Around 63% of European and 58% of Asian-Pacific online shoppers buy from foreign retailers, with the world-wide average being 57%. It is time to fine-tune your multi-country retention marketing strategies to cash-in on the limitless opportunities in transacting beyond geographical frontiers. Pathwwway customer retention provides quick and cost-effective solutions to build  international client relationships.

  • Personalize Web Designs With Multi-Lingual Technology

Providing personalized web-content to your foreign customers is an effective way to earn international brand repute. Pathwwway excels in building customer-centric websites that understand the cultural demographics of the foreign audiences. Web developers must choose the multi-lingual tools carefully after a thorough analysis of the specific country, its culture and brand perception. Automated translation is a double edged sword that can reduce time and cost but can endanger the natural nuances of manual translation, if not used diligently. Intuitive technology combined with geo-targeting software can provide location-relevant web content and product recommendations for the customers automatically. Launching multi-language social media accounts is important as people love to converse with their preferred brands in native languages.

  • Consider Offshored CX

A good marketing policy does not find multi-country loyalty building a challenge, any more, than it does, in the local markets. CX (customer experience) is built, not based on locations and audiences, but on understanding, appreciating and working for the customers and their needs. Training and development of multi-linguistic skills for pathwwway customer retention care executives is vital. Instead of focusing solely sales transactions, pay attention to the quality of conversations had by your customer service crew that results in delightful foreign customer experiences. Offshoring customer service is a popular way of according exclusive privilege for CX. While you focus on the core business, customer retention is dealt with by experts of international calibre.

  • Localization Is Much Beyond Translation

Many business are so carried away with the language and translation factors, that they lose sight of the bigger picture in keeping their existing customers satisfied. Localizing your brand to the comfort zones of foreign customer is important, but it does not stop with a mere Google-Translate of your website. Size-charts, style-guides and even your web designs must be appropriately tweaked to take in the needs of international customers. Ensure that your foreign customers can enjoy technical service with local partners in case of after-sale issues. Logistics is another area where you can delight your foreign customers. Strengthen your partnerships with local service providers and make use of the innovations in drop shipping.

  • Breaking Into Foreign Markets With International SEO

Foreign customers will come back for repurchase only when your web-design is optimized to pique their interests in the long-run. To make their one-time association, a long-term engagement, ensure that your online presence is optimized for the global audiences. Use big data analysis and find out keywords that are not only linguistically sound but are also location and culture relevant. A sound international strategy improves your website rankings on a global basis. Using multilingual meta tags and investing in a Country Code Top Level Domain (ccTLD) will help you structure your web design better, for international audiences. Besides these off-page techniques, gain traction in the foreign landscapes by supporting global causes and furthering your CSR goals in the target countries.

  • Email Marketing With Provisions For Cultural Differences

In the absence of face-to-face meetings with your foreign customers, your email conversations assume strategic significance. Invest in a CRM and record all those contact details in place, so that you do not miss out on any customer in your email remarketing campaigns. When profiling customers based on countries, be sure to provide for cultural differences. While formal and professional communication is welcomed by the European audiences, the Africans and the Asians are more receptive to an informal one and conversations filled with anecdotes and jokes. When getting personal, ensure not to breach or hurt the cultural sentiments of people.

  • Accept International Payments Through Multiple Channels

When retailing online in Ecommerce stores or when transacting with B2B customers in your export business, electronic payments pose a challenge. They have a direct impact on the convenience of foreign customers when they engage with you and also on your own working capital cycle. Accepting payments in multiple currencies is a big advantage to improve CX. Allow foreign customers the ease of paying through multiple channels like bank transfers, credit cards and digital wallets. In addition to ease and time-effectiveness, providing secure payment gateways are more crucial. When you transact across borders, customers are wary of cyber-scams and building trust is a must.

  • Attend Events In Foreign Countries For Better Networking

It is not a waste of time or money to attend international events when long-run advantages are considered. Business events like conferences, seminars, expos and trade fairs according to the relevance to your business mission must be attended to at least periodically. Be careful in choosing the countries where you have existing customer bases. It will be worthwhile to touch-base with a few high-profile clients. By sharing your experiences on websites, newsletters and social media, earn the goodwill of foreign customers, by showing that location proximity is not a barrier in international Ecommerce.

Content Marketing In Different Geographies

When filling your web pages with killer-content, keep your foreign customers empowered on useful information. They might not be familiar with current happenings in your area of operation and bringing them up-to-date will get you huge brownie points. Guest blogging on various influential local sites so that you gain the patronage of customer and their friends and colleagues in the local networks. Building bonds with local communities is very important in the international context and instills a sense of belonging in customers, that cannot be paralysed due to physical distance.

Customer acquisition costs are exorbitant in the international markets when compared to the domestic. This puts pressure on firms to hold onto their existing foreign customer base with some of these pathwwway customer retention measures. Launch your cross-country business mission with clarity. Map the advantages and scale your business internationally by blending with the cultures of multiple nations.

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