Water transport is an important platform in commercial supply chain. Sending cargo through international waters is a challenging yet thriving sector. The advent of containerization technology has proved a big boost to the maritime industry. In a statistical report published by the US Bureau of Transportation Statistics, sea transport occupies the first places in both import and export values by mode of transportation, on a comparative study between vessel, air and land transport.

International carriers are bound by INCO terms, which is a comprehensive framework of international commercial terms for any means of transport. Pathwwway Limited customer retention with its deep insights into this sector can help international carriers offer optimum terms of shipping for their loyal clients.

  • Understand Your Customers And Engage Them Creatively

The mistake, and perhaps an overlooked area in shipping projects, is not indulging in a thorough KYC process. All documentation are narrowed down only to the contracted goods and scope of logistics. For long-time customer retention, a more holistic understanding of each client is needed. The line of business in which the client is engaged, their global network of offices, their target market considerations are all part of the learning process that helps in profiling and segmenting clients. Once this process is done, target them in a personalized manner by aiming at operational collaboration with customers.  While GPS-enabled tracking will be a winning factor for some clients, private fleet management solutions will be a perfect solution for others. Creativity is the way by which you set apart your services from those competitors. Providing surprise discounts or accommodating more at less price for regular customers are like magic pills that can increase customer satisfaction. On the webpage, use lead magnets like signing up for automatic updates on industry trends and relevant logistics news, to buy their engagement.

  • Provide On-Time Shipping Solutions For Ecommerce Clients

One of the biggest target market chunks for shipping projects is Ecommerce. Becoming an empanelled carrier for global Ecommerce chains is a positive step in the direction of customer retention. This is because an arms-length relationship (short term contracts) is not encouraged by Ecommerce companies and they love to engage in long-term carrier relationships. Shipping is the core area using which major Ecommerce companies differentiate their marketing strategies, offer competitive prices and win the loyalty of customers. By promising prompt and safe delivery to international customers, demonstrating a track record of damage-free shipping and an expertise in serving the Ecommerce industry will help in acquiring loyal clients in the sector. For example providing temperature-controlled shipping for perishable items is a big challenge. at the same time it is also a key to customer retention. Competition is intense in the sector, with every Ecommerce business signing contracts with multiple shipping vendors. The steep rise in fuel costs and tightness of insurance and documentation procedures have worsened the situation. Yet Pathwwway Limited customer retention strategies help you fight back and win long-term relations with clients.

  • Provide Loyalty Incentives For Small And Medium Forwarders

Not all clients may be big and established business houses. There are thousands of medium and small forwarders out there who are looking for a reliable provider of sea freight. By providing an innovative price mix and assuring them of safe delivery despite the Perils of the Sea will instantly get your projects in their good books. IAG Cargo has launched an exclusive loyalty program called FWD, for small and medium sized marketers of the freight market. Every time the clients ship through the brand, loyalty points accumulate, that can be converted into flight travel, hotel stays or cargo credits during the next booking. Making the redemption time-bound will ensure future buying commitment of your shipping projects.

  • Extend Dedicated Assistance

Clients who are new to maritime shipping will find it extremely difficult to identify a third party service provider. Dedicated and personalized assistance using digital technology like multi-carrier shipping software and block chain technology will keep them coming back, after having reached a comfort zone for their international consignment bookings. The Carrier Loyalty Program of Transportation One offers the assistance of a dedicated sales representatives to customers qualifying for the program. The program boasts of providing premium, white-glove service to loyal customers. Pathwwway is an expert in helping you build confidence in your shipping clients that have chosen the ideal carrier. Providing transparent assistance in updating shipment status, providing best route solutions in delivery networks and most importantly, expert knowledge on logistics laws of the importing and exporting countries are helpful in providing timely assistance for customers.

  • Offer Personalized Customer Service

Over 90% of goods transacted in global trade and commerce is through sea freight. Forwarders  prefer to delegate their shipping projects to those businesses, that can provide predictive customer service, that is, working with an eye on the future. Pathwwway believes in hardcore training and education of your customer service crew that must be equipped to handle any query regarding global consignments. Anxious customer inquiries regarding tracking of high value consignments, customs clearance and delivery at port, will ensure long-term loyalty of customers. The third party logistics providers called 3PL vendors can earn good mileage with clients if they provide specialized and intricate solutions to the logistics needs of their clients. Reports on multiple consignments with respective delivery schedules can be generated thanks to application of next gen technology in shipping industry. Major players in shipping projects have been able to prevent customer attrition by providing differential freight rates in accordance with volume of business assured.

Personalization is the game-changer for international carriers. When business proposals are written, the specific requirements of clients are to be taken into consideration. Whether the client transports fragile goods, whether burden of marine insurance is heavy, whether pre-carriage, customs, loading and unloading and handling at arrival are responsibilities of buyer or seller are some key questions for due diligence when determining your proposals for clients. Outsourcing logistics management is becoming a trend now and Pathwwway Limited customer retention can hand-hold you in taking advantage of this trend.

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