Digital marketing consultancy firms have become commonplace and as a result of tough competition, it is imperative to provide tangible and measurable results to clients. The online marketing strategies offered must build brand awareness, improve organic traffic, boost search engine visibility and enhance customer lifetime value. It is the responsibility of an internet ad agency to engage in long-term relationships and build market share for clients, in a professional and ethical manner.

  • Understand the client and their target market

To step into the shoes of the client, the digital marketer must engage in a comprehensive study of the business, its brand, its value proposition, its range of products and services, along with a thorough understanding of its end-users. Only then its possible to craft result-oriented solutions that rightly highlight the way that a business addresses the pain points of the target market. The marketer must encourage one on one meetings with the client and must engage with the core execution team for effective brainstorming.

  • Keep your portfolios and testimonials updated

Customers are not interested in a word-of-mouth enlistment of what you can do for their brand. They need to see your expertise in action. A snapshot of projects completed, brands promoted and testimonials received from customers must be presented to them. Such a portfolio must be a representation of your core strengths. It will suffice to focus on your core competencies instead of spreading out thin and confusing the clients with an exhaustive range of services.

  • Consensus on scope of services, delivery and KPIs

As a standard operating procedure, every internet marketing agency must provide on unambiguous terms, the scope of services promised. Business promotion, consultancy services, SEO, Web designing services, in-bound marketing, e-commerce solutions, content marketing strategies are some of the must-haves in your portfolio of services. There must be concurrence and consistency on how and when you deliver. Since digital marketing projects take time to show results, it is better to agree on milestones with specific and quantifiable KPIs.

  • Have a handful of latest tools at disposal

To aid the modern day digital marketer, there are tons of easy-to-use tools, using which influential results can be generated in the short-run itself. Mere knowledge of tools and technical expertise will not help. It is the resourcefulness and out-of-box thinking with which the tools are deployed, that makes all the difference. SEO tools, analytical tools, social media marketing tools, web design and mail marketing tools are all available for an internet marketing agency to tap the benefits of technology in its marketing strategies.

  • Be mindful of the budget

Different business follow different methods for arriving at the digital marketing budget. While some firms follow a piecemeal approach between various channels used, some may set aside a fixed percentage every month. Some firms may not have any uniform procedure and may indulge in an all-that-can-be-afforded-approach, which is dangerous. Even before a project proposal is submitted, a smart internet marketing agency will take efforts in getting familiarized with client budget and timelines.

  • Work out a transparent and ethical model of engagement

It is important to maintain frequent communications and keep businesses abreast of how well the digital marketing efforts are shaping up. Since seeing is not believing, it is a credibility-building endeavour to present fact-based and data-backed results to clients. Numbers on traffic, social media followings, number of likes, shares ,percentage of sales growth, lead conversion, etc function as success indicators of digital advertising campaigns. Unethical practices include over-charging, artificial inflation of follower numbers, black hat practices for SEO, plagiarism, buying followers, smoke screen tactics, and so on. Ethical standards must be upheld for an internet marketing agency to succeed and thrive on the long run.

  • Focus on a long-term relationship

Digital marketing cannot be an instant panacea for the client’s business needs. It takes time to show results. These results can only be achieved only if there is a consistent and long term relationship between the client and the internet marketing agency. There must be continuity in engagement, for the agency to understand the technicalities and intricacies of the ad campaigns. The relationship is not typically that of a buyer and seller, but an ongoing engagement for a mutual win-win. When clients do not see an alignment of interests and a commonality in values, they may consider terminating the relationship and shifting digital marketing in-house.

  • Provide verifiable and data-driven results

This standard follows from the transparency ethic that digital marketers need to adhere to. The trend nowadays is not to present exhaustive and outdated technical information, but to provide infographics that can support the results claimed by the agency. Instead of giving daily reports on number of emails sent or messages delivered, it will be meaningful to provide details on the watch-time of your YouTube videos or the number of times a newsletter has been shared over online media.

  • Provide customizable solutions

The solutions provided by the internet marketing agency must be adjustable to the specific requirements of the client. Agencies must refrain from making general packages covering umpteen internet marketing ideas, but must pick and choose the most strategic ones. They must handhold the clients during the onboarding process and must educate the team that is going to man the system in future. Customer services is all about placing the client in a comfort zone and adapting the digital marketing solutions to the varied needs of the business.

As a one-stop solution for all the digital marketing services of clients, it is priority for an internet marketing agency to offer extensive and holistic scope of services. Beginning with basic website design, nowadays, agencies offer social media advertising, mobile marketing, CRM, email marketing and a host of other solutions to their clients. By dumping the one-size-fits-all approach and lacing the projects with innovation and creativity, internet marketers can secure the best results for clients. A big no to over-promises and under-deliveries is a principle to be upheld throughout the engagement.


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