Mobilization is the life-blood of modern business. Be it raw materials, throughput or the final product for re-users and end-users, sourcing right materials to the right recipients at the right time is the logistics mantra. Any delay in the logistics process can create a serious hiccup in the smooth flow of production and marketing operations. In a study of Australian Ecommerce sites, it has been found that users accessing a shipping page covert 2.67 times faster than those who do not. Failure to provide same day shipping will lead to a spike in shopping cart abandonment. Businesses are taking every effort to expand the efficiencies of their logistics departments. Learn how the Pathwwway Ltd. advantage extends to your logistics department.

  • Why Is A Logistics Strategy Important?

Logistics strategy provides guidance to the functioning of various important activities like carrier relationships, inventory, warehousing, trucking and shipping. A survey from PayPal reveals that over 43% of online shoppers abandoned cart for the single reason that shipping costs were exorbitant. To provide a customer-friendly shipping policy, your logistics department must be strategized. Pathwwway Ltd. becomes your technological partner in identifying areas where resources can be optimized and synergized. While deadlines are important, an over-cautious approach is equally detrimental for your overheads. Padding the scheduled delivery time with high safety provisions results in sky-rocketing of costs. Similarly over-expediting the process like, choosing air or sea freight when land based options are available, will also balloon your shipping costs.

  • Analytics For Shipping Safe, Fast And Economically

All the three of the aforesaid parameters – timeliness, economy and damage-free logistics are key to gain the repute as a successful shipper of goods and services to your customers. The age-old technique of under-promising and over-delivering works the best. Delight customers by delivering a day or two in advance. Equally important is the need to deliver safe, without any damages in transit. Logistics with regards to fragile and perishable goods is a challenge. Temperature controlled shipments, extra-safe packaging precautions for brittle goods etc must be the special focus of the team. Free shipping has become a household name subject to certain conditions. Before proclaiming free shipping option, identify the risks involved and conduct a due diligence with strategy and direction from Pathwwway Ltd..

  • Supercharging Your Warehousing And Freight Processes

How much is the optimum amount to hold is always a challenge for modern businesses. Especially small and upcoming businesses may not have access to either owned or leased warehouses for stocking works-in-progress and finishes goods. However, failure to make arrangements for warehousing and freight might lead to loss of sudden and high volume orders. Third party warehousing and logistics solutions will help a lot in this regard. Pathwwway Ltd. services are adept in using various BI tools that can predict your logistics functioning and help you arrive at a cost-effective warehousing solution. In case you choose to work with different carriers, the technology experts at Pathwwway Ltd. can help you negotiate good prices as well gain favourable terms on insurance, loading, unloading and customs formalities.

  • Bringing Down Costs Of Holing And Distributing Inventory

Amount locked in inventory is dead capital. Cost of holding inventory can eat into profits, as much as opportunity cost that is lost due to paucity of stocks. Superior functioning of your logistics department will ensure that the transportation overheads are kept at bay. Slower is the time taken to deliver to your customers, then larger is the quantity of goods you must warehouse and hold. At Pathwwway Ltd. A/B testing is used to arrive at the best shipping solution for both your B2B and B2C customers. Nature of products shipped, frequency of orders from different customers, transport legislations of different Governments are all important considerations in this regard. The Logistics departments work in close coordination with the packaging department, since packaging and shipping are two pillars of logistics.

  • Hiring The Right Team To Man Your Logistics

Thanks to technological breakthroughs like shipping software automation, cloud computing and GPS enabled tracking of shipments, the reliance on human subjectivity is reduced. Still, the decision making in your logistics department and a substantial part of execution is carried out by humans. Staffing the inventory, warehousing, shipping and customer department in the right way is core to your success in providing on-the-dot logistics services to customers. Pathwwway Ltd. services help in achieving consistency and participation in internal communication. This educates and empowers your logistics staff, so that when customers call them with regards to logistics queries, they can handle with minimum need for escalation and provide instant support. The senior management must provide the rationale behind the performance metrics and must incentivise staff on achievement of KPIs.

  • Logistics Process Testing And Control

Pathwwway Ltd. is an expert, not only in product but also in process testing. This is due to the fact that every bit of operational data is analyzed and tracked. If the logistics overheads are soaring, reasons for the same are presented in a data-driven manner. Various challenges in the process, such as choosing the best and optimum route, pricing the transportation charges to clients and legal problems in international logistics are all part of the analytics process. The process of logistics network optimization is assessed using many established metrics like cycle time, cost and service metrics. To bring about customer satisfaction, it is not mere dispatch and delivery that count, but the empathy and resourcefulness of logistics support staff. The crucial decision in logistics management, to outsource or not can be made in the light of facts and not intuition.

Whether carried out in-house or delegated to 3PL providers, the logistics function has an influential role to play, in determining your future profitability. With Pathwwway Ltd. services, every obstacle to your logistics process is removed. Merchandize reach the B2B and B2C recipients on time. Customer delight due to on-time logistics becomes the core of your marketing success. Pathwwway Ltd. can work with your business on a continuous basis, leading to the formulation of a no-nonsense and consistent logistics policy.

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