As recently as the Q4 of 2017, consumers spent nearly $100 billion dollars in the retail, ecommerce market. Businesses that want a big market share must know how to boost online sales. Ecommerce sales are not stagnating either. Digital Commerce 360 notes that the US ecommerce sector represented 49.4 percent of all retail sales growth in 2017, as opposed to 41.6 percent in 2016.

Customers do want to spend their money online. So how do you ensure online sales for your business? Trust Pathwwway, because it’s that simple! This premier web agency has worked with all kinds of ecommerce businesses including major retail, service businesses, SaaS, enterprises, startups and SMEs alike. Here’s how this team of skilled professionals can help your online business to boost ecommerce sales:

  • Building Strategic Value for Customers

As the digital disruption changes the way business is done, can the tech-savvy customer be far behind? One needs an effective strategy that evolves across time as the business grows and customer preferences change. Growth is not always consistent. If consumers spend more money online, they are not necessarily spending more cash on your business.

Even large ecommerce giants like Target see massive peaks and valleys in their online sales graphs. So, how do you insulate your business from this? Trust the Pathwwway team to come up with the perfect website, customer retention and product to establish the brand, spread awareness, gain trust, and build relationships with potential clients.

  • Count on In-Depth Analytics & Anti-Fraud Management

Selling to people who actually wait to hear from you is the key to successful online sales, according to brand narrative and marketing storyteller Seth Godin. If one does not believe trust matters in a business or analytics can help sales grow, consider the numbers. Huge financial losses led to subsequent data breaches, and average data breaches cost companies as much as $3.6 million. Acting to mitigate trust deficits, is therefore the key to successful online brand building.

Pathwwway professionals focus on cutting edge business intelligence insights and anti-fraud management solutions so that your ecommerce consumers trust in you. From SSL certificate badges to providing insights to the inner workings of companies, answering help requests and customer support questions, the team is geared to meet all the challenges that come in the way of successful online sales and ecommerce growth.

  • Understanding the Target Consumer

Figuring out how to make more sales online is also about understanding what the target market seeks and wants. The Pathwwway team is skilled at creating buyer personas and identifying target consumers to understand how your business can benefit from niche marketing. More effective payment processing technologies, for example, can encourage customers to put more merchandise in virtual baskets. This can also lower cart abandonment rates. Quality payment gateway technologies are also offered by Pathwwway’s team of skilled professionals.

  • Using Live Chat

Another crucial element of boosting your online sales is the strategic use of robust, reliable help desk software. This is where Pathwwway offers revolutionary chatbot services through its partner firm Live Chat Inc.

Live chat permits consumers to directly communicate with chatbots and get answers to questions in real time. Live chat allows interaction between brands and consumers as well. So, how does this increase online sales? A survey by JD Power found customers prefer live chat over social media and email communication. As per a study by FurstPerson, close to 80 percent of customers won’t purchase products from a company online if the brand does not have live chat.

If live chat is offered, each interaction becomes a chance to convert the customer.

  • Designing the Perfect Ecommerce Site

As a website production company par excellence, Pathwwway offers incredible benefits for ecommerce brands. This is because a website is a powerful 24/7 online marketing tool and a virtual storefront your ecommerce brand should be able to bank on.

When customers get to the checkout page, they don’t want hurdles in the buying process. Remember that your ecommerce site’s website design and development should be on course with what customers want. Customers can get irritated, distracted or confused if the site creates difficulties for them during the course of shopping and transacting online.

Many sites force one to create an account before a product can be purchased. For an ecommerce store, this is the reason for high cart abandonment by the online shopper. Users don’t come to the site to come up with an account. They arrive to make a purchase. Waiting until after the sale to create an account could make a big difference to profit margins.

The other elements of friction like navigation menus, side bars and calls to action also need to be worked on. For example, if one requires too many form fields, customers might click away because they don’t have time to fill out every one of them. According to ecommerce research by Baymard Institute, the average form field total for checkout pages is 14.88 which is 2 times more than necessary. A fully optimized checkout flow for instance, can be as short as seven form fields.Streamlining checkout pages reduces distraction and friction.

  • Focus on Quality Marketing

Marketing is another strong point of the Pathwwway group of professionals. With the right credentials for building a strong marketing online presence, the market leader partners email marketing solutions provider Silverpop, relationship marketing hub Optimove and mobile messaging giant Mobivate for adding value to ecommerce marketing campaigns.

Whether it’s engagement, likes, shares, comments, or building a strong social media presence, our partner firms can certainly help. Tracking follower engagement is equally important, which is why game-changers in mobile and web analytics like Inspectlet and Mixpanel are an added asset. For in depth software analytics, Pathwwway’s partner New Relic offers added value.

Close to 80 percent of consumers say experiences a company provides are as critical as its products and services. That is why the value of Pathwwway’s team of professionals for boosting your online sales cannot be stressed enough. This reputed web agency has specialised services for ecommerce brands.

From product testing to customer retention, every aspect of the customer’s journey is tracked flawlessly by this market leader. Everything a brand needs to be an ecommerce leader in such a disruptive industry is available in the form of full suite of services offered by the team at this reputed web services provider. For your ecommerce brand, it is all about boosting online sales and building brand authenticity. Bank on our team of dedicated and resourceful professionals and your ecommerce brand will gain agility and net record sales, too.


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