An exquisite dine-in experience or a fantastic online order experience can be brought about only by enhancing the quality of food and making every such meal-time experience memorable. The food industry customers are not only hungry for your cuisine but also novelty and personalization in your reach-out strategy. According to a research survey of 2500 consumers, by the Californian research firm Detectives, it has been found that customer retention index in the quick-service and fast-casual sector is showing a substantial increase over a few decades. Fast food majors like McDonald’s, Taco Bell and Subway have gone the extra mile in personalizing the dining experience of their customers.

  • Product Testing And Aggressive Quality Control

The market for food is highly aggressive, since health and lifestyle issues have put pressure on the present generation people to become more quality-conscious than ever. For the food industry, the term quality encompasses both qualities in products and service. Ensuring that your thick-shake dessert  uses the choicest of farm-fresh ingredients is as important as the provision of clear call-to-action buttons and navigation in your website. Both the dine-in ambiance and your social media presence, for example, are most important from the Pathwwway customer retention perspective. Product testing ensures that market demand for a product is effectively assessed. Also thanks to the reliance on finest of data, production methods are optimized for both offline products and online services. What results is a group of happy and satisfied customers.

  • Outstanding Customer Service

The retention marketing team at Pathwwway ensures that its food industry clients deploy unmatched customer service. Major food chains like KFC, Papa John’s and Dominos have been able to cultivate a consistent client base only because of impeccable customer support and personalized care. Existing customers are given privileged attention and empathy when they call on the customer care crew. Knowing the dining frequency, preferences, first names of regular customers, their favourite orders enable most hospitable customer care. A CRM software enables businesses to keep in regular touch with the food connoisseurs, updating them on new introductions, enhancements to quality control and also remembering them on special days and occasions. Strengthen your feedback collection mechanism with insightful queries based not only on food served, but also on the ambiance, colour, smell, lighting, design, order processing speed and courtesy of service.

  • Loyalty Coupons, Discounts And Cross-Selling

A something more is always something exciting and people love those re-enticement offers from their preferred restaurants. Splash a little more creativity in designing your loyalty coupons by spending time on research. Personal information enables the food firms to personalize their loyalty cards. Make the special occasions of loyal customers big by throwing in a special appetizer or a birthday cake for free. If your regular customer is a vegan, offer special discounts on your vegetarian specialities. Extended assisted ordering for regular customers over your website, as a complimentary gesture. Promote healthy lifestyle by offering discounts on low-carb and high energy menus. Cross-sell by understanding the palate preferences of your regular customers and extend bundle offers. Rewards and incentives are so powerful in this domain that there are customers who take time to research, evaluate and compare loyalty offers from various brands before making a purchase. Pathwwway ensures that all loyalty programs get enough visibility on social media, in order to move closer to the online food communities.

  • Hosting Live Events

Dining and socializing are closely connected. Organize fun and thematic events to get repeat business on an assured basis. Buy the involvement of regular customers by gamifying your loyalty marketing programs. Cross promotion is common in food industry. For example, a restaurant that does not permit smoking might join hands with social filmmakers and jointly promote responsible eating and living. Rewarding regular online customers by extending privileged access to online contests and culinary competitions will create the wow factor when ordering food online. Making the interaction time bound by announcing an online game with free prizes for all Thursday dinner orders will keep the traffic consistent during the slot. Live events like a pop-band night, masquerade and Halloween nights and bingo weekends will assure brand loyalty if existing customers are given complimentary or discounted entry.

  • Influencer And Celebrity Marketing

Influencers are those personalities who have an assertive say over the thoughts and opinions of their target audiences. Pathwwway believes in reaching out to these thought leaders who will provide access to easily convincible markets instead of targeting the entire market. Repeat business becomes much easier with customers who are motivated by the lifestyle trends of their role models. Similarly, depending on budget and availability, celebrities can be roped in. A poolside dinner with a favourite sports star or a rock-music icon on reaching stipulated thresholds of purchases will keep the loyal customers coming back, to avail the prospects of meeting and dining their VIP celebrity. Celebrities are powerful in brand promotion as well. Their names can be used to create curated menus and offers which are sure to boost both mobile and web traffic to your restaurants.

  • Innovate Your Offerings

Go above the ordinary. Keep your website alive and young. Ideas like choosing your own flavour and topping, custom-made embellishments of the boxes of chocolates for your loved ones or a surprise free gift on a year of regular orders and so on will help customers feel good with your brand. Holidays are perfect occasions to woo the hunger for wining and dining. Christmas giveaways, Thanksgiving Day Fun Events and Valentines Candle Light offers are all innovative ways of celebrating brand loyalty.

What makes the Pathwwway Ltd.  customer retention approach different and fruitful is the reliance on data. Information is wealth and Pathwwway ensures that every interaction of customer with both your website and the eat-outs is monitored. Actionable insights are drawn on the stretch of unbiased data, enabling food businesses to grow their traffic in an organic and sustained manner. Customer satisfaction is the core focus area, since it is the only time-tested determinant of replicate sales, used by the food industry, from times immemorial.

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