Exploring global markets is a highly profitable pursuit, given the fact that geographical barriers to trade and commerce have become a thing of the past. No matter where your customers are spread out, it is possible to sell to them with quality and variety by adopting a powerful online marketing strategy. It requires a team of dedicated professionals to man the overseas expansion process. Of course, there is no overnight transformation and Pathwwway mission ensures that all efforts are taken on time to ensure smooth landing of the business in new territories.

  •  Being Found Online Is The First Step To International Expansion

The Pathwwway mission for intervention for penetrating worldwide markets is about being there where their global audiences are.  Some examples of social media platforms that perform best in international digital marketing include LinkedIn advertising campaigns, Twitter advertising and YouTube marketing. Care must be taken to get into a conversational approach in social media. The leading US food chain Dunkin’s donuts which specialized in traditional crème donuts, adopts intuitive technology over facebook to present a Dunkin ‘chaai’ to the Indian visitor and a Mango chocolate donut to a Lebanese user and so on.

  • Going Beyond Language Translation Of Websites

The world famous tagline of KFC, namely “it’s finger lickin’ good” was wrongly translated as “Eat your fingers off” when the business launched an ad campaign in China. This is only one of the many translation fiascos that have posed as hiccups in overseas expansion. The only way out is to forget using automated translator tools for verbatim translation and assign dedicated resources for the same. They understand the cultural perceptions of idioms, metaphors and figurative elements of the foreign language. More than translation of language, the exercise must be viewed as a localization strategy, given the fact that only 27% of international online shoppers speak English.

  • International Considerations In Your Web Design

The important technical aspects include HrefLang Tags, schema markup, using a ccTLD (country-coded-top -level-domain), to mention a few. The web content be developed after giving due considerations to local usage of English words. Metadata must be analyzed carefully so that any translated phrases do not exceed the permissible length.  If you portray competitor analysis in your product pages, ensure that all important competitors in the market are featured. Voice based searches are fast gaining recognition and your international website must respond to the same. Even the website marketing strategy must be chosen as per buyer demographics of the target country. Where people love to do shopping over social media in some countries, others might strictly go in for Ecommerce portals.

  • Product Testing In Global Markets

What might be right in the local market may backfire in the global market. Pathwwway mission believes in taking into account cross-country cultural and demographic differences when planning product testing. It is administered as a continuous improvement plan that helps you target those countries where your product fits the best. Using A/B testing, you can try more than one version of the product, each in a different geography and evaluate market response.

  • What Is International SEO?

When catering to global audiences, buyer personas are different, in terms of buying habits, income levels, cultural and educational backgrounds. For example, books on sex education are not easy to market in countries who are not open to the concept. International SEO is all about making your websites as friendly as possible to international search engines. Looking for keywords that are popularly searched by global customers and assessing your international organic search potential are mandatory. Using the right tools is crucial. The SEMRush tool supports as many as 25 countries while the SuggestMrx tool allows you to select from 11 countries and 6 languages.

  • Choosing The Right Promotional And PR Tools For Overseas Markets

Multi-channel marketing is a must when it comes to overseas expansion. This is because different segments of the global market will access your business from different sources. Citing a relevant example, the web design of the leading US daily, the Boston Globe, boasts of a responsive layout, wherein the columnar design make sit adaptive for multiple screen sizes. Similarly it is essential to subscribe to the services of a good creative marketing agency that specializes in media buying. International PR is a challenging process and your business must be showcased in the right places where your target markets frequent.

  • Factor For  Cultural Differences

Appealing to the cultural values of international markets is a challenging and is even a risky process if you don’t get it right. No amount of using Google Translate or an international keyword research can help you reach the hearts of global customers. It is about understanding and respecting cross-country cultural values. Many global brands have localized so well, that customer do not even realize that they are buying a foreign product. The cultural themes must be carried forth in all areas, right from product design, promotional methods and retention marketing.

  • Accepting Payments In International Currencies

Pathwwway range of services offer payment solutions built using cutting edge technology. When dealing with international security, customers need to be promised safe and secure payment gateways. They would love to pay in their own currencies. From the point of view of the business, the online payment transactions must happen in a quick manner so that working capital does not get locked. In addition to this, the KYC documentation burden is effectively shared by the Pathwwway team, leaving the business to go ahead with its global goals.

The zeal for expansion cannot be overridden with practical difficulties. Many ambitious overseas expansion projects have failed due to tough competition from the native players and inability of the business to adapt to foreign environments. The Pathwwway mission can handhold businesses in their global expansion, right from concept validation, brand awareness, and PR to marketing and customer relationships. It’s not about opening a number of offices across the globe, but more about upholding the core values of your borderless customer in the foreign markets.

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