Video marketing has become a popular and accessible way for brands to grow their online presence. While popular sites like Snapchat, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and your website remain viable strategies for growth, nothing quite beats video titan YouTube. It remains a giant in the social media space, with individuals spending a billion hours every day watching videos on the platform. In fact, YouTube is referred to as the second largest search engine in the world. It can help content to be found quickly and engaged with effectively. These are the targeted internet marketing strategies your YouTube channel can benefit from.

#1 Focus on Important Themes and Keywords

Building the videos on your YouTube channel around a single topic or keyword is the best way to grow your audience and get the traffic you want. Targeted online marketing will ensure your videos get the maximum amount of viewers. Look for the most searched keywords in the niche you seek to target. It is important to pick the right keyword before video content is built because it helps to construct the best information pertaining to a specific topic.

It also benefits brands to include the keyword naturally across the content, as your YouTube channel picks this up when any closed captions are also added. Once the right keyword is selected, competitor analysis may be needed, as you select top ranking videos and study their themes and intent. Don’t forget to optimise descriptions and titles. The most successful videos are those that are optimised for length, content and theme, with short videos less than 5 minutes suited to the short attention spans of the Millennial viewer.

  • Work On Your Content

The easiest way to grow your YouTube channel is to use targeted internet marketing content optimisation strategies. Content for your video should be engaging, useful, valuable and actionable. Most YouTube users find solutions and how-to video tutorials for problems they are facing, so content that answers questions is the best fit.

Pathwwway statistics point to how 67% of the Millennial viewers agree that YouTube is a valuable search engine, according to Google research. YouTube is, however, also a social media channel and it demands interaction. If you post videos without encouraging a dialogue or interaction, you are missing the tricks you need to engage with viewers. Overall time spent on channels, likes, dislikes, and watch time as well as comments is crucial to consider. Engage users with audio-visual prompts to utilise your content to the maximum extent possible.

  • Build a Powerful Brand

Even with great content, your channel needs to be visually appealing. If you seek to make visitors to opt for your YouTube channel, and subscribe to the channel, you need professional videos. Brand building is the key to making your channel instantly recognisable. Along with a blog or website, you need to have a distinctive look or feel to distinguish yourself from other brands or companies. It works well, if the branding carries over to your YouTube channel, too. Along with visual branding, don’t forget to add custom URL links to the channel header and write interesting bios and descriptions for your video.

  • Promote Your YouTube Videos on Other Social Channels

One of the most effective targeted internet marketing methods to grow your YouTube channel is to cross-promote it on different channels. Promoting the YouTube channel on different social media and social networking channels is the best way to connect with your audience. There are so many options to choose from, ranging across LinkedIn, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and Twitter. If there is a channel like Facebook on which one wants to showcase videos directly, it is important to build up optimal engagement by interacting with users. 

  • Devise Exceptional Thumbnails

It may seem like a small thing, but a thumbnail can have a massive impact. YouTube advertises other videos through thumbnails in its sidebar, so you need one that stands out from the crowd. This holds true for YouTube search, as well. Videos with catchy titles and interesting thumbnails also rank higher. Higher click-through rates result as a consequence of this, as well. Use tactics like arrows, large text, highlighted arrows and unexpected or distinct images.

  • Use YouTube Cards

YouTube rewards channels that keep viewers on pages for longer periods of time. A lengthier average watch time means people are truly engaged with the content. By adding YouTube cards, you can add prompts at the point users are dropping off. This takes your viewers to other content and motivates them to stay on the channel, increasing the channel’s ranking.

  • Consider SEO

Internet marketing strategies for your YouTube channel also need to target search engines as much as the audience. It is, therefore, important to remember search engine optimisation or SEO. Giving your video an SEO-friendly title ensures individuals use appropriate tags and meta-descriptions. If people are seeking videos on the theme, subject or topic your offering revolves around, SEO strategies will make sure viewers actually zero in on your channel.

  • Social Sharing Matters

Videos are easier to promote when you share them with followers and friends. So, it is important to take time to include shares on your social media handles. Note that embedding YouTube videos on social media and digital platforms require different protocols. It’s always important to include as many options as you can possibly do. The more people share your video, the more your channel’s online visibility will rise. Your videos will start marketing themselves in next to no time at all.

  • Integrate Different Digital Channels

Videos can be compelling, especially when paired with other marketing efforts. Tying in a video to a giveaway promoted on social media, for example, is one way to get individuals to watch and subscribe to your channel. Digital marketing remains a powerful way to captivate audiences and build a loyal viewership. Considering that Cisco found 69% of all consumer traffic online were concentrated on video in 2017, the future for this medium as a marketing platform remains bright.

Promoting your channel is easy, if you hire a leading internet marketing agency. Videos on YouTube remain a captivating and compelling medium to draw in audiences, provided you have a team of specialists and digital marketing strategists to guide you every step of the way.

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