The Do-It-Yourself approach places you and only you behind the wheel, in total control of the digital marketing strategy. This is a risk, since the resources assigned may not be spread across those channels with the most influence. Digital media trends are changing frequently and you need to be at the helm of current events to follow the best. Here are the indicators that point to the need to partner with an internet marketing agency.

  • Are You Willing To Spend On Improving Online Marketing?

Unless you are willing to spend money on online marketing, your business will end up in a loss. There is no point in advertising online and not promoting it. If you are unwilling to spend on improving your market effectiveness, then there is no room for experts. Going to an internet marketing agency will cost money and reluctance to make this investment will cripple your business in the long-run. This becomes the first question to ascertain your readiness to deploy the services of a digital marketing agent.

  • Are Your Profits From Sales Consistent Enough?

When you plan to hire a digital marketer to leverage your conversion and sales, then you must be doubly confident of the margin brought by each fresh sale. There are some industries where fixed markets exist and new sales are nominal. In such cases, hiring an agency for leveraging sales to new markets will prove unproductive and will end up in a loss. The quantum and scalability of sales must be promising enough to hire professional expertise for digital marketing. Is your business dependant on acquisitions or retention? The answer will determine the readiness of your business to go to an internet marketing agency or promote your business using in-house channels.

  • Is There A Separate Advertising Department In Your Company?

If you already staff a team of top-notch digital marketing professionals, you can defer or even forget the idea of a internet marketing agency for your digital marketing needs. The expertise brought in by the team must be evaluated on a set of qualitative rather than technical factors. If you have a skeleton marketing team that is already bogged down with other business development priorities, they may not do justice to your current internet marketing needs. Constant attention is required to make the most out of each and every online marketing channel.

  • How Good Are Your Google Rankings?

SEO is the main aim of digital marketing. Your target market must be able to find your business within the first few results of Google SERPs. This task can be daunting for amateurs who get perplexed trying to fathom the unpredictable ranking algorithms. An internet marketing agency can use a set of high quality organic endeavours like Keyword Planning, geo-targeting, Video marketing, Mobile marketing and link building in order to ensure good search engine visibility.

  • What Is The Quantum Of Referral Traffic?

One important source to drive organic traffic to your business is by way of referral marketing. Word-of-mouth marketing is a function of brand repute and the social credibility enjoyed by your business. It is a marketing endeavour that is spontaneous and is in contrast to other more coercive means of marketing. When your happy customers refer and recommend your products online to friends, the effect is viral. Your digital marketing agency can pitch in if you are do not have a clear strategy in place to leverage referral traffic.  Referral traffic picks up only when online content is used strategically and in a persuasive manner.

  • What Is Your Understanding Of Your Target Market?

In some cases, even the best laid plans in digital marketing end up going to waste, due to improper product positioning in the wrong target markets. A proper measure of your digital media strategy will help you see this mistake, which is usually hidden to the layman’s eye. Only a seasoned digital marketer can use resource analytics and get to the bottom of what is wrong with your ongoing digital marketing campaign. The agency can help you redirect and target the right markets. A poor understanding of target market necessitates the hiring of an agency.

  • Do You Have A Content Marketing Strategy In Place?

Whether you like it or not, present day business transactions automatically lead to the generation of  online content, by way of ads, press releases and customer query resolutions. However, content not presented properly will go unnoticed and fail to bring good results. The absence of a internet marketing agency is a failure to fuel your in-house and user generated content. It’s time to approach people who can make your content market your brand.

  • How Assertive Is Your Social Media Presence?

So your business has an impressive social media page. Your posts are being liked and people watch your brand in action on video feeds. The unwavering question is, is your social media presence effective in creating sales? If you cannot link your social media engagement to sales, or if you do see traffic generated from your social media exposure, then your business is ready to call for expert action. By analysing your Facebook Page, your Twitter videos or your Instagram images, an internet marketing agency can repurpose your social media presence.

To cut a long story short, what follows from this discussion is that if your business wants outreach, analytics and better brand engagement, it is time to bring in the experts. An internet marketing agency helps your brand create a spark among online communities. Targeted advertising and product positioning is possible only by the strategic choice of digital media tools actioned by marketing agencies.

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