Since its launch in 2010, Instagram is a social media site that has gone global. Everyone is on the platform and many brands fit right in with this creative and dynamic social network. With over 28 percent of North America using Instagram, to give you an idea of the true numbers, more than 75% of the Instagram user base is situated in non US countries worldwide. With a staggering 700 million active users per month, this platform is not just for personal use any more.

Any internet marketing company can easily leverage this powerful social media channel to boost the brand and build a massive network besides reaching new audiences. Instagram has metamorphosed into a full-service, international platform an internet marketing company can use to humanise brands and showcase products as well as inspire audiences. Instagram also has many engaged users.

More than half of the platform’s active users check the social media site daily and 35 percent check it multiple times in a day. 70 percent of Instagram users look up the brand on the platform. What’s more, Instagram allows an internet marketing company to promote brands and products in authentic and friendly ways without directly selling to the customers in the following ways:

#1 Create an Interesting Profile

Once you open an Instagram business account, you need to come up with a unique username that suits your profile and permits other accounts to engage with the brand. Pick a username that is recognisable and easy to locate. Choosing a profile picture that suits your brand and visual markers is equally important. Use a logo or another familiar image. Next in line comes your profile. Your internet marketing company needs to optimise your Instagram bio. Instagram bios have a word limit of 150-characters, so precision and accuracy are a must.

Telling the audience who you are and what your business stands for can add value, too. The Instagram profile should also have a specific action such as a certain hashtag or visiting the site. Additionally, the bio is the only place where one can feature a clickable URL and drive traffic to external sites. Businesses also need to update their featured URL to align with recent posts. Link shorterners can help your business to create a slick impression on Instagram.

#2 Choose a Wide Number of Content Formats

When an account is created, it is then time to fill it with amazing content. Instagram permits individuals to post different types of content including Stories, videos and photos. The most common type of Instagram post is an image post. While creating image posts, it is important to post a variety of photos. Capture the culture of the brand with lifestyle shots and aim to create genuine posts from brands, not blatant ads.

For example, Nike includes a lot of photos of products, but many images show athletes in action, concerts and other types of content that focus on brand personality. Behind-the-scenes posts offer a glimpse into part of the brand or business that people don’t normally observe. Reposting content on Instagram is also an easy way for curating authentic content and humanizing the business. Audiences will be able to engage with the brand and bond with it.

Another great genre of Instagram posts are educational posts. These offer quick tips on how to carry out or accomplish something. The photos and videos usually showcase instructions in ways quick and easy to follow. Influencer posts from an internet marketing company are another category of Instagram posts that can boost your brand. Ride on the fame of celebrity or well known public figures to draw attention to the brand. Posts include a visual of an influencer generally interacting with your product. A benefit of influencer marketing is that you can gain instant attention and brand credibility.

#3 Involve the Consumer

User-generated content is curated from fans and followers. One need to look at tagged photos or posts using brand hashtags and reposting quality images that capture the brand’s style. User generated content offers enormous value for building a brand and creating a lot of engagement on social media. Capturing content in a humorous way is another way to build a brand. Unlike other social media channels, Instagram’s simple profile layout forces the focus on content. High resolution images are important.

#4 Use Visual Storytelling

Instagram Stories permit users to post at higher frequency without over-posting and clogging up the main feed. Stories feature videos, images and content that can capture interest. Visual storytelling is all about brand authenticity. So, stories can be intricate and use narrative to showcase your company culture. Stories are helpful tools to showcase live events businesses host or attend.

#5 Connect with Others

Instagram involves tagging another account in the Instagram story. This is a wonderful way to connect with businesses and marketers. When someone views a story, the username can be tapped to be directed to the concerned profile. Instagram’s active user base combines with search capabilities providing excellent opportunities for businesses to be discovered.

#6 Cash In on Live Video Options

Instagram also has a live video option. This enables content sharing with audiences in real time. To commence with a live video stream, open up the camera within the app, selecting Live Options from the menu of the screen and clicking the button to Start Live Video. Once live video is started, any followers on the app receive a notification for viewing. Live viewers can comment on live video using the in built chat feature. Live video can also be used sparingly for showcasing exciting, real time content or engaging moments.

#7 Know Your Audience

Much like any other platform, it is critical to determine the audience one wants to reach before an internet marketing company uses Instagram. If one has marketing strategies in place, one can draw from these. Monitor popular event and interest hashtags related to the business. Find out who is engaging and using hashtags and check profiles. Understanding your audience is important. After determining the Instagram audience, a competitive analysis ensures you have a finger on the pulse of the rival brands. Follow growth rate, click through rate and other features are important for assessing your audience profile.


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