Digital marketing  has the additional responsibility of shadowing buyer intent and ensuring that every lead that arrives is effectively converted to a customer, and a returning customer as well. Building brand awareness, sales and brand loyalty have become the cornerstones of digital marketing. Internet technology has redefined connectivity and transmission speeds. To feed the sales machine, some of the very latest ideas must be embraced in business development.

  • Snapchat Advertising

With the mobile age reigning supreme, Snapchat is a must-have in your online marketing strategy. Advertising campaigns on Snapchat help you give a facelift on mobile. Snapchat ads educate customers and lead them to your web pages. The ad formats offered are dynamic and creative. To attract the attention of Snapchatters, the Snapchat ad manager is at your disposal, to goal-set, implement and measure your ad campaign. Managing Snapchat ad campaigns is a breeze, with facts and numbers generated in real-time right on your hand-held devices. Snap Ads, Sponsored Lenses and Snap Discover are some of the latest ways to advertise on Snapchat.

  • Facebook Display Ads

Facebook display ads are a great way to generate targeted traffic to your brand. Facebook offers multiple formats for designing your display ads creatively. Since the audience network for Facebook is extensive, you can connect with real people using the digital medium effectively. It helps you appeal to your prospective customers to take meaningful actions like order online, visit your shop, rate your product and much more. Instagram can be used to enhance the visual appeal  of your product through images and videos. In-built measurement tools will help you validate your investment in Facebook ads.

  • Paid searches

Paid search marketing is a digital campaign wherein the brand is advertised within the sponsored listings of popular search engines. Paid search, in addition to being a great revenue-generating endeavor for search engines, also works wonders for businesses by boosting their position on the SERPs. Paid listings have more clickable potential and can influence the search engine ranking factors in a positive way. By bidding for a placement in the search engine’s ad pages and by ensuring that your ad is strategically filled with relevant keywords, each click is paid for. Nowadays, the focus is on mobile searches due the fact that a dominant position in mobile ads is the trending way to capture people on the commute with wearable technology.

  • Live streaming

Going live on the internet is not something new, but the trend is that of using such live presence effectively to convey your brand story and to show your brand in action. Offering the audience a sneak peek into the behind-the-scenes environment, broadcasting events and contests, demonstrating your product attributes using a number of how-to videos and tutorials are some examples of attracting traffic using live streaming. With social media handles like Facebook and Twitter making access for live streaming easier, this digital marketing idea has become cost-effective even for small businesses.

  • Deploy Augmented Reality (AR) apps

From Apple’s super-performing AR kit, to Google’s Project Tango and Face book’s AR studio, Augmented Reality is the in-thing that has sidelined the Virtual Reality (VR) strategies of the yesteryears. AR allows system-generated perceptual information to augment the elements of the live view of real-world environments. By superimposing a digitally created image on the user’s worldview, across multifarious sensory modalities. By creating a fusion between the animated, celluloid and the real world scenarios, users are best-engaged using this strategy, which is fat gaining recognition, mileage and acceptance.

  • Storytelling

The latest trend in digital marketing is storytelling. The endeavour pushes dull and dreary content backstage and engages audience by weaving crisp and saucy stories. Though the message to be conveyed remains the same, storytelling causes significant changes in the way content is articulated, arranged, addressed, and most importantly, humanized. Best  told stories are retained effectively in the huge metropolis of internet where content gets added by the millisecond. By developing a great story around your brand, you appeal to the emotional and cultural roots of the listeners. An engaging brand story is a well-built narrative that inspires, entertains and influences people.

  • Link building

The highway of internet marketing will attract quality traffic only when quality links are built for your web pages. It is the best and organic way to improve search engine listings. Search engines use hyperlinks to crawl the web pages, both within your website and between websites. Search engines have tweaked their ranking criteria so that the focus now is not on the entire content, but on the links that serve as navigators between the WebPages. Giving testimonials, asking for backlinks, guest blogging and guest posting, using Google Alerts for Link reclamation are some powerful ideas for building high quality links.

  • Contests and events

To ramp up publicity for your brand, get creative in holding contests and organizing events that can tickle people’s inquisitiveness. Giveaway exciting prizes, takeaways and offer deals and freebies. More importantly, leverage your social media handles to publicize the events. Hash tag your events, incorporate a live countdown technique. Create blog posts to amplify your event and deploy platforms like eventbrite for planning and promoting  all your digital events. Email marketing can be used to spread the word on events and make them shareable. Online video content can be generated around the event. Have your target market, tweet creatively, send a themed Snapchat drawing or participate in surveys in order win a contest.

Digital marketing is no doubt emerging as the unquestionable leader among all marketing strategies and has the potential to influence customers and reinvigorate dwindling brand loyalties. These creative and top-trending ideas will enable you gain insights on buyer personas even before you market to them. Also, having invested handsomely in these areas, each of these tools are analytical in nature, allowing you to predict and drill down your ROI, leading to a optimized online marketing budget.

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