From a WordPress website to a customised web design, the journey is a long one. But with professional help, you can easily build a branded and functional as well as appealing website that is exactly what your business needs, in order to grow. A customised, focused and engaging site captures your brand remarkably well and powers your business to stand out and be unique.

Turning a WordPress theme into a custom branded website is greatly influenced by your branding message. Website branding is about effectively creating an underlying appeal that attracts visitors and inspires them to make the purchase. By dividing the design process into multiple elements, one can create a website style that projects the desired brand image.

  • Power Your Brand

The first step in the process is solidifying the brand one is trying to base the website one. Be clear about whether you want to convey a pragmatic, modern, fun, powerful or high end brand. Most brands fall into one or multiple of these categories. The branding that is most suited for the business depends on the image one is hoping to create. Before coming to a major decision about the brand and its influence on custom web design for your business, you need to define the company mission, the desired use of the site and the specific target market.

Each of these factors can guide an individual throughout the decision-making process. Once the underlying brand is clearly defined, creating a website that projects the right image will be easy. Web designers and developers from a reputed website production company can help you to understand who your customers are, what they want from your business website and how can you offer this to them.

  • Deconstructing Themes and Content

The next step is to explore the top websites in the niche and deconstruct their themes and content. You need a functional design that can be branded easily in myriad ways. Check out the background, headline font and colour and button colours to create a powerful feel and look. By deconstructing the sites, one can notice colours, fonts plus images essential to conveying the brand message and making your custom web design unique. Choose a design that offers full control over colours and fonts with a flexible header area.

Whether it is colour or font options, you need to choose the right one to project a traditional or casual style of carrying out business. A consistent style within the image will go a long way towards developing a custom branded site. Photos and custom art can be used to transform WordPress sites into customised designs.

  • Understand The Strength of a Compelling Logo

The logo is a valuable component of the overall brand image. Using the logo as a key component can be a powerful way to customise your website. While choosing the theme, pay attention to the logo placement or the ability to change the placement. The placement can vary across different positions. Use your logo as an icon, for developing a professional website and securing the brand image. WordPress sites have customisation options within them, but to create a unique custom website design, you need key branding elements like fonts, colours, images and logos to create something that is distinctive and compelling.

  • Benefits of Custom Website Design

Building a website or web app on a content management system platform that is customised can have a lot of advantages.  There needs to be visibility regarding content updates, a wide array of plugins and widgets, excellent in-built SEO, massive communities for improvement and support, the ability to access and update sites on a regular basis and a skilled custom web designer to make your site look and function the way you like.

With customisation comes a complex setup, installation and build process. From themes and widgets to dashboards and CSS styling, you need professional help. You need an intuitive dashboard that maintains, updated and publishes content with multiple accounts.

A web developer can create the custom web design as per your business requirement, customising it with editable templates, premier themes, theme frameworks, bespoke widgets and plugins. Everything hinges on customisation and themes provide exceptional opportunities to make the site look exactly like one wants. Themes drive site content, how it appears and functions and what it contains. Your site theme is a blank canvas with tools needed to add social network integration.

Template files generate posts, pages, archives, categories or other content that users request. Additionally, template tags add another layer of customisation to the content. Stylesheets control how the site looks, from backgrounds to fonts, colours and borders. This is separate from the content. The optional file or the functions file adds more features on top of the template files. This includes custom headers, menus and thumbnails among others.

  • Custom Web Designing Options

For converting a WordPress site into a custom website, your developer can build a theme from a scratch, edit existing ones, make the sub theme from the main one, customise a premium theme, use a theme customiser or framework. Additionally, web designers offer a plethora of ways to customise and extend your site’s functionality through plugins. These make it easy for developers on the back-end to improve user experience. Many software modules can be easily written from a scratch or installed on the site. It is critical to weigh the benefits of plugins as against the load speed.

Apart from performance issues, plugins need to consider security vulnerabilities. Web designers and developers use plugins to add forms, add ecommerce and payment functionalities, protect the site’s content with backup assistant plugins and enhance security as well as block the site from spam. Widgets also need to be in place to  optimise the site for search engines with SEO plugins, improving site speed and load times with cache plugins.

  • Why You Need an Expert

Custom web design is complicated and you need an expert who can stay on top of updating it once it’s up and running. The more customised a site is, the more experienced a developer needs to be with its intricacies. Design services include launching the custom site, authoring custom plugin and writing innovative code. So you need a skilled website production company that offers web professionals skilled at PHP programming language, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, MySQL, jQuery, as well as experience launching sites, creating, customising and developing themes besides widget and plugin creation skills.

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