If an internet marketing agency opts for social media marketing tools like Pinterest, it becomes easier to market everything from a small business, blog or product to an established enterprise. Most internet marketing agency professionals have a strategy for Pinterest activities that can help in attaining objectives and goals. Here’s how an internet marketing agency can use Pinterest for social media marketing in 2018.

#1 Create Attractive, SEO-Friendly Boards

Pinterest offers fantastic search capabilities. More people can find your business, if you use strategic keywords in your board titles. Ensure that a category is selected for every board to enable users to find them and Pinterest to recommend your board as well.

#2 Use Relevant Descriptions

Another point an internet marketing agency needs to consider while using Pinterest for marketing is the use of keywords in the description so people can tweet the pins. The text in the pin description needs to be succinct, interesting, relevant and brief.

#3 Maximise Pinterest Real Estate

Pinterest marketing images and collateral should be long and narrow. This ensures that the maximum amount of visual space is taken up and you can get noticed. Check out your favourite pins and see what images have in common. This should alert the internet marketing agency about images that are re-pinned and shared. Images need to be 735×1102 pixels. This creates the most engaging invitation to re-pin the pinned article. Add custom Pinterest images with branding and website content on it. Then add around 100 to 200 words of text description for the pin which should be concise and interesting. After that, include a link to the blog article or home page in the description as well. Finally, you need to edit the pin to add the link in the source.

#4 Build Relevant Links Back To the Site

In any pin, you can add a link in the description and in the source of the pin. Embedding pins on the client’s site is also easy and a great way to get more re-pins. Marketers need to create an embed code on the Pinterest site. Finally, pins and boards need to be shared on social media sites and networks when they are relevant.

#5 Ensure Analytics are in Place

You also need to see which pins are popular and re-share these on other Pinterest boards or social networks. Once a pin starts receiving some interaction, you can add to it through likes, comments and further shares on other social media channels.

#6 Try Rich Pins

Currently, there are 5 kinds of rich pins namely movie, article, recipe, product and place. For getting started, marketers need to ready the website with meta tags, test out rich pins and apply to get them on Pinterest.

#7 Opt for Pinnable Images

Creating an image in every blog post published is of immense value, while using Pinterest as a social media marketing tool. Pinterest loves vertical, tall images, whereby a big image is created, the image is pinned and then shared with the site link. Niche boards on Pinterest are a great way to get noticed online.

#8 Offer Free Tips

Create rich and beautiful boards that come with a series of coordinating pins and share your knowledge. Coming up with collaborative boards can help you to reach a fresh group of pinners. It also improves the exposure for your pin. You must be careful about which board to join, because all pins show on your Pinterest presence as well. Select a cover photo if you own the group board. Pinners are fantastic when it comes to adding great content and sharing Pinterest skills.

#9 Engage New Audiences

Pinterest is also an effective marketing tool to interact with and attract a new audience. The site’s nature encourages pinning, commenting and sharing other people’s images, which drives traffic,  generates leads and increases sales. By sharing content, Pinterest can be a means of interacting with followers and gaining new audiences.

#10 Pin Videos

For creating engaging content that captures all the elements of successful visual storytelling, pinning videos on Pinterest are a wonderful option. By clicking the video navigation link on top of the page, the agency can garner fresh insights into how videos can be used and interaction boosted on the site.

Another way to create awesome content is searching the internet for images that one could use. There are many great bookmarking sites that have visuals which can be included in the Pinterest board. Using content from other social networking sites is also a wonderful way out for generating quality visual content which makes for attractive and appealing pins.

#11 Tap User Generated Boards

Creating a board used by followers is a wonderful way to boost interaction. Opening up boards to other Pinterest users including potential customers in online marketing campaigns in a relatable and easy way can boost marketing reach. Asking users to pin content onto a board offers real insights on what they are enjoying or viewing at a certain time period.  It is valuable for digital marketing and provides a wider range of interaction with audiences.

#12 Use Pinterest For Market Research

Pinterest can also be used to gain market research. A right way to use Pinterest is to study which pins are most popular and gain insights into what the customers are looking for. Create open boards with specific themes and you can even encourage followers to fill it with images which are relatable and suitable for the theme. Market research can be carried out without potential customers knowing, which is a wonderful option for gaining actionable insights that are unbiased and natural.

Final Word

Like any other social media marketing campaign, success on Pinterest relies on constant use of the site. Keeping an active profile and commenting regularly is important. Be clear about trending pins and have insights on how to create attractive descriptions and titles for your images. With visual search and online storytelling in vogue, the beauty of Pinterest for marketing is that a picture is worth a thousand words. With appealing and attractive pins, your brand can easily get ahead by utilising this social media marketing tool to its fullest capacity.

Posted by IT Pathwwway