Product optimisation is the key to sustainability. The online retail industry is characterized by very choosy customers who are used to getting delivered the best – right to their doorstep. Any mistake made in product planning can be very costly and will cause both financial and reputational losses. This is the reason why advanced concepts from product-market analysis have put in place in Pathwwway LTD product management services.

  • The Usefulness Of A/B Product Testing

Statistics reveal that products developed after a systematic A/B testing can impact the conversion rates multiple times when compared to untested products. Under this type of product testing, multiple variants of the products are examined for their marketability. It helps in understanding the buying intent of customers and the different factors in your product that influence the same. Customers expect a unique shopping experience every time they shop online. It is not only the product but the entire shopping experience that is evaluated by Pathwwway product testing. A/B product testing allows you to test check your product variants. It helps you take your product closer to the customer.

  • Product Testing – The Solution To Prevent Customer Churn

Ecommerce firms have realized the potential of customer retention. Product testing enables the retail businesses to shadow their customer journey. This serves double purposes. Not only do products get shaped better by way of product testing, but loyalty cultivation also gets enhanced. By meeting and surpassing customer expectations with tested products, the business gets sought after for repeat business. This becomes a natural solution for the challenges imposed by competition. If you do not wish your customers get snatched away by competition, it is highly recommended to invest in systematic product analysis and testing.

  • Building Additional Attributes In Products

Product testing is the acid test of the functionality and market acceptance of a product by its intended users. Testing  analyses the product from the perspective of end-users. It results in identification of new uses for the product and also in optimising the product by building new attributes in it. Product testing answers not only the question of what your customers want but also why they want your products. The products are thus enriched to serve every need of your customers.  From this perspective, it is essential to choose the right target audience to test your product. The sample chosen for testing must be representative of the entire target market. At Pathwwway LTD, every aspect of customer engagement with your online product page is monitored. This becomes helpful in categorizing website visitors according to their online behaviour. Additional products can be planned if test results show a positive demand for specific uses of the products.

  • Develops Brand Credibility

When you test our product, you can be doubly sure that the product lives up to its expectations. The claims made your business on behalf of the product are proved true. Especially in case of online retail, where it is impossible for customers to feel and touch the product, it is essential that products conform to the claims made. Conformation to technical specification is another crucial aspect, rendered easy by Pathwwway product testing. In fact, product testing adds a lot of credibility to the product pages of your online enterprise. It is a way of assuring yourself that your products are what the world wants. Only optimized products can bring in the desired ROI.

  • Product Testing Results In High Quality Products

In order to deliver highly optimised products to the market, testing is the starting step. Product testing tests the product for its performance in the actual markets. Any issues or threats regarding the usability of the products come to light immediately. The initial feedback from the test market segment is critical to make appropriate tweaks in the product. It is not only the looks, performance and design for which a product is tested. Organized ways of product testing can point out flaws in production processes, quality and even the effectiveness of marketing channels used to promote the product.  It is a precursor to concept validation and pricing policy formulation. In this sense, product testing is closely connected with market research and concept testing.

  • Continuous Product Testing Can Secure Your Market From Competition

Only when you test your product, you can understand how effective is your unique selling proposition. In many cases, entrepreneurs tend to project their product or service as unique, only to find out that someone else has already tried it before. Instead of reinventing the wheel, the products can be modified or tweaked, before launch in the actual markets. Only unique products and services can withstand the forces of competition.  Getting feedback is an ongoing process and not a one-time exercise. Continuous product testing is advantageous even post launch. It helps to build on the product design and introduce appropriate changes, in response to customer feedback and competition. It becomes a foundation for launching the next version of  the product.

  • Analysing Testing Results And Feedback

Once the testing results are in, it is time for objective analysis and corrective action, if any, that may be needed. Systematic product testing automates the entire process. It is essential in the online retail industry to keep eyes and ears open for the results of beta testing. Prototypes of the product are validated before actual launch. Quantitative analysis of testing results can identify gaps in the production process, that leads to cost saving. This benefit, ultimately gets transferred to the end-users by way of competitive prices. Your business gets rewarded for delivering quality products at affordable prices in the online shopping space.

In layman’s terms, Pathwwway product testing enables your business to practise what it preaches. Before you roll out your dream product on your virtual showroom, ensure that it is tested for market acceptance. Pathwwway LTD uses behavioural as well as technological solutions to iterate and reiterate your product ideas, before they go live.

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