Reddit, if used right, can be one of the most effective web marketing tools in your arsenal. It has about 51 million regular users and one million communities online. Redditors, as the members are known, are expert and critical but you get traffic provided you know how to leverage Reddit web marketing possibilities.

  • Why is it No. 1

Reddit is in operation since 2005 and unlike social media sites, it acts as an aggregator. You join and submit links from other sites relevant to interests of a specific community.

You can just as well submit posts and contributions. Each contribution has a tag. Other redditors will either upvote or downvote submission through the karma concept. If your karma score is high so is your credibility. Each community based on a specific topic is a subreddit. What all this translates to in the context or web marketing is that you create a niche, you get informed and knowledgeable people in the segment, possibly influencers, to notice and recommend your work and this translates to traffic. Individual tagging as well as source link also helps identify you. Target specific subreddits and you can be found by keyword and by name. You can submit links directly and/or link site to text post. Subreddits rank posts from users.

  • Customer interaction

One great feature of subreddits that you should leverage in your web marketing efforts is customer service. Customers with questions about a specific product or brand are diverted to the right channel. That is not all; quality of service and other factors are discussed and shared. If you are good you get recommended and your web marketing bears fruit. Please note that you can create a subreddit on any topic and then go n to build a network to further the marketing strategy.

  • Network subreddits

This may sound complex but it is simple to implement. You take an idea about a product or a service or an issue and then view it from various perspectives, each of which can become a subreddit. Just take care to choose a common naming convention to tie together everything and provide common navigation links. The more links going to a common target, the more your exposure.

  • Ask Me Anything

Ask me Anything or AMA is yet another feature of Reddit you can leverage for web marketing. AMA is in interview format where redditors ask questions. You provide answers and include links to your site or brand. The thing is that your answer must have juicy information. You can be in control of most of the questions and therefore the answers. AMAs can generate plenty of traffic. Start AMAs on different topics and you can potentially have a snowball effect.

  • Tangentials

This leads us to tangentials. This means you, instead of just focusing on the product or service, emphasize tangentials like people, connections, emotions and stories from different angles that you can subtly weave into a link that points to your site. For example, a company may sell machines and employ labour but it may subreddit on communities, healthcare, education, sharing, CSR, employee relationships and others and through these tangentials, get more exposure in variegated audiences while interweaving links to the company to show its human side. Marketing is a form of brand building and it helps to get more traffic.

  • Google could actually favor the Reddit model

Google is search engine God. Its various algorithms dictate your web marketing efforts and one such emphasis of Google, purportedly, is on richness of content. This is where reddit excels. You have to post juicy tidbits that critical people find worthy of praising and sharing and, if they do, Google’s crawlers are poor cousins who are bound to follow. You must first post informative knowledge before you can even think of posting link in order to get good karma your way. In short, reddit is in Google’s good books. So why not take a short-cut and advertise right on reddit?

  • Advertising on reddit

You can and should go the organic way in web marketing even on reddit but it does not mean you should develop piety and abstain from advertising. Take part in Reddit advertising campaigns and you can be sure redditors will notice your ad, hopefully like and share it and even respond. In any case it will get back to google and drive traffic to your site and help improve rankings. Ads on reddit are surprisingly affordable, starting at only $ 5 so you can actually get a whole lot for a lot less outlay.

  • r/Deals

Reddit is quirky. Redditors hate those who start promotions right off the bat. Like good cricketers playing a test match you are expected to “settle in” and gain acceptance. However, Redditors are human and look for deals so you can promote offers on reddit by offering something truly valuable.

  • New Ideas

The thing with marketers, web or otherwise, is that they tend to think in narrowly focused channels. Spend time actually browsing subreddits. You could get great ideas about convoluted linking of topics and ideas. You can develop new modalities for promotions. If you do not want to do that you can simply read and get inspiration from content and tactics of others on reddit.

  • Find people who will collaborate

There are over a million people and surely you will be able to find like minded people who will love to collaborate with you for monetary or other returns. Some may simply want back links and cross links like you do so it may be a marriage made in Reddit.

  • Start a contest

Once you have your two feet firmly planted on Reddit karmic soil you can start a subreddit contest. Who does not love contests? They will even promote your content or site just so they stand a chance to win a prize.

It takes some doing to get a grip on Reddit but once you do, you will excel in you web promotion and web marketing activities. There is no looking back as the snowball of traffic keeps growing.



Posted by IT Pathwwway