Customer acquisition and retention, both are very crucial for businesses. Pathwwway partners align themselves with the corporate vision and mission of the businesses they work with. They latch their strategy and working model onto those of the client. They help increase the performance of marketing programmes, leading to bigger client bases and revenues.

Unlike other solution providers who are hell-bent on maximizing your profits alone, the Pathwwway partners approach is more effective and unconventional. It helps you serve your customers better and gain market repute.

  • Pathwwway Partners Can Optimize Your Website Performance

Websites are no longer mere dispensers of information. They are not a virtual replacement of your business card. They have become a powerful marketing tool, using which leads can be attracted and converted. This brings to light, an important issue in digital marketing, namely, the website experience that you extend to your visitors. User experience is the core competency of Pathwwway LTD, since it is the key for conversion and sales. It is the discerning factor that can make customers stay longer in your website.

The simplicity of web design and user interfaces provided are retentive strategies in action. They save time and effort of users and act as virtual salesmen, navigating them and educating them. The web architecture adopts a minimalistic design, so that users get a neat and non-cluttered view.

Optimum loading speed is guaranteed, so that user attention does not fritter away. Web content is personalized after a thorough and qualitative study of the target market. IT support offered in world-class. Users witness an error-free and swift experience when browsing or shopping on your websites. User journey is carefully monitored in order to heighten comfort and increase scope for engagement.

  • The Pathwwway LTD Thrust On Customer Retention

Customer retention is the life blood of the long-term sustainability of the business. Selling to existing customers minimizes promotional costs. It increases customer lifetime value. Unless creative engagement strategies are in place, your existing client base is at threat from competitors. At Pathwwway LTD, customer retention strategies are developed in the most cost effective manner. This is because, the digital marketers know how to use your own data as valuable tools to study the buying intent of customers. Customer data is properly and systematically sliced and diced.

Key areas that are focused in your business by customers are identified. What interests customers and what dampens their buying desires are analysed, so that your business can pursue the most profitable avenues in customer retention. Businesses can find themselves in a vantage position by tracking every association of the customer with the business. Customer retention leads to brand leadership in the market and offers a tough resistance to the competitive forces, lurking to milk your cash cows. Sustained profits are a function of sound customer relationship management.

  • The Indispensable Business Intelligence Phenomena

Business intelligence is a proactive and analytical aspect that every business uses, to make fact-based and data-driven decisions. There is no point in investing in data warehousing and data management solutions unless they are able to provide a meaningful and insightful analysis of data. Actionable insights are the need of the hour. This is the key difference between raw data and processed data. With raw data, your business can only get surrounded by numbers. These numbers need to be related, analysed, averaged and extrapolated, so that real-time action becomes possible.

Business analytics can help in channelizing scarce resources in the most effective areas of marketing spend. They also come handy in pinpointing the less-yielding areas, so that they either be abandoned or worked upon to fall in line. Reporting is the essence of business intelligence. By reporting on key focus areas, the attention of the management is effectively directed only to the most important areas.

Reporting leads to timely presentation of key facts and figures in a condensed and concise way. With a hold over information reserves, even competitor profiling can be carried out in a proactive manner. Every business needs to remain ahead of not only its own marketing requirements, but also on the strategy deployed by competitors. Flawless reporting can be a foundation for cost cutting and this leads to increased profitability.

  • Streamlined Payment Management

Payments are a troublesome area for many online businesses. Payment related hassles are also reasons for shopping cart abandonment. It not only leads to loss of potential business opportunities but also, the loss of repeat business. Frauds are common in online business. Many businesses have lost substantial by way of fraudulent payments. Many cyber criminals are operating out there with faked or stolen identities of genuine customers. The moment the fraud comes to light, it is the online merchant who is taken to task by law.

Businesses are directed to make good the loss to genuine customers which are suffered by fraudulent payments. To avoid these critical scenarios, Pathwwway partners lift the KYC burden off businesses. The know-your-customer procedure is a cumbersome one, requiring extensive paperwork. With the right kind of resources and experience, the process is completed systematically. The business gains on valuable bandwidth which may be channelized productively into core areas like sales.

Payments continue without the risk of both technical glitches and fraud. It ends in a win-win situation for both the business and the customers. For the customers, security of their financial credentials is ensured, along with savings in time. For the businesses, the payment management solutions provide effective insulation from fraud.

The analysis is a guide to how Pathwwway partners can elevate your businesses from lukewarm growth to accelerated conversions and market shares. With myriad online marketing tools that are available, nothing is hidden from the prying eyes of competitors. To carve a unique place for itself, your business needs selectivity and creativity in customizing the tools and in gaining good mileage from its marketing endeavours.

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