The gaming industry is evolving, with console gaming alone generating a revenue of $33.5 billion last year in the US. From a modest market valuation of $3.7 billion GBP in 2015, the recent gaming industry trends in the UK foresee a projected figure of over £5.5 billion British Pounds in the next seven years. Such is the transformative growth of the industry, affecting serious pressure on businesses to refurbish their retention marketing strategies. A set of ideas that would fit the expectations of the Gen Z gaming audience are discussed here.

  • Provide In-Game Achievements And Lucrative Rewards

A game is fun; the fun increases for players, if it is rewarding as well. Provide substantial rewards in an honest and simple manner. Frequent player points can be introduced to build the excitement. Making the redemption time-bound, is a popular technique used by the Pathwwway customer retention team to keep the players coming back for more. Instead of providing the usual freebies, gifts and upgrade offers, throw in a dash of commitment by providing in-game rewards. For example, the action-packed adventure PC game, Rise of the Tomb Raider, packs mystery and challenge into in-game rewards, where the character Lara Croft races from one tomb to another for claiming the same.

  • Focus On Personalized Gaming Content

It is true that creative visuals, cinemagraphs and animation graphics with sound effects are most important for building player interest. But what is more core to the game is the content. It is not only the in-game content that needs to be focused on, but the web content including blogs, newsletters, game news and reviews must be developed with care and creativity. Actionable content is the need of the hour in the gaming industry. Long form content gets the best mileage from social media. Highly detailed gaming content will not only win customer approval but also improve the SEO prospects of your game.

  • Enhanced Customer Service Impacts Player Retention

Keeping gamers excited and happy throughout the game is the mission of player support. The role of customer service in the gaming industry is often underestimated. But it is the number one tool to get player attention, patronage and loyalty. MMOGs (Massively Multiplayer Online Games) like Star War Galaxies, Guild Wars and Free Realms require continuous and 24 x 7 customer support, right from installation to on-boarding as well as play-time technical support. Multi-language player support is fast gaining recognition by Pathwwway Limited, and outsourced player support centres provide dedicated gamer staff with hands-on knowledge in handling player queries.

  • Provide A Functional User Interface

Players get turned off when you provide clumsy user interfaces with complicated navigation. Pathwwway customer retention  strategies believe in providing a comfortable UX for players, no matter when, how or where they access your gaming platform. Both the first and the ending impressions are key factors to establish rapport with players. Test and re-test before you release the game, so that bugs, software glitches such as dead pages and downtime issues come to light before your game goes live. To keep players continuously engaged without experiencing gaming fatigue, it is important to build the game design in a simple and practical manner.

  • Promote Social Gaming

Make your games fully compatible with the world of social media. This will boost user engagement improve SEO capabilities of your online games and will promote community interaction from players worldwide. The online gambling field, including the array of games like blackjack, poker, slot machines and bingo has wisely utilized the power of social media platforms. Social gambling is the new paradigm online casino that launches their gambling games on social media platforms like Facebook and MySpace. Allowing players the freedom of inviting their social media pals to play, will effect a dramatic increase in the number of players for your igaming business. On Facebook alone, statistics reveal that over 290 million players play online games. Use creative storytelling to engage better with your players on the social media pages.

  • Using Big Data Techniques And Behavioural Insights To Improve Player Retention

The way to make your gaming brand as the player’s favourite is to understand the player journey from start to end. Use analytical tools that can get you combined insights by tracking game data from multiple sources. Data warehousing techniques will help integrate and unify data. They help in segmenting and profiling gamers and offer actionable insights on why players love your game and what parts of the game excite them. Understanding user demographics, their points of interest and the entire playing experience will help in making the games and the promotional strategies more targeted in the future. The game studios have become exceedingly data-driven with the introduction and usage of emerging technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI) as well as AR and VR (Augmented and Virtual Reality) that are set to take gameplay to the next level.

  • A Great Design Helps Play The Loyalty Game To Fullest

Introducing and distributing challenges,  gaming difficulties etc in an even manner throughout the game will lead to sustained interest in playing. The normal practice is to build up difficulty as the level of expertise goes up. Making games too easy or too difficult may have negative results on winning player satisfaction. For example, the popular online video game Paladins introduces gaming modes namely siege, team deathmatch and onslaught modes to with varying objectives to suit the preferences of the audiences. Its well-developed mechanics and stunning visuals, provides hours of shooting excitement for the players. Creating a community of players will promote peer communication and secure more loyal players. Add and upgrade characters to make the games innovative and interactive at the same time.

Growing customer confidence is the path towards building loyalty in the gaming industry. Referral marketing, as stated earlier can be highly effective only if the customer reposes confidence both in the game and the provider. Pathwwway customer retention strategies not only benefit the businesses catering to end users, but the entire supply chain including manufacturers of games, accessories, audio and video equipment, gaming content developers and providers of online game subscription services.



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