In recent times, Twitter has become the top channel for boosting customer loyalty. Acquiring customers is just one part of the process. There’s also an emphasis on customer retention strategies, simply because loyal customers are 7 times less costly to retain than acquire and promote brand consistency. Retaining customers is the major priority. Social media channels like micro-blogging site Twitter are correlated with a higher retention rate and direct correlation to profit increases, in different sectors. Through social media and associated benefits, more customers can be retained with the passage of time. For accomplishing this, Twitter can help in the following ways.

  • Listening to Customers

Social media channel Twitter is an awesome tool for different reasons, and none can match the deep connection with customers it allows. By being ever-present and vigilant on Twitter, you can engage with followers and listen to people who comment, like and share on the site. Knowing your customer’s wishes and preferences is the first step towards growing the brand and establishing client retention. But how does Twitter accomplish this? It helps your brand to let your customers know you are there and listening.

Actions such as replies, likes, comments or shares of posts are a wonderful way to establish retention via positive customer experience and brands can send a message of support and make their presence known. Twitter is the top channel that helps in learning more about the preferences of customers. By following social media channel Twitter on an everyday basis, one can gain valuable insights on improving products. Positive comments on Twitter can help one with keeping their business on track. By providing individuals what they want, one can gain loyalty and bring about customer retention in the process.

  • Reward Active Twitter Users

Hashtags are an underrated aspect of social media. Twitter offers hashtags as a way of connecting deeply and retaining customers. Starting with Twitter, hashtags conquered other social media channels, too. So, how do hashtags work for boosting customer retention strategies? By following and exploring hashtags, one can see the list of individuals posting about your brand and advertise to them. Once their activity is seen, one can impact customer retention by rewarding active Twitter fans who appreciate your brand online. When customers make a conscious and concentrated effort to post about you, you need to know that they are appreciated and acknowledged.

  • Harnessing the Value of User Generated Content

User-generated content is another means of outsourcing the marketing factor at budget rates. Reward those who provide user-generated content as this is the key to establishing customer retention. While feeling appreciated, people pledge allegiance to a brand or product. Rewarding user-generated content can be as simple as liking or commenting on posts or sending product samples or notes for thanking customers. In an era of declined brand loyalty, customers are extremely picky, and rewarding them for their attention can boost retention.

  • Use Twitter for Personalisation

Personalisation is the key to utilising Twitter effectively. Using the business’s Twitter handle, you can work on your brand’s approach to boosting social media channels to personalise content.

A facet of personalisation on Twitter is the level of interaction. Message templates with just a user’s name in some instances cannot be beneficial.

People value freedom and informal interactions. Brands can interact with followers, and establish a collaborative, positive atmosphere. When customers see that interaction is being encouraged, they join in and recommend the brand, too. Customer retention strategies are increasingly focused on creating an ecosystem people want to be part of and in this context, Twitter plays a valuable role. Twitter provides the option of getting closer to customers for free and using minimal efforts for accomplishing this.

  • Promote Special, Limited-Time Offers

Before unlocking the complete potential of customer retention strategies through social media, a large audience needs to be in place. With more customer retention tactics, this can be attained in a short time period. One can use social media as a platform for promotion. Online contact is the most effective way to reach individuals so that it becomes the first and primary choice for promotional messages and marketing communications. Offers and promotions are a vital part of client retention. Being presented with an excellent offer is a motivating factor, when it comes to encouraging customers to make a purchase. While limited-time offers don’t generate excessive revenue, they are an excellent investment for the future. One purchase at a lower price turns into multiple ones in the future. Therefore, Twitter is excellent for boosting repeat purchases, referrals and brand advocacy. Retention serves to trigger even more purchases.

  • Twitter Influences Customer Perception

For effective customer retention strategies, it is essential to understand them. There are many ways to accomplish this by segmenting the audience through the use of analytics. Not all individuals share the same mindset and each customer responds to marketing strategies in a different way. Separating the audience into groups is essential to avoid wasting resources.

Communicating in a way that impacts revenue and brand popularity benefits your brand. Tailoring different posts for different groups and how these perform in the social media space is easier, with Twitter in place. Twitter is great for marketers as people respond to different tones. Try experimenting with different Twitter messages to see how to retain different groups of customers at the same time.

  • Share at the Optimal Moment

Even this aspect of Pathwwway Ltd. customer retention is closely associated with analytics. Timing posts at optimal times is easier with Twitter analytics serving to provide actionable insights. Retaining customers does not just mean providing the right content, but also timing it in a way that is likely to yield results. Twitter helps in customer retention strategies with in-depth analytics data regarding how to schedule posts for the time.

By sending out content when individuals are awake and online, customer retention can be improved through effective engagement. When followers receive Twitter messages and share these, this increases your brand’s chances of securing more traffic and hits. Along with customer retention, this is yet another building block for a stable brand.

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