Designing and developing a business website is a challenge. Juggling the expectations of different stakeholders, you often face many obstacles that stand in the way of a strong online presence. So, what are the best tips, tricks, strategies and techniques for effective website design? The Pathwwway website production team excels at taking web design and development to the next level and as 2019 advances, the focus is on boosting online visibility through these methods.

  • Building a Unique Web Font

It’s 2019 and if your business does not have a corporate web font, you are missing out on a viable means of cementing your online reputation. Customising a web font to reflect your company mission and vision is important. The font can then be used across the website and marketing collaterals consistently online.

  • Bid the Carousel Goodbye!

When the homepage slideshow or image carousel came into vogue, it was a way to build a strong and complex web page bursting with information. The only issue now is that users have the average attention span lower than that of a goldfish, as per Microsoft’s research!

So, they don’t stay on a page long enough to read everything and leave with a fractured picture and perception of your brand in their mind. Additionally, the messages or images are not even relevant to the prospect who is unique in every sense. This is why the Pathwwway web production team focuses on simplifying content.

  • Making Navigation Easy

The Pathwwway professionals also focus on guiding individuals to the most productive content by simplifying navigation. Rather than overwhelming website visitors with links to each page, the focus needs to be on simplifying navigation. Drop down menus and multi-tier dropdown navigation needs to be simply  dropped, because only skilled web users can navigate these. So, Pathwwway’s focus is a less is more approach, when it comes to site structure and navigation. A site design that appears too busy will chase away your clients.

Another popular web design trend that the Pathwwway website production team has debunked is the focus on using designs that are too complicated and complex. At Pathwwway, minimal and responsive designs reflect the exceptional planning that goes into the website production process. With each successive iteration, going through designs and refining as well as adding detail as one goes along is important.

  • Using White Space Effectively

Using white space is a website production hack you cannot do without in 2019. Web designers need to realise that not every blank area of the screen must be filled. Giving the visitor and the design room to breathe can prove extremely beneficial, in terms of the clarity designers can bring to the table. Websites need to focus on structure and style that is appealing.

For this very reason, leveraging the visual hierarchy is important. The arrangement, colour, size and contrast of visual elements plays a major role in how websites are perceived. For a site that is aesthetically appealing and fully functional, the Pathwwway website production team takes care of even the smallest details.

  • Crafting an Appealing Layout

Website layout includes the positioning on the page, the sizing, the visuals and contrast. This includes videos, images, colour schemes, and white space plus icons. Combining the right aspects can have a multiplier effect, when it comes to building a sustained interest in the website and the brand. Headlines, for example, need to focus on using target keyphrases and indicating relevance.

Clarity is more important than catchy buzzwords. For every screen view, there is a viewable area, beyond which users must scroll to see more. Now comes the question of whether the fold matters or not. There’s a fold for every visit and it appears as a line in the scrolling. Research has shown that online users tend to spend 80 per cent of their time above the fold. So attractive layouts with minimal scrolling find favour with users.

Visitors may spend a lot of time above the fold, engagement or calls-to-action must be placed below the fold. Chartbeat found in an analysis of 25 million online views that engagement and sales occur due to CTA buttons below the fold. More pixels also mean more space to answer queries and provide proof of concept. Most successful websites emulate sales conversations.

  • Use Colour Effectively

Colours have emotional connotations and they are part of brand standards. They also have the ability to grab the attention of visitors and pull their eye towards CTAs and buttons. A study by Eyequant, for example, found button colour confirms the power of luminance and colour contrast to hold user interest and attention. Web marketers have found standout colours are not just remembered more, they are also clicked 60 per cent of the time more.

The Pathwwway website production team is focused on helping brands to use navigation best practices to help visitors and improve search rankings.

  • Tap The Power of Social Proof

Website production also needs to focus on proving business legitimacy through social proof. The Pathwwway team works around the clock to help brands design sites keeping the viewer in mind. Adding testimonials, product reviews, endorsements, logos of media mentions, social media widgets and trust seals such as association memberships, awards and security certificates is another important element of effective web production.

  • Moving Past Just the Design

Visitors, in a study by HubSpot, were found to value easily accessible information more than eye catching designs or complex user interface. Fancy UX cannot keep up with easily accessible and usable sites. Apart from this, 2019 is the year when visual appearance and internal coding both play an important role in search engine optimisation.

Major search engines like Bing, Google and Yahoo rank sites based on not just loading time or speed, but overall performance and website design as well. So whether it’s interactive designs, multi-grid layouts, video backgrounds or responsive sites, Pathwwway’s team excels at each and every innovative website design and development practice.

The Fortune 500 brands have websites that detail their brand identity. Having a successfully designed, cleanly coded and quick to load site is a key factor in boosting online brand reputation. A skilful design leads to more trust and reliability. At the end of the day, visitors and search engines alike look for professionally designed websites that promote brand authenticity. This is why the Pathwwway website production techniques offer innovative ways to stand out from the crowd and stay ahead of the competitors.



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