product launches confidently based on test results. Product testing enables businesses to launch the products in different variants of style, shape, size and design, to cater to the needs of different buyer personas. Analytics in product testing helps to scrape off features that are no longer needed or desired by customers. Duplicated efforts in the product lifecycle right from production to marketing and promotion are avoided.

  • Gain The Buy-Ins From Early Adopters

Testers and reviewers enjoy the product testing experience. It gives them the excitement to try and test out products even before their live launch. They come forward to give their unbiased, critical and neutral assessment of the product, in exchange for various monetary and non-monetary payments. When the optimized product hits the market, they become its early adopters who vouch for the product quality, integrity and performance. They represent an important part of the target market, whose buy-in has already been secured by your brand. One sensible tip is to identify people with the right kind of interest and experience in the same line of business. People with neither expertise nor involvement cannot test products holistically.

  • Get Relevant Influencers To Test And Promote Products

It is a common practice in online businesses to market their products and services too few influential people, instead of targeting the entire market at one go. These influencers have an influence over the buying decisions of their fans and followers. They are experts in their own niche and are quite choosy when agreeing to promote your products and services, unless they are fully convinced with regards to the design, usability and performance. They take ownership in promoting the USP of your brand. It is an assuring exercise to use product testing as a tool to promote your products among these influencers. Product testing uses analytics to ensure what these influencers like and do not like in your products, so that any modifications can be carried out early, before you begin macro-marketing of your merchandize to the entire market.

  • Use Product Testing As ATool For Customer Retention

Product testing is the precursor to building brand loyalty. Delivering world-class products, using the most elite production methods and the most cost-efficient methods, reaches the end-user in a memorable manner. Properly tested products leave little room for complaints. Follow-up with customers to ensure that they experience the full benefits of product testing. Such extra-mile efforts enables the creation of an emotional bond for the customer with the product. Testing strategies are coined after meticulous research by the Pathwwway product testing team that uses analytical and BI tools. This helps in the rolling out of personalized solutions to the needs and wants of customers. Using buyer personas during product development reduces efforts in the product testing process, since products are tailored to the exact expectations of different profiles of buyers.

With an optimized Pathwwway product testing system in place, your business can maximize its profits with amazing rate of conversions. Another blessing in disguise is that highly optimized products give you the twin advantage of word-of-mouth publicity as well as a good website ranking. These advantages directly have a positive impact on the quantum of organic traffic enjoyed by your brand. With savings in production and marketing expenditure, thanks to systematic product testing, you can price your products and services competitively. Having said that, your brand is now all set to enjoy absolute price leadership in your preferred markets.

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